How to win the daily draw corner

Take profits

In connection with the enormous rise in the price of the crypto currency Bitcoin, a new wealthy investor group has formed in record time. For the most part, she did not have to deal with the new topic of permanent, professional investment in the past.

The signs of an overdue, massive price correction for Bitcoin are increasing. We are seeing clear signs of a worldwide mass euphoria, which is being additionally fueled by all common media and the introduction of futures trading on Bitcoin. The daily number of newly opened digital accounts by inexperienced investors is now staggering.

Governments and central banks are obviously getting nervous and are thinking about alternatives or regulations to limit crypto currencies. Bulgaria is sitting on over 3 billion euros in bitcoins. So the question arises as to when the state will pull the rip cord and cash in. South Korea, as one of the Bitcoin strongholds, has already taken several steps to curb the Bitcoin mania in its own country; In addition to the ban on trading venues, a taxation of profits in Bitcoin is being discussed.

A comparison of the most extreme speculative bubbles in history shows that Bitcoin has even left the tulip mania of the 16th century far behind.

In our opinion, this has little to do with the original idea of ​​a substitute currency. The current Bitcoin development shows the characteristics of a pure speculative object. There are all indications for a bubble formation, the chimney effect can push prices up even further. For those who have invested longer in this environment, the justified question arises from now on:

How do I secure my significant profit from the virtual to the real world? It should be clear: if a correction gains momentum, many addresses will try to get out of the falling market while the number of buyers decreases at the same time. There is a threat of a bottleneck effect that will put the course under pressure ever faster and more violently. If you still want to get out, you will suffer painful hours with sharply falling prices.