What does the lower third mean

German-English dictionary

The lower third of theF.Ormulars serves [...]
both as a legend for the curves shown above and for parameterizing the display.
The bottom third of the screen acts [...]
as a legend for the displayed curves and can also be used to parameterize the representation.
[...] double clickk inthe lower third of theTaktrulers can [...]
You start or stop playback from the position you clicked on.
[...] mouse butvolume in the lower third portion of the measure [...]
ruler allows you to move the song position line back and forth in the song.
[...] liquid level unterthe lower third of theS.ensor covers (12), [...]
so the sensor switches off the heating elements.
I.f the fluid level if anyow the readt third of they sensor cover [...]
(12) the sensor automatically switches off the Heating elements.
Conference: epicarp: light green-yellowish,
widespread russeting in the
[...] cup part, the Oftthe lower thirdder Fruit includes; [...]
Shape: pear-shaped, often symmetrical;
Size: Minimum diameter: 55mm; Sugar content: over 13 ° Brix; Maximum strength: 5.5; Taste: sweet.
Conference: epicarp: Greenish yellow with broad
russeting around the eye cavity often
[...] affectinG the bottom third of the fruit; shape: [...]
piriform, often symmetrical; size: minimum
diameter: 55 mm; sugar content: over 13 ° Bx; maximum firmness: 5.5; taste: sweet.
The lower third of theP.Osters is there [...]
reserved for our sponsors.
The lower third of they postr is reserved [...]
[...] several dropsn inthe lower third of theI.nnongewindes [...]
or apply to the bottom of the hole in the sack block.
For blind holes, apply several drops of
[...] the product to the lower third of the internal threads [...]
in the blind hole, or the bottom of the blind hole.
Make sure that the outer
[...] sensor the upper third and the inner SensOrthe lower thirdder Reference edge meets.
Pay attention that the outside sensor
[...] hits the upper third oftenhey edge and the inner sensor Hits the lower third of the edge.
The lower third of theV.ulkankegels, [...]
which can already be seen from afar, is full of motley houses that seem to
did not have to follow any building regulations at all.
The lower third of they lava dome that [...]
is already visible from a distance is completely covered with colorful houses that
apparently did not follow any kind of building project order.
[...] 12.12.99 11:12The lower third of theA.D./ DA basic settings [...]
The window contains very important settings
and requires special attention.
[...] must be paid to they lower third Of they AD/ DA basic settings [...]
window which contains important setting facilities.
Buttejei asked for a new one
[...] Politics, diethe lower thirdder Society in the MiddleU.NktofsOziall action [...]
He demands new = politics which is focusing on they lower third of the society.
The lower thirdder 6.50 m high [...]
Wall was backlit with 36 Despar LHGL tubs as Ambilight ", the top two
Thirds served as a projection surface for a continuous softedge and hardedge projection.
The lower third of they 6.50 m high wall [...]
was backlighted with 36 Despar LHGL tubes as ambience light. The upper two thirds
served as a screen for an end-to-end soft edge and hard edge projection.
In the poor and disadvantaged groups,
the exclusion in several ways
[...] Experienced undthe lower thirdder Society [...]
we cannot claim
that there would have been decisive improvements in the quality of health care or in wellbeing, state of health or life expectancy.
In the case of poor and disadvantaged
groups, excluded on several counts,
[...] who make up the bottom third of society, we cannot [...]
say that there has been any significant
change for the better either in terms of quality of health care provision, or in terms of their well-being, state of health, or life expectancy.
The lower third of theB.ildschirms shows the disklabel [...]
valid keyboard shortcuts.
The bottom third of the screen shows the keystrokes [...]that are valid in Disklabel.