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New Facebook emojis: this is how you create your own personalized avatar

Facebook avatars are the new memojis

After we passed the time creating our own Memoji in autumn 2019, the latest trend is now coming: on Facebook we can now design ourselves as stickers and thus express our emotions and reactions.

The stickers are not called emoji, but Facebook avatar. The customizable Facebook avatars can be used in Messenger and in the feed. We explain how to create your very own Facebook avatar.

Creating Facebook avatars - not that easy at all

Facebook avatars are comic-style stickers that you can use to create your own self. You can then use this digital I to comment on Facebook postings and in Facebook Messenger. Initially, the new feature was only available in Australia. Now Facebook users in Europe and the USA can also create their dream avatars.

However, there is one restriction: In this country, the avatars can only be created via the Facebook app on the mobile phone, as reported by mimikama.at. Once they have been saved here, they can also be used in the desktop version. But how can I create a Facebook avatar? And where can I find "my" avatar on Facebook?

How do you create your avatar?

There are basically two ways to get to the avatar editor:

1. If another Facebook user has already posted an avatar in the comments or on Messenger, it is particularly easy: All you have to do is click on the "Try it out" button and a window with the avatar editor will open.

2. If you have not yet stumbled upon an avatar in your comments, that doesn't matter: Simply open the menu in your Facebook app using the three lines in the top right corner. There you scroll down and tap on "Show more". The point "Avatars" appears there. If you click on the point, you will be taken to the avatar editor.

So your avatar gets its individual style

A wide variety of properties can be selected in the Facebook avatar configurator. Skin color, face shape, eye shape and color, hairstyle and hair color through to accessories such as glasses and headgear. The preview image adapts with every step. There is also a mirror symbol in the upper right corner. This can be used to start the camera. This makes it even easier for Facebook users to create their true-to-original likeness.

Satisfied with the result? Then click on the blue "Done" button. Via "This is your avatar" you can select a pose and share the avatar in the timeline. If you now want to comment on a post, your avatar stickers are now also among the available stickers. Or you can send your avatar to friends in private messages. You can do this via the desktop as well as via the smartphone app and Facebook Messenger.

How can I change my avatar?

Have you been to the hairdresser's or do you have a new style and want to customize your Facebook avatar? No problem! However, this is only possible via the Facebook smartphone app. You will also find the option to delete your avatar here. To do this, simply click on the "trash can" symbol in the top right corner.