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No more bad haircuts: That's why you should determine the shape of your face

Round, square or heart-shaped - do you know your face shape? You can use this simple trick to determine your contour.

Imagine sitting at the hairdresser's and looking like a Hollywood star even with the most fancy haircuts. Count this among the things that will never happen. Because we are not made to look the best in every hairstyle, glasses or contouring. Just as there are different body types, we also have different face shapes. Unfortunately, they are all too often ignored, which is why haircuts, make-up or glasses are unfavorable. It is so easy to determine your own face shape.

How to determine your face shape

A distinction is made between five face shapes: round, square, heart-shaped, oval and diamond-shaped. You can find out which one is closest to your face in just a few steps. Philippe Barr, Creative Director of the Frederic Fekkai Salon in Palm Beach, recommends, when talking to Allure.com, that you first find a mirror and tie your hair tightly. Now the contour is clearly visible. If it is still difficult to recognize a shape, there is a little trick: Trace the outer edges of your face with red lipstick (it is better not to use the kiss-real one!), Now compare your reflection with the following images.

Round face

Selena Gomez has a plump face shape

© Getty Images; Collage: Condé Nast

With a round shape, the face is about as wide as it is long. The cheekbones are the most expansive point.

Angular face

Keira Knightly has a very distinctive, "angular" head shape

© Getty Images; Collage: Condé Nast

If your jaw is the widest point on your face, you probably have a square outline. Your jaw, cheekbones, and forehead are roughly in line, and your hairline is straight.

Heart-shaped face

Reese Witherspoon's facial contour resembles that of a heart

© Getty Images; Collage: Condé Nast

With a heart-shaped contour, your forehead is the widest point on your face. It then tapers to the chin.

Oval face

Bella Hadid has an oval face shape

© Getty Images; Collage: Condé Nast

In an oval face, similar to a round face, the cheekbones are the widest part. However, it is significantly narrower and longer.

Diamond shaped face

Vanessa Hudgens' facial contour resembles the outline of a diamond

© Getty Images; Collage: Condé Nast

Draw a line along your hairline to your cheekbones and then down to your chin. If the contour of a diamond is created, you have the face shape of the same name.

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