The queen's guards get angry while they drink


It is not our abilities that show who we are, but our decisions.

-Harry Potter

~ Gillian ~

"Oh how sweet!" It sounds ironic. I break the kiss and turn around. Raphael is not a meter away from us. A growl escapes me. "Talaith go into the house immediately!" Fortunately, she immediately jumps up straight away and runs towards the house without turning around again. I direct my gaze to Raphael, who was also watching my mate. “So this is your lovely little mate. What was her name again? Talaith? "Raphael stands in front of me with a devilish grin and I clench my fists as he puts her name in his mouth. I jump up quickly and growl angrily at him." Don't you dare to put her name in your mouth again! " Raphael raises his hands defensively and then takes a few steps back. At the same time, his mine darkens again. "I'm not here to talk about your mate." "I thought so, so what do you want?" I hiss.

"Can't you imagine that?" He crosses his arms over his chest. Raphael has hardly changed. The face is full of nubs and his light hair is sticking out wildly. He has become more muscular, probably also stronger only the tattoo in the form of a waxing moon, which is emblazoned on his upper arm is new. My eyes narrow to slits as the realization grabs me. That can't be true! I know why he is here and why. There is only one thing he bothered about would make it appear here and I'm not willing to hand this over to him.

"No way!"

"But Gillian, do you really want to refuse your cousin this wish?"

"Cousin." I spit that word out. "You haven't been part of the family for a long time."

“But, but blood is thicker than water, isn't that what they say? You still can't hold my head against me for one thing from back then. "He tilts his head and looks at me." Well, whatever that may be. You know what I want and I'll get it too! It's up to me you whether it will happen with or without bloodshed. I'll give you until the next full moon to decide. "

“There is nothing to decide. You will never get it! "

Raphael clicks his tongue. "Well, well. Don't be too hasty." An ugly grin appears on his face. "Where's your mate?"

"In the house." I am sure of myself.

"Really? Do you know that for sure? "

I turn around and walk towards the house while the desire to embrace Talaith and to feel her perfect lips on mine is strengthened. I am getting further and further away from Raphael and approaching my mate. There is a loud laugh. "Have fun looking!" This statement just screams to be ignored, but when I see a black SUV drive past me it runs down my spine. She is no longer here. I know that with as clarity as I do standing here. I whirl around and run towards Raphael. My hands clasp his neck. "Where is she?" He doesn't make a loud voice. "Where. Is. You! "I scream and squeeze harder and look into his painful face. He can hardly breathe, but still does not give me the answer I want to hear. I yell at him again, but notice that it makes no sense. Me must look for her. Just before he suffocates I let go of him.

"Josh, drum up everyone and look for Talaith!" I command him in my head as I go to the place where I can smell her smell best.

“We searched everything. She cannot be found. There is simply no trace to be found. "Report to me Sam. It's already midnight and the entire pack has been looking for her. Even the advice of the Alphas has joined us in the search. Despair is growing in me. Where can she? What if something happened to her? I would never forgive myself for that. Angry I hit the desk behind which I am sitting. "She couldn't have been swallowed by the ground!" I scream in my desperation.

~ Talaith ~

Fog wafts around my legs while I wait for Max. It has now become dark, which amazes me because we are in the 'almost realm of death' and I would not have expected night to come here. "Where should I drop you off?" I hear Max ask while he closes the door behind him. With a flashlight in hand, he throws on his black cloak before he stops next to me.

I describe to him approximately where the wheelhouse is and I hope that despite my miserable art of describing the way, he knows where I want to go.

"Yes, I can drop you off there." He gives me to understand after confused looks. Neither does he know what I was trying to explain, despite the poor description skills, or he is just pretending.

Death holds out his arm to me and looks at me invitingly. "Then let's pay a visit to the realm of the living." I take his arm and the next thing I feel is a suction. For a few seconds my eyes go black, then I see it in front of me. The packhouse. "Talaith! " I hear someone calling my name It's Annmary. She rushes towards me and then stops a meter in front of me. The eyes widened in horror. Max nods briefly to Annmary before he kisses my hand on the farewell. “Dear Talaith. We'll see each other sooner than some others would like. "His smile suddenly seems sad before it fizzles out.

What did he mean by that?


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