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2. Where in Austria are there which agricultural properties?

All over Austria there are farms in different sizes, locations, price ranges and conditions. There is less supply in the west than in the east. In Tyrol, Vorarlberg and Salzburg, alpine pastures and farms with cattle and sheep breeding dominate. There are an above-average number of farms with more than 50 hectares.

In Upper Austria, pigs, goats and cattle are mainly bred. If you want to buy a greenhouse, you have the largest selection here. When compared across Austria, almost two thirds of all commercial gardens are located in Upper Austria.

Burgenland is also a good location for gardens. There is a high density of glass houses here. In addition to fruit, the main focus is on growing soy.

If you want to grow fruit or take over forestry, you will find suitable real estate in Styria. In Austria there are the largest number of small farms with agricultural areas of less than five hectares.

When looking for their own vine, winegrowers find what they are looking for in Lower Austria. In addition, the proportion of vegetable fields is above average.

There are fewer agricultural properties in the greater Vienna area, but they are very productive. Mainly vegetables and cereals are grown.

Overall, the selection of objects in different locations, sizes, price ranges and conditions, but the range is concentrated in the middle and east of the country. In the west there are only a few free, small objects. Most of the free farms, mills and greenhouses are in the Styria, Carinthia and Lower Austria.