When I speak your name Spanish lyrics

Correct Spanish salutation

Hola a [email protected],

I'm new to the forum, although I've been reading your posts regularly for quite some time. Very interesting and instructive. I also find the dictionary very helpful.

I have a question right at the start, but I am not entirely sure whether this is the right place for me in this department. If not - lo siento.

I received an email with the salutation “Estimada Boni” (only first name, although you know my full name) and with the final greeting “un cordial saludo: Prof. Dra. Maria de la Pena Calera Zapatero ”(I changed my name, of course).

This is a professor at a university where I will soon start distance learning.

Question: How do I address you in my reply email? “Estimada Maria”? (I think it's inappropriate), or “Estimada Prof. Dra… ..Zapatero”? Or just a part of the Spanish name, which is a long novel?

Apropos: Why did the “Prof.” no a at the end?

Maybe someone can help me, in any case many thanks in advance.