Korean idols who did plastic surgery


Has Jaejoong Had Plastic Surgery? Following his fame, Kim Jaejoong also surrounded by plastic surgery rumors for years ago. However, a member of the group JYJ leaves the rumors in silence. There is no clear statement from him to resolve the matter. But without his admission, the public has its own opinion. Many people believe the 29 year old man is having some plastic surgery. The eyelid lift and nose work are the possible procedures he has.

Jaejoong Nose Job

Jaejoong double eyelid surgery

It is not surprising if many of the South Korean idols have plastic surgery. Since Koreans have kind of slanted eyes, many of them want to get a little better. Jaejoong is one of the male Korean idols who (rumored) the plastic surgery for eyelids, known medically as blepharoplasty.

We can see the result from Jaejoong’s before and after plastic surgery. He used to have what, like most East Asian people, have smaller eyes shape. But Jaejoong’s eyelid now appears raised and more open. He seems to see better with his bigger eyes.

Jaejoong Plastic Surgery

Nose job is one of the possible procedures he got. Nose job (rhinoplasty) on Jaejoong’s face seemed to be finished in a small dose. The result of this is subtle. We couldn't see it easily. But if you carefully look at his before-and-after photos, you would notice how his nose is well reshaped.

Kim Jaejoong seems to be getting the benefits of the nose job. Like Kim Hyun Joong and Kyuhyun. other Korean idols who have nose job, they seem better day by day. Whether you are jaejoong lover or hater, what do you think about Jaejoong plastic surgery?