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This article covers the living slime. For the slime block see slime block. For the slime ball, see slime ball.

Slimes are slow aggressive monsters that come in three sizes. They appear as green, slightly transparent cubes that move hopping through the game world, with green slime particles splashing around them. If the largest and the middle form are killed, they divide into 2–4 slimes of the next smaller form. Only the small slimes eventually drop up to two slime balls and do no damage to the player when touched. The equivalent of the slimes in the Nether are the magma cubes.

Properties [edit]

  • Since only large and medium-sized slimes can deal damage, small slimes are largely harmless to the player. The most you can do is push him.
  • Slimes try to move straight towards the player, even if the path is impassable, and they may fall into an abyss as a result. They can follow the player to the surface and, like all creatures, climb ladders.
  • By hopping, they can convert the arable land into earth in fields and thus cause great damage, unless the rules of the game are set to.
  • If a slime has a name, it is carried over to all smaller slimes if it is split up when it dies.
  • Slimes often change direction randomly so they don't get stuck on walls or in corners.
  • Slimes only attack players and iron golems.
  • If tiny slimes were 0.01 blocks smaller, they could fit through half blocks.

Occurrence [edit]

In slime chunks

Slimes spawn in random slime chunks below level 40. Unlike other monsters, slimes spawn here independently of the light level, also in illuminated caves.

In the swamp

In addition, regardless of the chunk on the surface, slimes spawn in swamp biomes between heights 50 and 70, provided the light level is lower than 8. The number of spawning slimes depends on the current moon phase. When the moon is full, most slimes spawn, whereas when there is a new moon, no slimes appear. The eight phases of the moon last eight Minecraft nights, so that a complete moon cycle is only completed after approximately three hours of time.

In the lowlands

In lowland worlds, it seems like slimes are spawning everywhere. However, this is because a standard flat land is just four blocks high, i.e. the entire surface is below level 40, which means that the required spawn conditions are given. On closer observation, it is noticeable that the slimes only appear in the special slime chunks in the lowlands. After spawning, they'll spread out so it looks like they're all over the place. In the lowlands, more slimes spawn than in normal worlds, because they have more space here and there are no other monsters during the day, so they can fill up the limit for monsters that spawn all by themselves.

Slime farm [edit]

Although the slime balls obtained from slime do not have many different uses, they are needed in large quantities. Therefore, the construction of a slime farm is a good idea.

To put them on, you first have to find a slime chunk. This is difficult to do in-game, as even if you encounter a slime underground, it is difficult to determine with certainty exactly where it has spawned. It is therefore advisable to use an external application. This can be done directly in the browser with the "Slime Finder". AMIDST is particularly suitable as a locally usable program, whereby the finding of slime chunks is only a small secondary function.

If a single chunk, or in the best case several adjacent chunks, is found, it is hollowed out. The efficiency of the later farm is significantly higher if the entire chunk is cleared of all blocks up to the surface. This is due to the way the spawn algorithm works, which searches individual chunks for places to spawn, starting from the bottom, and terminates immediately as soon as there are no higher blocks, which means that it can work faster.

In the hollowed-out chunk, individual platforms must now be built at least below level 40 down to the bedrock, on which slimes can then spawn. Knowing the spawn algorithm is also helpful when building the platforms, because although slimes can spawn up to level 39, it is more efficient to sacrifice eight blocks and build the highest platform at Y = 31. Because of the chunk sections, the algorithm can work faster and more slimes can spawn. When building the platforms, it is important to fully illuminate them. Slimes do not affect the light level when spawning, but spawning of all other monsters is prevented this way, which leaves more room for more slimes.

In order not to always have to manually clean the individual platforms, it is advisable to dig shafts at the edges where the slime can fall down and then be guided to a collection point by means of water. Because of the random movement of slimes, they will fall into the abyss all by themselves. If you move at least 24 blocks away from the farm, you only have to wait until the first slimes spawn.

