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Forbidden legend

Walkthrough [edit | Edit source]

This quest starts by finding and reading the book Lost Legends or The Old Edict in Water Wind Rock, or simply by finding Daynas Valen's abandoned camp and reading his notes.

Examine the cryptic message [edit | Edit source]

This task station only arises if you find the Old Edict first.

Investigate the legend of Gauldur Edit source]

If you read the book Lost Legends, the world map is expanded with the location of the Folgunthur ruins. In addition, a target marker is entered in their vicinity, where you "Investigate the legend of Gauldur." can read.

Now you travel to this target marker. Here you can find the camp of Daynas Valen. Find his diary and read it.

You will then be given a new goal: "Learn the truth of Daynas Valen"

Learn the truth from Daynas Valen Edit source]

If you are now in Folgunthur, you will have to fight your way through Draugr to get to the upper area.

When you get there you will find the body of Daynas Valen and receive his "notes". Then the next goal arises.

Note: If you use flames then fighting the Draugers on the lower level will be easy. There is oil on the ground that you can use to your advantage.

Read the notes from Daynas Valen [edit | Edit source]

After reading Daynass' notes, one learns about the legend and why the name Gauldur was erased from the records.

The goals are expanded and you can take Daynass' things. These items include the Ivory Dragon Claw, which can be used to open areas that will come later.

Find the fragment of Gauldur's amulet in Folgunthur Edit source]

There are a few puzzles here that you need to solve in order to advance. the ivory dragon claw can be used for most.

The first of these puzzles is for the drawbridge, near where you can find Daynas. After opening the bridge, you have to fight your way through the catacombs to the next puzzle. Note: When you cross the bridge for the first time, there is an open chest with some potions in it.

The second puzzle includes four levers and two iron gates. Try lifting the levers, in order of the closest on the right, then the closest on the left, then the farthest on the left. Note: It was like that with me, I'm not sure if it's a different combination with others.

Daynas Valens camp outside the ruin

Now go down the steps and turn right into the cave. Look for the falling stones. There is a draugr archer on the ground, kill him and through the wooden gate.

In this room there are two draugr seated on each side of a bookcase and a lever near the draugr. There is a grate over the steps that lead down. The chain for this is on the other side of the room from where the Draugr sit. Don't pull the chain. You have to cross the adjoining rooms to get further. Cross the rooms by lifting the levers on the seats where the Draugr were sitting. Behind the door on the left are several more draugrs, as well as movable pillars. There's a tiny soul stone here that shock-shots you in this room. To imitate the mother, you can use the default in the other room. But you can also use this: standing towards the door - snake, middle - whale, away from the door - falcon. Now the chain can be pulled.

Down the steps, there is a tunnel that hides some frostbite spiders. Go through the iron door at the end. Once inside, the lights go out and six draugr attack. Kill these and the lights will come back on. Go through the door. The code for the rings is on the ivory claw and is as follows: top - falcon, middle - falcon, bottom - dragon.

  • If you enter the wrong code, you will be burned.

Now enter the Folgunthur crypt.

Once inside, you have to see the youngest brother of the Gauldur family: Mikrul. There are Draugr serfs on Mikrul's side. When defeated, Mikrul will have Gauldur's Black Blade, enchanted to absorb ten points of health. Also the first fragment of Gauldur's amulet, potions and a sealing formula.

Go south to the gate that can be opened with the ivory claw. In this next room there is a word wall that gives the scream of power "Frost". Provide a dragon soul and receive the winter breath, "Your breath will be winter, your thu'um a blizzard." There is also a chest in this room with some pretty valuable looted items in it. In addition, a dwarf shield hangs on the chest. One of the items in the chest is "Meridia's Star", with which the Augbae "At Dawn" begins.

Go back to Folgunthur by the door on the other side of the room.

This brings the dragon's blood through a small cave tunnel in the background of the sarcophagus. Go through. You are now close to where you found Daynas.

Find the fragment of Gauldur's amulet in Geirmund's hall Edit source]

This ruin is near Ivarstatt. If you've been there before, you can also get there by quick travel and then head east to the ruins.

The ruins are on an island so you will have to swim.

When you're in the ruins, the first thing a skeever will attack you (oh no!). There is a hole there that you can fall into. When you get to the bottom of the cave there is an underwater chest with some valuable items in it if you can dive long enough for that.

Go through the iron door and kill the Frostbite Spider.

Continue to watch out for food traps and rigged chests.

You come to a staircase and there are carvings on the wall. These are the settings for the pillars in the next room. It's pretty self explanatory, just follow the patterns from what you see on the left and right. Then open the gate using the lever.

