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Behind the mirror

"The whole world is just a stage and all women and men are mere players."
William Shakespeare, As You Like It

What exactly is a crisis?
If we let this go through our heads, answering the question is no longer that easy. Because the media is teeming with crises. One could almost think that they are bred somewhere in the stable in order to drive the most beautiful and thickest crisis pig through the national media village at regular intervals.
For months last year everything was full of Greece. The Greeks were everywhere, you couldn't escape them any more. Except through the ritual burning of all mobile digital gadgets and the subsequent sacrifice of the home internet connection to Silentia and Ignorantia, the goddesses of calm and blissful ignorance. The downfall of the world economy was inevitable, because the Greeks had indeed dared to elect a government that was somehow left-wing. Mostly too! In a democracy!

Of course, this step could not go unpunished, and so it is that right now this left-wing government is carrying out the austerity program, which has been carried out with great success for years, even more draconian and worse than any conservative corruption government could have done before. The financial and psychological cluster bombing by Mr. Schäuble, the black double-zero agent on behalf of Her Majesty, Angela the Without Alternative, was extremely successful. It's just a shame that Greece is unfortunately not on the mend.
And that even though Fraport AG has just taken over 14 Greek airports as part of the privatization measures. Of course, the 14 airports that generate profit that will then flow into the pockets of Fraport's shareholders in the future and not the Greek state, for example. Just in case someone didn't understand the priorities here. The whole thing for a bargain price of almost 1.3 billion euros, so not even 100 million per airport.
If the Berliners had known that it could be gotten so cheaply, the country could have simply bought a Greek airport, dismantled it and had it rebuilt in Berlin. Then none of that would be an issue anymore. Of course, Fraport also wants to “invest”. A total of around five million per airport per year by 2020. A further 23 million per year are leased to Greece itself. This is how you get the economy going, the only question is which.

The Greek union has just protested against it because it doesn't think much of this business. But it is only a matter of time before the union will give in too. That will either be the case through corruption, as in Germany, where for years the big unions have always preached wage restraint except for themselves.
Or the left government will put laws in motion that make it easier to terminate, union or not. The dismissed employees will either not be replaced at all or they will be replaced by temporary workers. Because that is the "flexibilization of the labor market", which Greece agreed in its Versailles Treaty last summer.
But Mr Tsipras is in trouble again because he does not want to cut the pensions any further, they have already fallen by a good 40 percent. Instead, he wants to increase the contributions to the pension insurance, but that is not possible, because that would mean that employers also have to pay something!
This is of course totally impossible because it could damage the Greek economy. Says the financiers. So the banks and other institutions that lend money to Greece so that Greece pays interest and, above all, uses the money to settle its outstanding debts that it has with the banks and institutions that lend Greece the money. Did everyone understand? Well.
In any case, these people are already cold when Tsipras suggests something like that. So we can assume that Greece, as I judged it to be, will soon be on the news again. Greek tragedies have a tradition.

The country went underground because of this refugee crisis, the elderly among us will remember. At some point last summer, all of a sudden there were lots of people who all somehow wanted to go to Germany because they had been told that there were cars and houses for everyone. And work. And besides, you wouldn't be bombed there.
Now this picture of our country is only partially correct, but normally you are not bombed here. At least not yet, and only if you don't count Nazi assholes armed with Molotov cocktails as bombing. Otherwise you are only partially not bombed, but that too is at least better than in Syria or in the former Iraq, because you can be bombed anywhere and anytime. Whether it is from the Syrian Popular Front, the Popular Front of Syria or the Front of the Syrian People, we leave it open.

