Who is in the lead after fact-checking the debate

Debate at Steinmeier: Are facts worthless in the Trump era?

“Believe me,” Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier began his introductory speech, “I did not order the coverage of Cambridge Analytica. But it shows how important our topic is. ”The important topic at Bellevue Palace on Wednesday morning -“ Fact or fake? About a Significant Difference for Democracy ”- in fact it was in line with the British campaign company with its illegal internet activities.

Cambridge Analytica had evaluated the personal data of countless Facebook users and thus developed a targeted campaign strategy for US President Donald Trump. How coincidentally could he address the voters' personal interests and problems in advertising emails?

In addition, Cambridge Analytica searched the Internet for campaigners in Africa and Asia for personal weaknesses of their opponents - and where there were none, the company apparently tried to produce them. She did not shy away from referring women to opposing candidates. At least that's how the company bosses sounded that a British TV station secretly filmed - an editor posed as a potential campaign customer.

Two things were remarkable at Bellevue Palace. First, Cambridge Analytica was not mentioned again in the two-hour debate. Second, the political reason for the discussion, Trump's deliberate use of the term fake news, only came up in the last 30 minutes - because a Dutch listener asked about it. Germans in the audience were more interested in the subtleties of correct language use.