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Create an Excel chart - this is how it works

Raw Excel data looks much more clear as a diagram. We'll tell you how to make pie, column, and other charts.

Excel: create charts

  1. First you need the values ​​for the diagram. To do this, just create a small table. It is completely sufficient if, for example, you write the time information in column A and directly next to it in column B the associated values.
  2. Highlight the values ​​in the table and switch to the "Insert" tab at the top and look for the "Diagrams" category.
  3. Here you will find a variety of diagrams such as column, pie, bubble, ring or bar charts. Once you have decided on a diagram type, select it with one click.
  4. The marked values ​​are now automatically displayed as a diagram. The graphic is now ready, but you can edit and add to it at any time.
  5. Change data: To add more data to the diagram, click on the table and enlarge the rectangle that appears in blue. This means that you can add individual data to your table.
  6. Adapt design: With a click on the diagram, you can change both the design and the display format. Use the brush to the right of the graphic to select a different style, for example, or adjust the colors of the bars. You can use the plus symbol to add or hide other elements such as labels, lines and a legend.

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This practical tip was carried out using Excel 2013. In other versions of Office, some options may be titled or arranged differently. You can find out how to protect your Excel documents with a password in this practical tip.