In any case, that was the next crisis, which immediately found itself in the loyal hands of the media. Then there was talk of flows of refugees, politicians spoke - and unfortunately still speak - of invasions, even the chairmen of the philology association, who were probably not suspicious of personal aggressiveness, came onto the market with texts that, in terms of xenophobic and undignified delimitation of thought, only about the nauseating Nazi rubbish of a Mr. Höcke could be outbid by the AfD.
And then of course - Cologne. This event on New Year's Eve, which shook the German world, where obviously dozens of guys molested, stole and possibly raped some women, or at least tried to do so. In the public. Communal.
German politicians are already shouting for stricter criminal laws again, as if robbery and rape were not already prohibited. In my StGB it is in any case under "is not allowed", I have something on the shelf and just looked up to be on the safe side. Strangely enough, none of these “conservative” law-and-order politicians, these ridiculously weakly camouflaged Nazis in pinstripes, cries out for stricter penal laws when the Nazis devastate an entire district without pinstripes, as they did in Leipzig the other day. That's okay, they just want to play.
Our finance minister, now completely mummified, is even calling for the Bundeswehr to be deployed inside because of the refugees. In case they don't behave again.

"We will have to deal with the question of why practically all other countries in Europe are allowed to use their armed forces under clear legal regulations to support the police - and we are not."

The ex-interior minister asks why other countries have a legal basis for such things and we Germans do not. From which the conclusion is immediately drawn, we absolutely need it, because after all, the citizen expects the state to be able to enforce its monopoly on the use of force.
If we suddenly take a look at other countries, why is smoking weed still illegal in Germany?
Why doesn't it work with daycare centers like it does in Scandinavia?
Why don't we have such a great public transport system as in Switzerland?
Why do we always have Schäubles and other idiots who always want to behave like lemmings with brain damage and justify that, the others would do that too?
I would like to have a law that enables the emergency deployment of neurologists and the immediate suspension of politicians if someone obviously starts to utter nationalistic nonsense in a delirium.

Everywhere in German politics only anti-democratic brains with a refugee crisis

The religious terrorist fanatic party of the German south has also reported several times, as always. A spiritual spark called Scheuer demands that one must stop the presumption of innocence and expel people who have obviously done something criminally relevant from the country. Why a trial or an indictment or even a defense?

Oh, what would that be! But no country in the world would accept the CSU politicians who were expelled from Germany in large numbers. Even North Korea wouldn't be that stupid.
But I would like to start a crowdfunding campaign for it, maybe you can at least get rid of the scouring there. A CSU member always has something corrupt as a corpse in the basement anyway. In any case, I refuse to simply override the rule of law because fascist Bavarian idiots want that to be a good thing.
The silverback of the CSU, the Seehofer Vollhorst, also comes out of the holes again and wants to put the Chancellor under pressure. According to the motto: "We want the Chancellor to change her refugee policy! "
How does the graying Mr. Seehofer, who, to my knowledge, have a lover with a child in Berlin, actually want to threaten the government coalition? With the exit of the CSU from the same?
Has he tried the other day. Of course, nothing came of the threat from the Bavarian front garden dwarf, which I personally think is a shame. I would find a CSU that is finally reduced to its splinter party status, which is fanatic for religion, very positive for the German party landscape in federal elections.

So it's all really terrible and we all have the refugee crisis now. Except me, of course. Well, there are certainly still one or the other person out there, but overall the Germans are currently having the crisis with the refugees. Not a day without at least three articles about the nonsense, about parties that utter nonsense about it or the nonsense that bio-German asylum naziar holes utter about the parties. Everything crisis.

Image 1: The familiar crisis face of the German voter - Angela Merkel. Here in the usual welcoming and happy manner in conversation with the greatest economics minister of all time, Sigmar Gabriel. Every crisis shrinks back and forth before this concentrated competence.

But what exactly is a crisis?
As soon as you lean back with a sober mind, you come to the following realization: The lie begins with the term "crisis". Because this is usually temporary. A flood on the Elbe or Rhine can be a crisis situation. A volcanic eruption. A city like New Orleans destroyed by the storm. A tsunami that devastated large parts of Southeast Asian beaches and killed several hundred thousand people.
All things that temporarily change pre-existing conditions - usually for the worse - and the consequences of which can above all be combated and solved. At least the media and politics always want to get it across in the respective situations. “Crisis” therefore always means that a return to normalcy is both possible and desirable and only a matter of time. Somebody just has to do something, and that somebody is usually "politics".
Usually, a crisis is always accompanied by the impression that there is a malfunction, an unexpected and soon disappearing inconvenience in an otherwise functioning system.

