Gary richrath how did he die bruce

Gary Richrath (R.E.O. Speedwagon)

I heard today that Gary Richrath, guitarist for R.E.O. Speedwagon, died on September 13th at the age of 65. I heard about the band through AFN in the 70s and after the first studio albums it was especially the live recording "Live - you get what you play for" that convinced me of the music. There was again the feeling that life is raging over there across the pond and bands are being celebrated that we had never heard of - at least not me. In the 80s they had some hits with us that are still played on the radio, above all the indestructible slide (in Bavaria colloquially for a slow seam dance to make out and preparation for more ) "Can't fight this feeling anymore" - I like it too, but earlier (of course) they were better.

Since 1989 the band and lead guitarist have probably gone their separate ways, the last live recordings by Gary from 2014 are not very nice to look at, so better something from good times:

R.I.P. Gary - your music gave me a lot.