What is Arrak Flavor

Arrak - what to replace ???

Hello sharly,

would send you my bottle of Arrak right away, which is dusting on the shelf in front of it because I don't like the stuff - it's Indonesian that looks and tastes like nail polish remover (has 80%), and I'm spoiled by the Jordanian, the fine like aniseed tastes good - I can bathe in it, it's just not available here.

Until I knew that there were several types, I only knew the Jordanian-Arabic, which tastes almost like ouzo / raki - does that go with your recipe? Ouzo / raki is easy to come by. I have a biscuit recipe with pistachios and marzipan in which arrak is replaced by apple juice - does that fit?

Otherwise, in our supermarket we have small bottles of spices with Zuckerkuleur, Marsala etc. and also Arrak. It's at the bottom of the shelf, I only saw it because something fell down. Look over there, the tiny bottles can't be that expensive.

LG, son of the desert