Where can you find a Dewbauchee specimen

Hello Rainer,


tried it, either I didn't understand it correctly or it doesn't work.


When I create the room height in the window family, it does not appear in the properties window afterwards where you can enter the height.


The lintel height only appears with a gray background for the inserted window under Other under Properties.

Unfortunately I can't see them anywhere else.


If I now insert the parameter room height in the family label and the formula room height - lintel height

enter, the error message appears: No valid parameter


So I'm doing something wrong. Why can't the wall height (this is highlighted in gray in the family), as well as the lintel height (also highlighted in gray) now with a formula wall height-lintel height. It's all because I don't understand why Revit has to be so complicated about five corners.


Thank you for your prompt reply.


Greetings Eugene