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Mogensen, Lisbeth; Ingvartsen, Klaus L .; Kristensen, Troels; Seested, Susanne; Thamsborg, Stig M ..
This experiment presents the effect of 100% organic feed rations grown at an equal area per cow on milk production performance and metabolic responses. A total of 174 Danish Holstein cows were included in two experiments on two commercial organic dairy farms during the winter 2000/2001. Three types of supplementary feed were examined: 5 kg cereals, 3 kg rapeseed / cereal pellet or 1 kg rapeseed cake fed with a mixture of clover grass silage, whole crop silage and grass pellets ad libitum. The supplement of rapeseed / cereal pellet compared with cereals tended to decrease both milk fat and protein content, whereas fat and protein yield were unaffected. Milk yield was increased by supplement of rapeseed / cereal pellet compared with cereals in experiment 1, but ...
Tipo: Journal paperPalavras-chave: Dairy cattle.
Ano:2004Url: http://orgprints.org/4682/1/4682.pdf

Mogensen, L .; Kristensen, T .; Søegaard, K .; Jensen, S.K ..
The aim of the present paper is to present a prototype of a decision support model simulating the feed and vitamin supply during a year on a farm self-sufficient with feed. The model takes into account that the content of vitamin and minerals depends on choice of crops, conservation method, season, plant development at harvest, quality of the silage production, and duration of storage together with traditional optimizing of the feeding scheme.
Tipo: Conference paper, poster, etc.Palavras-chave: Dairy cattle.
Ano:2008Url: http://orgprints.org/12233/1/Mogensen_12233_ed.doc

Verhoeven, Anne; Hoppe, Sebastian; Pries, Martin.
With the ecologically managed dairy herd of the Haus Riswick Agricultural Research and Education Center, pasture trials were carried out in the short lawn system from 2009-2017. The following variants were examined: full-day pasture (25 ha of pasture), half-day pasture (13 ha of pasture) and varying duration of pasture (8 ha of pasture). The individual animal milk yields are significantly lower with full-day grazing than with half-day grazing and varying grazing times with barn feeding. The individual milk yield of the cow cannot be an optimization criterion for pasture systems. Pasture and feed management must aim to produce the highest possible amount of milk per hectare of pasture. Control variables here are the stocking strength, the height of the ...
Tipo: Conference paper, poster, etc.Palavras-chave: Dairy cattle.
Ano:2019Url: http://orgprints.org/36100/1/Beitrag_170_final_a.pdf

Petersen, Søren O .; Stamatiadis, stamatis; Christofides, C .; Yamulki, Sirwan; Bol,. Roland.
Introduction For Western Europe it is estimated that, on average, 8% of total N excreted by dairycattle is deposited during grazing (IPCC, 1997). The intake and excretion of N is influenced by factors such as feed composition, lactation stage and pasture quality, and the excretion of excess N as urea in the urine can therefore vary considerably. Urea can lead to high ammonium levels in the soil which may influence N dynamics and gaseous emissions. This laboratory study was conducted to investigate short-term effects of urea concentration on N2O emissions. Methods Solutions containing 0 (CTL), 5 (LU) and 10 g l-1 urea-N (HU) were added to sieved and repacked soil cores of pasture ...
Tipo: Conference paper, poster, etc.Palavras-chave: Dairy cattle.
Ano:2003Url: http://orgprints.org/1296/1/12th_N_workshop_180903.ppt

Oudshoorn, Frank W .; de Boer, Imke J.M .; Renes, Reint Jan.
Use of new technology can contribute to sustainable development, but a careful assessment should be made. Using a theoretical framework, the economical, ecological and societal consequences for sustainability are assessed and translated. Selected sustainability indicators are validated though literature and evaluated by a participatory method; the focus group interview. There are no reports or references to research on organic dairy farms with AMS. By cross examining references on AMS use with organic principles and sustainability aspects, it can be foreseen that economy, eutrophication of grassland, and milk quality can be threats to sustainability. Advisors and farmers represent the stakeholders in production. There were differences in perceptions ...
Tipo: Conference paper, poster, etc.Palavras-chave: Dairy cattle.
Ano:2005Url: http://orgprints.org/4438/3/Oudshoorn_etal_4p_revised%2Ded.doc