A little flashback to the year 2008. I raise my index finger, reminding me of times gone by, while the narrative veil covers my eyes and my voice takes the reader with me into this distant year. Do we remember ...

The so-called “real estate crisis” quickly turned into a “banking crisis” due to the bursting bubble paper on the world's major stock exchanges. The main business of banks like Lehman Brothers was to bring lots of colorfully tied packages to the stock exchanges as tradable papers. Included in these packages were loads of mortgage loans that other banks had fraudulently granted to American homeowners or those who were about to become American homeowners.
I say “fraudulent intent” because there were a lot of people who had actually already paid for their house or were about to do it. Various banks have also sent sales representatives to these people in large-scale campaigns to persuade them to simply add another $ 100,000 or so on to the mortgage. The name for it was "re-financing". Why I should refinance something, the payment of which I had well under control by then and whose installments are already difficult enough for me, is a mystery to me personally. Probably first of all you have to be American to be that stupid.
The other kind of clients were covered in what was then called internally "NINJA loans". That stands for "No income, no job or assets".
Translated, people have been tricked into building a house here who have never been able to service the necessary credit lines, which the respective banks knew from the outset. In spite of this, banks financed these mortgages to more than 100 percent in some places - in other words, these economically completely unsecured people were even pushed more money than would have been necessary for the respective house.
The result of this behavior was a loan agreement and that was the only purpose of such actions from the start. "Turn your house into a bank! " it said in the TV commercial. Because, of course, real estate prices can only go up, we all know that. Obviously this is a somewhat insane assumption, but if I can convince someone of this, the result is just another loan agreement.
These contracts then end up in a package that is given a name that is as meaningless as possible and that only has to meet one condition: at least three trained marketing employees must have used at least three conferences to invent it. This great, brand new "financial product" is then sold. Lehman Brothers, for example. So the home loans also belong to Lehman.
They, in turn, untie the package and add something that doesn't even have to have anything to do with real estate. Golf course loans in California, maybe. Something that has had a press presence before. A good one, of course. Then the package is closed again and you tie an even nicer bow around it.

This now much nicer and thicker package then carries another group of marketing experts to a large rating agency and says: "Rate that. "
Mind you, the mandate is not: "Check the content. "
That's why nobody does that. Once the valuation has been carried out, Lehman brings the package, now marked with an “AAA” stamp, to the stock exchange, so that interested and well-heeled buyers can find it.
As a rating agency, you can possibly get a good deal of business, because it could be that the customer offered not only a not inconsiderable sum of cash for his evaluation, but also a certain package of the shares to be evaluated as payment. Preference shares, of course, i.e. discounted papers that are offered to me below the issue price.
This is good for me as an agency, because I happen to know that these stocks have received a top rating, namely from me. So the performance at the start of the stock market should be quite positive, which further increases my profit. Capitalism, fuck yeah!

So that nothing burns, a bank like Lehman has taken out insurance. And one in case the value of the product falls. Now you could even get the completely absurd idea of ​​placing a bet elsewhere on the stock exchange. And one against your own product. Then there are two options. The prices rise, then there are profits. Or if they fall, there is also a profit.
If it is a high sum insured, I could even be interested in falling prices in order to collect them, because that's what the insurance is for. Just like the previously placed bet, which I then also win. With the money I then buy more of the stocks, which have fallen sharply in the meantime, because they are cheap now. Which in turn pushes the value up through the purchase until I can sell at a profit.
I also need this profit, because of course I financed all these campaigns with money that I don't even have, but rather borrowed from other people. Or other banks that other people have lent their money to. Lot of money.
That goes well until somebody looks inside such a package and checks what is actually in it, everything substantial. Or until - all of a sudden! - real estate prices are falling. Or both. In any case, everyone is hectically selling the stuff.Unfortunately, insurance companies and insurance companies and betting against one's own product have long since become part of other packages that, in turn, have been listed on the stock market by anyone other than tradable paper, the so-called derivatives.
In the end there is a complete standstill, because nobody knows how many toxic papers they actually have where, which is why nobody lends money to anyone.

