What does nv-add

Details aboutLens-ErSet of glasses for our glasses with rimless frame EFA84

This offer is aimed at customers who need lenses. We offer you high quality polycarbonate lenses. Please contact us before making a payment.

We strictly in accordance with your RX production of lenses, this is customized products, we do not accept return. If we get a wrong reception please contact us immediately and we will try to resolve the problem for you.


This item is for borderless frames. If you need lenses for rimmed frames, please contact us.


1) Add the frame and lens you want, then pay together

2) Here is an example to help you order your glasses from AMILLET Optical:

OD: Latin for Oculus Dexter and means the right eye.

OS: Latin for Oculus Sinister, meaning the left eye.

ADD (also NV-ADD): The near vision (NV) reading of the ADDition correction on a multifocal Rx. Can be used for progressive bifocal glasses or for single vision reading glasses or computer (intermediate) vision glasses.

PD (Pupillary Distance): The PD is the measure of the distance between your pupils. This is necessary so that the manufacturer of the glasses knows where to place the optical center on each lens so that you can see clearly with the glasses.

How to choose the right lens for your RX

▲ 1.56 index lens suit for 0 ----- 300 diopters