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Michelle Wie West's retirement thoughts changed by having a baby girl

But when persistent injuries began to hamper Michelle Wie West's ability to play the game she loved - she featured in just five Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Tour events in 2019, making the cut just once - thoughts of an early retirement flitted through here at least
Those injury frustrations were counterpointed by personal happiness. Two months after her last appearance on the golf course, she married Golden State Warriors executive Jonnie West. And a few months later, Wie West found out she was pregnant.
Initially the prospect of becoming a mom cemented the idea of ​​retirement.
"I never saw myself playing either pregnant or after I had a kid," the 31-year-old Wie West told CNN Sport's Christina Macfarlane.
Then Wie West discovered she was going to have a girl - the golfer gave birth to daughter Makenna Kamalei Yoona West on June 19 - and that "changed everything."
"It just completely shifted my perspective. I was not expecting that to shift that drastically, but it really did," said Wie West.
"Everything that I see now, it has changed. And playing wise, it's definitely made me want to play again. When I go out and practice it's definitely not as much as I used to be able to. I used to be able to practice day in and day out. But now, there's like a week in between sometimes.
"It's just all very unpredictable. But it's made me want to come back and not just for myself, but for her and to kind of lead by example. And I think it's so different when she can see YouTube videos and she can see all that . I can tell her about the things that I did. But I really just want to be able to show her and I hope I have that opportunity to do so. "
Since turning professional in 2005, How West has witnessed a sea-change in attitude towards women's golf.
"I think it is changing. It's that slow change. But every year I do feel like there is some progress being made," she said.