Of course I invented all of this, something so absurd would never happen in our free market economy, which is known to always regulate itself optimally. In any case, the public referred to the result as the “financial crisis” and one of the triggers was “sub-prime” loans. Which literally means “not quite top performance”. I can see a certain discrepancy here between internal affairs and the official sales facade.
That's why fraud. If someone lends according to the NINJA formula, then he knows exactly that he will never see the money again. The “banking crisis” was and is by no means a misfortune, a coincidence, an unexpected market fluctuation and also not a faulty calculation.
Exactly the points that would allow this event to be defined as a crisis are not relevant here. The real estate and banking crisis was nothing more than a lie from the start. Just like the statement to slightly worried borrowers that real estate prices can only go up. This is exactly what a bank called Goldman Sachs did in the summer of 2007, when it had long been clear that prices would soon fall. This pseudo-crisis is the result of a calculated exploitation of the system in which we all live. Let's call it globalized capitalism to be diplomatic.

The financial crisis does not exist any more than the refugee crisis. Both are constructed pseudo-crises.

In any case, we saved the banks because we had to so that the Martians could not land. Or something like that anyway. The states borrowed the money to rescue the banks from the banks, which had to be bailed out because they were officially bankrupt.
Maybe, anyway. Because no one could say that exactly because of the somewhat complicated packages. So maybe a bank has been rescued here and there on suspicion, but who is going to be petty?

It is also an outright lie to speak of a refugee crisis. Or rather, scream.
Because these refugees, who suddenly stand at the European door, have been drowning in the Mediterranean for several years. Or for example on the way to the Canary Islands, which now belong to Spain.
But Germany has not had to worry about it so far, because it had the regulation of the "safe third countries", in which the refugees had to stay and apply for asylum should they enter or flee through them. With the regulation of the so-called Dublin treaties, Germany was fine and promptly since then the asylum applications in this country have also fallen to a tenth of the previous volume.
Until last year, for example, when economically ruined Greece said it could no longer take care of such people. In the meantime there are enough Greeks who would starve to death or die of diabetes without government aid, which makes it difficult to take care of several hundred thousand people from other countries.
The refugee crisis came as a total surprise that the opposition in the Bundestag - that is, the 20 percent seats of the left and the Greens - had already in spring 2015 demanded that the operation "Mare Nostrum", which had been suspended by Italy, be resumed.
Italy had stopped this border security operation in the Mediterranean because it no longer wanted to and could no longer pay the costs of around 130 million euros per year on its own. Italy's national debt is currently around 124 percent of GDP, just by the way. The Italians are probably just lazy, they should save up.
In any case, Italy asked the EU whether something could be done about it. The EU's answer was “no”. So Italy stopped the sea rescue operation without replacement. The EU then passed the task on to the border protection organization "Frontex", without, of course, any major increase in funding. Incidentally, Frontex is an organization that is not obliged to anyone and has nowhere any kind of democratic legitimation, but which is financed from EU funds. Sure, after all, a quasi-private company takes on sovereign tasks such as border protection. Surprisingly, no fewer refugees came across the Mediterranean as a result.

Picture 2: Cats in front of the mirror. Sweet. But stupid, because they never get the point that the second cat isn't there. At least the critters are so curious that they want to look behind the mirror. German citizens would very often not do that, their reflection on television is enough for them.

