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AVM Electronics is an ISO 9001: 2008 company and is one of the oldest companies manufacturing finer sizes of Self Solderable Enameled Copper Winding wires in India. The wire manufactured on the most sophisticated enameling plants with the latest technology and is equivalent to the best plants in the world.

More than 42 years of sound experience, backed by Technical know-How & Practical in-house Training in manufacturing enameled wires, at Eldra's Plant in Graz, Austria, has made us possible to produce high quality magnet wires equivalent to well known imported brands. We are specialists in the manufacturing of self-solderable & self-bonding type enameled copper wires, up to 0.04 mm.

For high level of quality production and to keep updated with the latest technology, our plants are directly supervised and headed by Mr. Vivek Narula, a well known technocrat of India, in the manufacturing of finer sizes, self solderable enameled cu. Wires. He got practical training of production techniques in the factory of World renowned MAG, Austria, the top manufacturers of wire enameling plants. Mr. Narula is backed by sound and rich experience of more than 25 years in the line. We are hence, a preferred choice of all our customers.

The basic reason is that we have installed the latest technology which is based on enameling plants of MAG, Austria. The mother department is our advanced wire drawing unit which is equipped with the latest machines based on the technology used in the machines of NIEHOFF (Germany).

Extremely rigorous and systematic testing procedures are routinely followed to ensure excellence in the quality of our wires. The testing facilities are as per all IEC and JIS standards.