  • If you are trying to get the little soul stone, watch out for the mammoth skull.

Go to the next area and fight your way through the draugr. This is where you can find Archmage Geirmund's ALtar. Take the key, he'll open the door behind you.

In the next room there is a {{Arcane Enchanter | Enchanting Table]] and an alley to the right. Go left and go up to the upper level. Arrived there, do not press the lever on the floor, first the lever behind you on the wall. On the pillar there is a lever for the other half of the bridge. Kill the Draugr here and go through the swinging blades (whirlwind sprint helps) and pull the chain on the other side to stop the blades.

Now you fight Sigdis, the middle of the three brothers and the murderer of Geirmund.

Sigdis is a mage and splits into three variants of himself and teleports around the room when the fight has started. All you have to do is kill one of the Three Copies, but make sure you attack the same one every time. He has his own sealing formula, part of the amulet and the Schwazbogen of Gauldur, which absorbs fifteen points of magicka. The door behind Sigdis' crypt opens when he is dead.

There is another loot chest along this tunnel. There are pearls on the floor near the chest here. Follow the tunnel further and pull the lever to get back to the first area. Near outside of the hole you jumped into to start this part of the quest.

Find the fragment of Gauldur's amulet in Saarthal Edit source]

In completing this part of the assignment, it is easy to do so at the same time as completing the Unter Saarthal assignment.

When you have finished the first part of the task "Under Saarthal", the new objective "Find the threat within Saarthal" appears. This leads you to the entrance of Saarthal.

Go through the crypt in front of the altar where you have the vision and continue to the gate. Tolfdir will tell you to be careful and will follow you into the next room. Cross the bridge and kill the draugr here and Trolfdir will tell you to find out what's going on here. Then a new target appears. Pull both chains to open the doors and move on. Tolfdir will choose to stay behind to inspect the coffins.

You are now in Saarthal. Follow the tunnel and remove the draugr that get in your way. Go up the stairs on your right (it's kind of dark) and go left. Here you will find a loot chest and an iron dagger in the coffin. Straight ahead is an iron door that will take you to an altar with potions on it. Go left down the stairs. Straight ahead is another chest and go quickly as there is a lightning trap on the bottom of the stairs. Keep left and you will enter a long hall with a lever at the far end.

To activate the lever, you need to put the columns in the correct order. The symbols behind the columns indicate the correct setting. The order is as follows: (numerically from left to right furthest from the lever to the closest.) 1- falcon, 2-whale, 3-snake, 4-falcon, 5-whale, 6-falcon. Open the gate and move on. Now you enter a large room in which you () have to get a Drauger scourge (at least it was like that with me). Climb the pillar and go through the iron door. Straight ahead is a chest, go right to continue. There are two lightning stations in the hallway, take them out and you can easily pass this place. Straight ahead is another pillar puzzle. This is pretty difficult. The correct pattern is in the space behind the pillars. The only problem with this is that when you turn one column, other columns turn at the same time. Play with the combination until the correct setting is found. (Unfortunately I can't remember what the correct setting procedure was. Sorry!) Pull the lift and move on.

At the foot of the steps is a hall that opens to the left. There is a stone with a lightning trap in the first room. At the end of it keep right and then down the stairs is a blue, spinning ball surrounded by a protective field ... oh and Tolfdir appears at this point. Go down the steps where you will find Jyrik sitting at a funeral altar. It provides a seal, jewels, and Jyrik Gauldurson's staff. After he leaves, Tolfdir gives you the next part of the Unter Saarthal quest series and the goal "Forge Gauldur's new amulet" also appears.

Go through the door indicated by the target marker. Here is a word wall and chest with some good contents. The exit is to the left of the word wall. In this narrow space, the handle is on your left to open the gate. When you're through there, the exit to Skyrim is on your right.

Forge Gauldur's amulet new Edit source]

Go to the Water Wind Rock. There's an emerald dragon claw there. You will need this for the puzzle gate. Then you need the ivory dragon claw to solve the next puzzle gate. In a later, large room, you have to position the fragments of the amulet. You now have to fight the ghosts of the three Gauldursons. First, Mikrul Gauldurson, who brings draugr with him who die when he dies. Then Sigdis Gauldurson, who multiplies himself. And finally, Jyrik Gauldurson again, who only has a large amount of health points. Another ghost will appear who will restore Gauldur's amulet. Don't forget to search the skeleton of Gauldur yourself, which has some gold on it.

Take Gauldur's amulet Edit source]

After the amulet has been renewed, you can take it back.