This refugee crisis is so surprising that Germany has been concluding contracts with North African states for years so that they can set up camps on their territory in which any asylum seekers can be "pre-sorted". Nobody asks about the conditions in such camps. Germany pays, the others do the work and nobody asks stupid questions.
For example the question of what one should actually think of the fact that the European Union has long since de facto drawn its external borders in North Africa. Or handing over border security tasks to business partners who are quite dubious in places. Who exactly is ruling Egypt? And according to what standards? Is that a democratic country?

No, with a Syrian war of disintegration in its fifth year, a former Iraq that has long since been disintegrated into different combat zones and a Turkey that is drifting more and more towards theocratic sultanate, the refugees are neither coming in surprising numbers nor at a somehow surprising time. All of these developments were known for a long time and were simply ignored for the devil by everyone here in Germany who were informed and responsible. True to the motto: "It will last for one legislative period. "
Here, too, the definition points of “crisis” do not exactly apply. There is no refugee crisis at all. There are refugees who are now being turned into a crisis by the media because they are suddenly noticed before the German border.
That is just as hypocritical and disgusting to the point of vomiting as a Vollhorst Seehofer, who stands there and "ultimately" demands of the Chancellor that she must restore the security of German national borders. Incidentally, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg are the federal states that have cut the most positions in the police force and in the equipment of the executive in the last 20 years. It is not enough to tighten asylum laws and expedite deportations if there are no staff to carry out these deportations. Or not enough administrators in courts and other authorities who can take care of something like that.

Hysterical media distract from the background. Superficial noise for a superficial audience.

All of the actions described are an integral part of the functioning system, which, according to the official interpretation, is in a crisis, whatever exactly now. That then determines the media. Crises are made these days.
The financial crisis soon turned into the euro crisis and then the sovereign debt crisis. If the euro was in crisis, why was it anywhere between $ 1.20 and $ 1.40 for three years?
You'd like to have a crisis like this in your own wallet.
If there is a sovereign debt crisis, why was Spain still praised by the EU in 2006 for its budgetary discipline and low debt?
If the richest 10 percent of the population in the G8 and elsewhere owns up to 90 percent of assets - why do they need tax cuts so they can create new jobs? How do they actually do it, with the jobs?
The entire officially functioning system is nothing more than a bundle of lies and deceit, including self-deception or the simple ignorance of the people involved. The whole thing is gilded with corruption and sprinkled with crushed unicorn as a glitter effect.
So if all of these things are part of the functioning system that only briefly gets into crisis, what does a dysfunctional system actually look like?

All of these events, labeled as crises, take place against a background that we largely ignore completely, as the media and politics are doing their best to cover it up. Or just have no idea what the real crisis is. The whole mess of crises since the beginning of the 21st century - specifically, since 9/11 - serves as a distracting theatrical thunder in front of the curtain, nothing more. Since the beginning of the year, not a word has been said about Saudi Arabia. The New Year's Eve in Cologne is still held up in the media. No oil comes from Cologne.
The consequences include nationalistic shouts from politicians who jostle at the right-wing assholes in Germany so that the voters don't run away from them. Ultimately, Afghanistan will then be declared a safe third country, while at the same time the Bundeswehr's mission in Afghanistan will be extended and strengthened.
So we carry out military operations in states that CSU politicians would like to declare as nice, cozy holiday destinations.

The real, the real crisis of our civilization is hidden by this curtain of smoke and fog when it is done on purpose. Or simply covered up when the cause of the action is simply ignorance of the essential. What has been going on here in front of the critical eye for a decade and a half is something like a pile-up, a slow-motion train accident. Horrible, but you can't look away either.
The temporary situation, in other words the “crisis” in which the world financial system and actually the entire world economy are stuck, has been dragging on since 2008, so it will soon be in its eighth year.
The only pseudo-solution proposed so far amounts to making the trains collide faster. Save so that the economy can grow again. The result would then be Greece, only globally. Maybe you should take a look behind the theater curtain.

The cover photo shows the cover of the LP “Crisis? What crisis? " the band Supertramp from 1975. That was during the oil crisis 😉

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