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Muhammad Ali

Biography of Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is without a doubt the greatest boxing legend of all time. Ali's sporting competitions were mythical in their own right, such as the 1974 boxing event “Rumble in the Jungle” against George Foreman. But even outside the ring, the boxer, with his political comments and psychological warfare, was always good for a headline. His nickname "The Greatest" - the greatest - is no coincidence, because his technique and personality have shaped boxing like no other.

Muhammad Ali was quick-witted with mouth and fists

Muhammad Ali grew up as one of two children in a socially deprived area. His childhood was dominated by poverty and deprivation. When his bike was stolen at the age of 12, he had only one goal: to beat up the thief. Fortunately, he first came across Joe E. Martin, who recommended the young Ali to give boxing a try first. At the age of 16, Ali was so good that he dropped out of school to devote himself entirely to sports.

The boxer's immense talent ensured that Ali quickly began a professional career. At first he was prophesied one defeat after another. The reason was Ali's big mouth, which the critics dismissed as mere showing off. It didn't take long before all doubters were left out: in the mid-1960s, Ali had reached the top.

Muhammad Ali's toughest fight against Parkinson's

Then in 1967 the scandal: the boxer was stripped of all titles because he had refused military service. In the 1970s, the athlete of the century fought his way back to the top. Until finally an invisible opponent had the last word: in the 1980s, Muhammad Ali fell ill with Parkinson's and ended his sporting career.

After his career, the boxer who converted to Islam tried many times to mediate between the West and Islam. For example, Muhammad Ali visited Iraqi President Saddam Hussein in November 1990, whereupon he released 15 “human shields”. But his illness progressed steadily and so he died on June 3, 2016 at the age of 74 in a Scottsdale hospital of complications from septic shock.