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Quote from Julietta82:

The night light also makes you doubt whether hamster110 is a real social worker

I talked about the fact that he should know and avoid certain of the behaviors he has described here if he is one. Because you learn things like that for your job. Since he emphasized this so, he ought to know what I'm talking about and also be able to perceive my contribution as an aid to self-reflection, as I meant it.

And yes, CaveCanem, I see a helper syndrome and the need to feel important, accepted, and superior in the role of rescuer, clarifier, carer. Whether or not the TE sees it that way is up to him.

I also dealt extensively with possible motifs of his soap opera partner in my article, right? That might help him to understand and to process that he was burned from front to back. You might have missed between all of my other "bullying" against the TE.

What strikes me again and again is the phenomenon that something is picked out of the contributions of others and this is presented as evidence of their lower intentions. The rest of the article is completely ignored and what is picked out is best understood incorrectly or not at all. This is how you can drive threads against the wall by declaring them to be the battlefield for your proxy war.

Incidentally, I also find the view of not being allowed to report back to him his problematic parts of the event negligent. Because, in my opinion, they are ultimately the only point where he can effectively start and benefit from his experience, at least in retrospect. He can't tackle the construction sites of his strange acquaintance, but he can do his own.

When I turned to a forum for help, those posts that put my finger on the most painful area, and some considerations that I initially wanted to reject from myself, ultimately helped me the most . Of course, I would have wished that some people would have given EVEN MORE time and effort for me, and put their feedback in a little more cotton wool so that I can consume it more easily. But that hasn't changed anything in terms of the content of the embassy or its value for my development ... and that's ultimately the decisive point.

Perhaps you, Julietta82, would like to take a look at your painful area in the context that leads you to see bullying here, where from my point of view only a few users have expressed very precisely about a problem they have perceived. Or at least find out what bullying is before you put this up here. Your appearance doesn't help the TE in the least to deal with its subject matter, but you push it further into a defensive attitude towards the forum, which doesn't help it at the end of the day.

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