Muslim countries where prostitution is legal

Which countries are “Muslim countries”?

I can only answer about the Middle East and North Africa (the politically so-called "Arab World")

Egypt and Tunisia are not Muslim countries as Islamic law is just one of the sources of legislation, not the only one, and is only applied in certain cases.

Muslim countries are those like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, etc. (religious states) whose law is based only and entirely on Islamic law (Sharia), i.e. their law is Islamic law, while in Egypt and others (civil states) it is The law is Egyptian law and its sources have been drawn from many such as French and Islamic law depending on which part of the law is enacted (criminal law, commercial law, family law, personal affairs, etc.), but each country has its own traditions It is not just whether the law is Islamic or not, as there are also different interpretations of Islamic law.

I would personally divide them into three categories:

  1. Extremely Conservative - Religious states (you have to be really careful here) including: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Oman, Libya

  2. Temperate - usually civil states (you can still have fun in certain ways and in certain parts) include: Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Syria, Qatar, Sudan, Bahrain

  3. Open-minded - civil states, usually secular, are: Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon

But here, too, every country has its own traditions. For example, the UAE and Qatar are religiously oriented but serve alcohol and are among the top countries for prostitution. Egypt, which is a civil state and among other things offers alcohol against Islamic law, can be very conservative in some districts. Example: In the poorer areas you cannot wear a short skirt, while in Sharm el Sheikh you can sit topless on some beaches.

Anyway, in most of the countries I've mentioned, foreigners are somewhat exempt from traditions that apply to local people, or at least they forgive you for being a foreigner. There is no case where they forbid you to do anything or legally punish you (except in the extremely conservative) but if you wear something too sexy (as a woman) in a common poor neighborhood, you will all the time People stare at you and likely hit you, which can be very annoying. While you can do anything you can think of in other parts of the same city, it is best to have a guide from the country who is open-minded and well educated, not too often because you will receive too much false information from them .