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Ration stamps

English: Ration stamps or ration card is a card issued by a government allowing the holder to obtain certain rations. They are frequently seen in waiting time.

German: A Grocery brand is a permission issued by the state to be allowed to receive a certain food in a certain amount. Grocery stamps are usually issued to the population in times of need, especially during war, in order to better manage the general shortage of consumer goods. The brands are summarized in grocery cards. Other goods, such as clothing or gasoline, were also rationed using such cards.

Polski: Kartki - w gospodarkach, w których obowiązuje reglamentacja towarów, nazwa bonów bądź kuponów uprawniających do nabycia określonych towarów. W zależności od wariantu kupony te umożliwiają bezpłatne nabywanie tych towarów, nabywanie po preferencyjnych cenach, lub po zwykłych cenach urzędowych.

Gallery [edit]

France [edit]

Germany [edit]

WW I [edit]

  • Turnip menu
    City of Erfurt
    January / March 1917

After WW I [edit]

  • Purchase card for eggs (fragment) - Berlin 1920

  • Reference card for coffee substitute (coffee substitute card - fragment) Berlin and the surrounding area 1920

  • Grocery card for Berlin, section 57 - 68 for September 1920 (fragment)

  • Grocery card for Berlin, section 69 - 80 for September 1920 (fragment)

  • Purchase card for edible fat from Fettstelle Groß-Berlin from August 30, 1920 to September 26, 1920 (fragment)

WW II [edit]

  • Reich fat card for adults valid from December 15, 1941 to January 11, 1942.

  • Third Reich clothing card, 1942

  • voucher for clothes, Germany 1942 (reverse)

  • Reich card for vacationers, WW II

  • Reich map for vacationers, WW II

After WW II [edit]

  • Bread card for employees, June 1945

  • Grocery stamps meat group I (heavy workers) - Greater Berlin March 1947 (fragment)

  • Grocery stamps Group I (heavy workers) - Greater Berlin June 1947 (fragment)

  • Food card for workers, city of Berlin for August / September 1945 (fragment)

  • Shoe point map, Baden, Rhineland-Palatinate and Württemberg-Hohenzollern, ca.1947 (undated)

People's Republic of Poland [edit]

  • Ration stamps for meat, 1989.

  • Ration stamps for sugar, 1977.

  • Ration stamps for petrol, 1984.

  • Ration stamps for petrol, 1988.

  • Multi-purpose stamps for flour, cigarettes, alcohol, chocolate, washing powder, wheat products etc. 1983.

Russia [edit]

  • Leningrad's ration stamp for tea of ​​1990

  • Leningrad's ration stamp for soap of 1990

  • Ration stamp for w: vodka, June 1993