How did Ryan Vanderveen die

Between 2000 and 2002 they caused a stir on MTV with “Jackass”: Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, Ryan Dunn & Co. entertained an audience of millions on TV with brutal, painful, disgusting and hilarious stunts.

After three seasons it was over on TV. The big screen called. In "Jackass: Der Film" (2002), "Jackass: Number Two" and "Jackass 3D" they screwed the brutality and disgust factor to unimagined heights.

The chaotic troop did not behave much more sensibly away from the TV cameras: sex, alcohol, drugs, fast cars, crazy stunts - the "Jackass" stars never spared their bodies for a second of their lives.

This life took its toll: Bam Margera is struggling with XXL addiction problems, his last chance seems to be a US withdrawal show.

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But what became of his daring "Jackass" colleagues? On the following pages there are more - sometimes even sadder - fates.

Ryan Dunn died in a car accident

Blonde hair, full beard, rather calm - Bam Margera's best buddy seemed almost the most “sensible” with “Jackass”, if you can use this word in the context at all.

But Ryan Dunn had a number of vices. Two of them were fast cars and alcohol - a dangerous, ultimately fatal combination.

On June 20, 2011, Dunn was drunk driving a Porsche 911 GT3 through West Goshen, Pennsylvania. At 225 km / h and with almost two per thousand alcohol in his blood, he lost control of his sports car and crashed into a tree.

The then 34-year-old and his co-driver were dead on the spot.

His terrible accident was the main reason for the crash of his best friend Margera, who subsequently numbed his grief with alcohol and drugs.

Johnny Knoxville made the breakthrough

The lank in the chucks. Johnny Knoxville was the face of "Jackass". His opening sentence to every episode is legendary: “Hi! My name is Johnny Knoxville and welcome to Jackass! "

As the main actor, the now 45-year-old probably had to endure the most pain overall.

Between the “Jackass” movies, Knoxville was also active as a real actor, mostly in comedies (“A Duke Seldom Comes Alone”, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”). In addition, his "Jackass" role Irving Zisman - an extremely perverse senior - got his own cinema appearances ("Bad Grandpa").

Knoxville, now a father of three, is probably the only "Jackass" veteran who has made a breakthrough outside of the brutal stunt show.

Steve-O swore off drugs

Stephen Gilchrist Glover, better known as Steve-O, liked to pierce his cheek with an XXL fishhook for "Jackass" and then jump into the water with sharks. The tattooed madman with the piercing look was usually responsible for the bloodiest and most painful stunts. Maybe that was also how he got into drugs and alcohol.

Meanwhile, Steve-O is purified. The now 41-year-old says he has renounced drugs. This gives him more strength for his second passion - besides the crazy stunts: Steve-O is almost a militant animal rights activist and of course also a vegan! More often he came into conflict with the law through protests.

Chris Pontius no longer lives in the camper

In “Jackass”, Christopher Andrew Pontius preferred to dance in a thong as a “party boy”. Like his buddy Steve-O, Pontius is an animal rights activist and keen skater.

After the end of "Jackass" they shot "Wildboyz" together. The concept is similar: the more dangerous the stunt, the better - but this time Pontius and Steve-O got in touch with wild animals from all over the world.

On the MTV show "Cribs", the 41-year-old said that he lived in a camper for a while. Pontius has been divorced since 2013.

Wee Man has a fast food restaurant

123 centimeters of pure energy. The diminutive Jason Shannon Acuña aka Wee Man was a professional skateboarder before his "Jackass" engagement. On the show, he often formed an uneven duo with the overweight Preston Lacy who chased through town dressed as babies.

Rumors circulate on the net that Wee Man is supposed to be dead - but where these come from is unclear. The small man is in excellent health - is now the owner of a fast food restaurant in California.

Preston Lacy also had drug problems

The "Jackass" giant baby. Almost all of Preston Lacy's stunts were weight related. As an unequal duo with Wee Man, the now 46-year-old was always good for laughs.

Like many of his fellow showmates, Lacy had drug problems. In 2010, he was arrested in Oklahoma for possession of marijuana. Most recently, the heavyweight appeared as a stand-up comedian.

Dave England, the "shit expert"

Dave England came to the "Jackass" -Chaoten as a snowboarder. There, however, another “talent” was discovered - from then on England was always used for nasty faecal deposits. "I'm the world's first professional shit," said the 46-year-old once.

England has four children despite losing a testicle in a snowboarding accident. He was last seen on TV on April 1st, in the comedy show "Natural Born Pranksters".

Honor McGhehey and the Undertakers

"Jackass" star Ehren McGhehey earned the name Danger Ehren during the show - due to his countless daring stunts. He comes from an undertaker family, but took a different path: fun sports.

Like Dave England, McGhehey is a passionate snow and skateboarder. This is how he now earns his living: the 39-year-old owns a skate shop in McMinnville.

Jeff Tremaine, the company's father

He's behind all the "Jackass" madness: director Jeff Tremaine. Like many of the chaos in front of the camera, Tremaine also has a fun sport past - his great love was BMX.

At some point he got into television through a few magazine jobs. Together with Johnny Knoxville Tremaine created "Jackass".

There are persistent rumors that a fourth movie is being planned. "It is possible if Bam stays dry and healthy," Steve-O said in October 2015 at a Reddit Question Time. There is an entry in the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) for 2017 - with Tremaine as director.

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  4. Steve-O swore off drugs
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  6. Wee Man has a fast food restaurant
  7. Preston Lacy also had drug problems
  8. Dave England, the "shit expert"
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