NBT data [edit]

Progress [edit]

symbol progress description predecessor task Data value
Adventure, exploration and combat Kill any creature or get killed by any creature
Monster hunter
Slay a monster adventure

Kill one of the following monsters:

Creeper, servant, zombie village dweller, ice hiker, Ender dragon, Enderman, Endermite, drowned man, Ghast, Great Guardian, Witch, Hoglin, cave spider, Lohe, magician, magma cube, phantom, Piglin, Piglin barbarian, pest, looter, mucus, Shulker, Silverfish, Skeleton, Spider, Demolisher, Guardian, Wither, Witherskeleton, Desert Zombie, Zoglin, Zombie or Zombified Piglin
A joke to throw away
Throw your trident at something.
Note: Throwing away your only weapon is a bad idea.
Monster hunterHit any creature with a trident
Target exercises
Shoot something with a bow and arrow Monster hunterHit any creature with a bow and arrow or a crossbow. Progress is also achieved using spectral arrows or effect arrows.
Master hunter
Kill one of each monster Monster hunter

Kill all of the following monsters:

Creeper, servant, zombie village dweller, ice hiker, Ender dragon, Enderman, Endermite, drowned man, Ghast, Great Guardian, Witch, Hoglin, cave spider, Lohe, magician, magma cube, phantom, Piglin, Piglin barbarian, pest, looter, mucus, Shulker, Silverfish, Skeleton, Spider, Demolisher, Guardian, Wither, Witherskeleton, Desert Zombie, Zoglin, Zombie and Zombified Piglin

Achievements [edit]

symbolsuccessdescriptiontaskPointsCup (PS)
Monster hunterAttack a monster and kill it.Slay any monster by hand, weapon or tool.15Gbronze


  • The eyes and mouth are modeled separately from the body and do not belong to the external texture of the mucus
  • Much larger slimes can be made. To do this, use the command command, where you define the size with. It can also be higher than 10. However, you should not spawn too large slimes, as they are very difficult for the computer to calculate.
  • The naturally occurring slimes use for the values, and. Slimes of this size, like particularly large slimes, can only be created with commands.

Gallery [edit]

  • A slime invasion in a cave

  • Slimes follow the player to the surface

  • The player encounters a single slime in a cave

  • A size 100 slime

  • A pyramid made of slimes of various sizes

  • A big slime inside

  • Slimes that damage cacti

History [edit]

Version history of the Java Edition
  • Slime added, they come in three different sizes
  • Larger sizes are possible, but will not spawn naturally
  • Slimes can only be found up to level 16
  • Slimes will not go away if the player is more than 32 blocks away. So the slime is the only creature that shows this behavior so far.
  • Slimes have a new texture
  • The spawn behavior of slimes has been incorrectly revised, as only slimes spawned in newly loaded chunks, which means that they no longer appear naturally
Beta 1.2
  • Spawn behavior has been reworked again, causing slimes to reappear
  • Slime spawn rate has been increased slightly
Beta 1.4
Beta 1.5
Full version 1.0(Beta 1.9-pre5)
  • Slimes will now spawn below 40 blocks
Full version 1.2(12w08a)
  • Slimes have now received an attack sound
Full version 1.3
Full version 1.4
  • Slimes can now appear on the surface in the swamp at night
Full version 1.5(13w10a)
  • The current phase of the moon has an impact on the spawning of slimes in the swamp
Full version 1.7(12w36a)
Full version 1.8
  • Slimes of all sizes except small slimes can swim and now often change direction randomly
  • Slimes will disappear over time if no player is within 32 meters
  • Hitbox adjusted (height: 0.6 → 0.51; width: 0.6 → 0.51) (values ​​for the small slime, other sizes are calculated from this)
  • Slimes move much more randomly
  • Even small slimes can now swim in the water
Full version 1.11(16w32a)
  • The object ID has been changed from "Slime" to "slime"
Versions of the Bedrock Edition
Alpha 0.9.0 (build 1)
Full version 1.2.0 (
  • The game rule "Loot of creatures" can now be switched in the world settings
Full version 1.2.9
  • The game rule "Creature Loot" can now be toggled in the world settings without activating cheats