How to choose PMS colors in Photoshop

05/04/2010, 16:01  
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first a few suggestions for improvement:
1. Select 8 bit mode. I had to do it before I could set the pattern
2. At 18th, do you mean the radical course by circle course?
3. 19th: I chose radical course, but Shift makes no difference. Denek, I've got the wrong turn

would be nice if sb would explain to me again about the course, because on google I didn't find anything on circular course

edit: I did something without any history, it looks like this:
Would like to see where the "circular course" is hidden

Vector mask has been swapped for layer mask, in case I'm not completely wrong.
That should still be changed, otherwise everything is fine as it is.

You'll get a THX now, after I've made it too ^^

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