Petersen, Dr. Søren O ..
On-farm emissions from animals and manure must be taken into account when the GHG mitigation potential of grassland management strategies involving grazing are evaluated. Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from manure management include direct emissions of CH4 and N2O, as well as indirect emissions of N2O derived from NH3 / NOx. Quantification of GHG emissions from manure are typically based on national statistics for manure production and housing systems combined with emission factors which have been defined by the IPCC or nationally. The quality of GHG inventories for manure management is critically dependent on the applicability of these emission factors. Animal manure is collected as solid manure + urine, as liquid manure (slurry) or as deep litter, or it ...
Tipo: Conference paper, poster, etc.Palavras-chave: Dairy cattle.
Ano:2003Url: http://orgprints.org/1294/3/GHG_presentation_020903.pdf

Mogensen, Lisbeth.
Baseret på svar fra 18 consultants vurderes det, at ydelsen ved transition to 100% økologisk fodring er reduceret i halvdelen af ​​besætningerne. Dette on trods af, at the landmændene has to be requested at opretholde together with the required and ydelseses level. He comes up with focus on grovfoderkvaliteten, alligevel nævner fere consulenter, at en for thårlig grovfoderkvalitet he en af ​​de most barrier for 100% ecologisk fodring. Ligesom de mener, at omkostningerne tilskudsfoderet can blive for høje, hvis næringstofkravene shall opfyldes, and at the derfor ud fra en fysiologisk vurdering he for meget grain in rationerne. The most hyped tilskudsfoder i såvel summer- som winter ratios of Kraftfoderblandinger and grain. En trediedel af landmændene gav således over 4 kg ...
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Ano:2003Url: http://orgprints.org/1347/1/sp_skema_opg_LIM.doc

Baldinger, Lisa; Baumung, Roswitha; Zollitsch, Werner; Knaus, Wilhelm.
The aim of the study was to test organically grown Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.) For its suitability for winter feeding of organically fed dairy cows. The feeding trial carried out for this with two groups of lactating Holstein Friesian cows took place in the winter of 2008/09. In the ryegrass ration, ensiled Italian ryegrass replaced 50% of the silage portion of the control ration, which was based on grass-clover-grass silage. Both basic feed mixes were supplemented with moderate amounts of purchased concentrate to ensure isoenergetic and isonitrogenic total rations. Cows fed with the ryegrass ration consumed significantly more basic feed than cows fed with the control ration (14.5 ...
Tipo: Conference paper, poster, etc.Palavras-chave: Dairy cattle.
Ano:2011Url: http://orgprints.org/17641/3/Baldinger_17641.pdf

Gregoritsch, Patrick; Steinwidder, Andreas; Gasteiner, Johann; Potztatzky, Leopold; Zolitsch, Werner.
At the beginning of lactation, the energy requirements of high-performance cows can usually not be sufficiently covered by feed intake. The resulting energy deficit can negatively affect the health and fertility of the cow. On the one hand, the energy balance can be calculated directly from the energy demand and the energy consumption, but the collection of the data required for this is very complex and hardly feasible under practical conditions. On the other hand, however, auxiliary parameters such as milk or blood constituents can be used to obtain information on the energy balance of the dairy cow. The present investigation is intended to provide information on whether the contents of β-hydroxybutyric acid (BHB) and free ...
Tipo: Conference paper, poster, etc.Palavras-chave: Dairy cattle.
Ano:2017Url: http://orgprints.org/32823/1/Biofachtagung_Stoffwechselparameter_Gregoritsch_etal.pdf