How to self-administer IV Glutathione Herx

Glutathione - purchase recommendations, effect, dosage | Dangerous?

Glutathione can be added to the body in a variety of ways. The most natural form is glutathione ingestion with your daily diet. But only very few people get the recommended amount in this way. Depending on the desired area of ​​application, there are therefore different dosage forms, all of which increase the glutathione level in the body.


Capsules and tablets

The most common form in which glutathione is taken is via capsules or tablets. They are sold under the term dietary supplements and are usually available in a dosage of 500 mg per capsule. The capsules are usually vegan, free from gluten, lactose and fructose, without additives and therefore very well tolerated. The recommended dose for glutathione is one tablet per day, ideally swallowed with a meal and with plenty of water. This is how the body can best absorb glutathione.



Whenever we talk about glutathione in the form of ampoules, we mean infusions. The glutathione is given intravenously to the body for maximum effect. The ampoules require a prescription and may only be administered by a doctor. On the Internet, however, ampoules are repeatedly offered on foreign websites without a prescription. This approach is strongly discouraged. The authenticity and purity of the preparation cannot be checked, nor should untrained persons administer ampoules without medical supervision. If you suspect that you are suffering from a severe glutathione deficiency, the doctor will prescribe a corresponding prescription for glutathione ampoules after the diagnosis.



Creams with antioxidants represent a special form of using glutathione. The creams available in Europe rely on the anti-aging effect of glutathione and help to make the skin look firmer and younger. Glutathione's mild whitening effect reduces age spots and sunspots. As a daily care product, glutathione helps damaged skin cells to regenerate.

Glutathione creams on the Asian market do a completely different job. Pale, light skin is considered an ideal of beauty and a status symbol in many countries. Glutathione in large quantities, as an ingredient in so-called whitening creams, ensures that the skin tone is lightened by some nuances. The area of ​​application repeatedly arouses criticism and leads to health risks. If you are interested in a cream with glutathione as anti-aging care, always only buy products that are approved for the European market.