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Driving, fresh, groovy! Here, too, all kick free loops were reprogrammed by hand and the kick was muted for bouncing and not an existing loop was filtered. The frequency spectrum is completely retained. I personally think you can hear a clear difference in direct comparison with other “sampled” loops. These loops don't muddle up, they can be placed extremely well in the mix. All loops were recorded at 140 bpm. Some of the loops are available as a construction kit. The “2” and “4” are usually programmed in such a way that you can choose the right ones yourself from the supplied pool of claps and snares.

If you are looking for a suitable kick for the loops, you should also find it among the 311 included kicks. From hard and distorted to soft and sub kicks, everything is there. Since the kicks have also been reprogrammed by Oliver Schmitt, they sound correspondingly good. As already read in the interview part of the “Electro House Revolution” test, Oliver Schmitt put the kicks together from individual components and processed them.

But the other categories are also well served. Effects, percussion, vocal bits, claps, snares, cymbals, percussion, toms, etc. The variety and yet consistently high quality on this CD is really remarkable. Main reason: Except for the “cutted” sounds (see overview), all samples are handpicked, so to speak. You look for unsightly artifacts here in vain. Here the single sounds were not released from a loop as with other libraries.

The “Overview” sounds are a good idea. You can quickly preview the sounds of the categories bass, acid, synth and sounds on the keyboard and then load the appropriate sound into the sampler. […] The only thing I personally lack for the editorial tip is the compatibility with REX and Co. Apart from that, there is nothing wrong with the quality of the CD!

Conclusion: You can also tell the attention to detail on the first Sampling CD from Sounds-of-Revolution. Not only the loops, but also most of the playable sounds have been reprogrammed. All tonal samples contain the key in the name! It should be so. Price / performance is not only okay because of the variety. In addition to top-notch loops, you get a well-stocked fund of drum and other high-quality single sounds suitable for clubs. If you don't have something like this in your collection, you can access it here without hesitation.