How to say hello in shona language

How to say hello in many languages

While speaking, two people meet and greet each other. The first words in a new foreign language are therefore meaningfully the phrases for greeting. In German it is Hellothat comes out automatically when two people meet informally and say hello. You may be wondering, “How do you say hello in Spanish, hello in Italian, hello in Czech” or hello in other languages? On our website we have listed the most important words for most of the world's languages. You are sure to find your favorite language.

It is also common to talk to someone on the phone with you Hello to be welcomed informally. Hello so is probably one of the very first words you learn. Hello has a surprising story, the equivalent of which exists in many languages.

Hello in many languages

See the list below for the word Hello for many languages. You can find more important words from more languages ​​on our language pages. Simply select the appropriate language on the main page.