I was ready all along, Drake

Drake - The Imminent Transition (Interview)

Mr. Drake - a whistleblower in an interview with Deatra Loomer (freedomizerradio.com)

It came to my mind that a lot of people want to know who I am. I want to offer some of the basics of what I know without endangering myself and others. The basic knowledge that I have is extraordinary in its scope (content and scope) and about those with whom I am in contact.

With the claim not to take everything literally, I went behind the scenes and found out who “they” were talking to. That includes most of the "news" websites that many are familiar with, credible or not.

My military service includes nuclear weapons, very high security clearance and Vietnam. In most of the "incidents" from that time on I was involved on several levels, minor and major and local. I started in information in the late 90s and have moved on from there. I took advantage of a portion of the old Cold War espionage network, people from some sensitive positions and those who agreed to pass on information that no one else could get. There were several ways of contact that also offered information, military, political and civic eyes. All in all, an extreme information highway.

The validity of what I was putting out was the best at the time, almost all of it being demonstrable. And yes, I have been asked to check many things first. It was not an easy task and it caused me to be able to protect and release the information at the same time. I learned why.

Mainstream media forces took most of what I was offering and called it anything but real and I would be a "nightmare" and try to cause problems using my imagination and the internet ...

Those who own the media control its content, most of it is questionable at best ... I know, because I was directly involved in some of those "international and local incidents" that were covered together under Other ... so I had knowledge firsthand about this.

I've been a patriot since I took my oath of service in the 1960s. I was always meant to be a patriot, but that oath haunted me all along ... until I decided to take action.

The present information that I have shared is from a plan where I had the privilege of reading it several years ago. So far they have been in the works for over 20 years. Many old-fashioned classic cars know better than the direction in which our country was heading, even backwards. So they started writing the plan. It deals with victims of the foundations of freedom on which our country is based and how this freedom can be regained.

My research extended to areas of law, its application, and its legal nature itself. The victims used them as I suggested they should use, and used properly, I never lost. This includes local, state, federal and international applications.

A group of individual people from individual states have completed the paperwork that leads our nation to freedom.

It is my hope that we can all regain our freedom this time ... a task for "We The People".

The amount of information offered by the recordings is limited this time because I want to protect the many who are involved in our endeavors. If anyone reading this believes that freedom still exists, I urge that they play these notes to others with like mindset.

A qualified person does not have to be a rocket scientist. Try to find someone who is so honest it hurts to be around them. A person who knows the meaning of right and wrong according to their conscientiousness ... and adheres to it. In order to turn things around, it takes as many people as possible to stand up in whatever form. Connects groups across the country at a local level. Get to know each other and see how you can use the group to get the right people into office.

Who am I to speak and what is my authority to do so?

  • It is everyone's constitutional "duty" to remove a repressive government ... the current one counts as such
  • I feel a moral obligation to hold the thief so that hungry children can eat in our own land of wealth
  • I am not doing this for myself
  • It is for my children and for my grandchildren because their future hangs in the balance
  • I think that's the least I can do
  • As a voice in the wilderness ... I SCREAM FOR FREEDOM ...!

from http://freedomreigns.us/Our_Team.html translated by Dream-soldier
Source: http://wirsindeins.wordpress.com/2012/04/02/drake-uber-mich/#more-4636