How to reset the CPU clock speed

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graka clocks down every 5 seconds
01/04/2014 - Technical Support - 6 replies
heyho, have a problem with my graphics card (nvidida geforce gt540m) when playing e.g. skyrim I have ultra 30 fps, after 5 sec 15 fps then again 30 that goes the whole time, with other games also gta 4 crysis 2 what could that lie?
CPU clocks between 1600-4200MHz ...
11/18/2013 - Technical Support - 3 replies
Hello, My i73770k clocks back and forth every second between 1600 and 4200MHz even without any load. Is that normal? I noticed that in the Asus SuitII, but other programs also showed the same values. CPU: i7-3770k MB: P8Z77-V-LE Plus Ram: 8GB 1666Mhz GPU: Nvidia GTX780 OC mfg
HD 6850 automatically clocks down too early
04/20/2012 - Technical Support - 8 replies
Hello, I have had a new graphics card for a few days, the "Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 6850 2GB". The latest driver is installed, but I cannot use the "AMD Vision Control Center" because the following error message appears: "AMD VISION Engine Control Center cannot be started. There are currently no settings that are configured with AMD VISION Engine Control Center can be. " Reinstalling the driver did not change anything. ...

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