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Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise biography

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV was born on July 3, 1962 in Syracuse, New York. The long name sounds almost noble, but Tom Cruise grows up with his three sisters in very poor circumstances. His parents Thomas and Mary do not have a permanent residence and are therefore constantly moving. Due to the frequent change of location, Tom Cruise attends more than 15 different schools in Canada and the USA. It is only after his parents divorce that Tom Cruise stays in one place for a long time. Tom Cruise now lives with his mother and her new husband in Glen Ridge, New Jersey. When he was 14 years old, Tom Cruise lived in a seminary for a year because he wanted to be a Catholic priest.

But after his stay with the Franciscans, Tom Cruise rejects his spiritual career aspiration. At school, Tom Cruise is primarily interested in acting and sports. He fights in the wrestling team, but has to leave it due to a knee injury. Thus, Tom Cruise focuses exclusively on acting. At the age of 18 Tom Cruise began his studies at the "Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theater" in New York.

Tom Cruise begins his acting career

Tom Cruise made his screen debut in the film drama in 1981 Endless Love (with Brooke Shields and James Spader) in which he played a supporting role. After that, he plays in comedy Loose business (1983) and in The outsiders (1983; with Matt Dillon and Patrick Swayze). In 1985, Tom Cruise first acted as a protagonist: He took on the role of Jack in the fantasy epic Legend by director Ridley Scott.

In 1986 Tom Cruise made his big breakthrough: Top Gun - you fear neither death nor the devil (with Val Kilmer, Tim Robbins and Meg Ryan) grosses over $ 340 million worldwide. So does Top gun Tom Cruise the most successful actor of his generation. With subsequent films like The color of money (1986; with Paul Newman and Forest Whitaker) and the comedy film cocktail (1988; with Bryan Brown and Elisabeth Shue) the beam man finally becomes a crowd favorite.

From "Rain Man" to "In a Distant Land"

In the drama Rain Man (1988) Tom Cruise plays Charlie Babbitt, who takes care of his autistic brother Raymond (Dustin Hoffman) in order to get his father's legacy. The film was nominated for an Oscar in eight categories and was awarded the coveted trophy in four categories. Tom Cruise comes away empty-handed here, however.

A year later, Tom Cruise plays in Born on July 4th (with Willem Dafoe and Kyra Sedgwick) the paralyzed Vietnam veteran Ron Kovic and is rewarded with a Golden Globe and his first Oscar nomination. In 1990 Tom Cruise made the action film Days of thunderin which he stars alongside Nicole Kidman. After his divorce from actress Mimi Rogers, Tom Cruise marries his new love Nicole Kidman, with whom he also made the feature film in 1992 In a distant land turns.

Tom Cruise starts his "Mission Impossible"

From 1992 to 1996, Tom Cruise achieved something that no actor before him had done before: He made five films in a row, each of which grossed more than 100 million dollars in the USA alone - namely: A question of honour (1992; with Jack Nicholson, Demi Moore and Kiefer Sutherland), The Company (1993; with Jeanne Tripplehorn and Gene Hackman), Interview with a vampire (1994; with Brad Pitt, Kirsten Dunst and Antonio Banderas) and Jerry Maguire - Game of Life (1996; with Cuba Gooding Jr. and Renée Zellweger), for which Tom Cruise is nominated for the second Oscar.

The fifth prank appears in 1996 Mission: Impossible (with Jon Voight and Jean Reno), a spy thriller about the agent Ethan Hunt, to which there are now five sequels: Mission: Impossible II (2000; with Dougray Scott and Brendan Gleeson), Mission: Impossible III (2006; with Philip Seymour Hoffman and Michelle Monaghan), Mission Impossible - Phantom Protocol (2011; with Paula Patton and Mikael Nyqvist),Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015; with Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg) and Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018; with Rebecca Ferguson and Henry Cavill).

Tom Cruise gets his third (and for the time being last) Oscar nomination for his supporting role in independent film Magnolia (1999; with Julianne Moore and Philip Seymour Hoffman). Except for the James Bond parody Austin Powers in gold stand (2012; with Mike Myers and Michael Caine), in which Tom Cruise has a cameo, he only played serious roles until 2007. Among other things, Tom Cruise takes on the lead role in the science fiction thriller under the direction of Steven Spielberg in 2002 Minority Report (with Colin Farrell and Max von Sydow) and in 2005 acts as a protagonist in war of the Worlds (with Dakota Fanning and Tim Robbins).

For the historical film Last samurai (2003, with Ken Watanabe and Billy Connolly) Tom Cruise also received another Golden Globe nomination. In 2008 the mime played a supporting role in the action comedy Tropic Thunder (2008; with Robert Downey Jr. and Jack Black) from Ben Stiller. With success: Tom Cruise owes the film another Golden Globe nomination, this time for best supporting actor.

The Hollywood star as Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg

A controversial film project is Operation Valkyrie - The Stauffenberg Assassination (2008; with Bill Nighy and Kenneth Branagh). Tom Cruise embodies the German resistance fighter Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg, whose assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler on July 20, 1944 fails. Because Tom Cruise is a Scientology member, the earl's eldest son asks the actor to give up the role. Despite all the criticism from the descendants of Stauffenberg and the media, Tom Cruise received largely positive reactions for his portrayal of the colonel. For his role in Operation Valkyrie Tom Cruise is awarded the Bambi "Courage".

After Operation Valkyrie Tom Cruise continues to be mixed. The action comedy Knight and Day (2010; with Cameron Diaz and Peter Sarsgaard), which is actually intended as a comeback for Tom Cruise, is a flop in the USA. No film with Tom Cruise has ever brought so little money into the box office as this one. The musical film Rock of Ages (2012; with Russell Brand and Catherine Zeta-Jones) is also only moderately well received by the public and critics. The crime film Jack Reacher (2012, with Rosamund Pike and Richard Jenkins) reminds at least a little of the heyday of Tom Cruise and gets 2016 under the title Jack Reacher: No turning back (with Cobie Smulder and Robert Knepper) a sequel.

Of his more recent works, the science fiction thriller was the most convincing in the cinema Edge of Tomorrow (2014; with Emily Blunt and Bill Paxton) - in which Tom Cruise dies a thousand deaths - and the real story adventure comedy Barry Seal: Only in America (2017; with Jayma Mays and Domhnall Gleeson). Also the adventure remake The Mummy (2017; with Sofia Boutella and Russell Crowe).

Tom Cruise and the Women: From Mimi Rogers to Katie Holmes

As for his relationships, Tom Cruise prefers actresses. In 1987 Tom Cruise married Mimi Rogers, from whom he divorced only three years later, in order to tie the knot with Nicole Kidman in 1990. The couple adopts two children. After Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise divorced in 2001, both parents have custody of the children. Immediately after the divorce, Tom Cruise begins a relationship with Pénelope Cruz. After three years, this relationship will also be a thing of the past.

A good year after separating from Pénelope Cruz in April 2005, Tom Cruise starts a relationship with Katie Holmes. In 2006 the daughter Suri was born to Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, and a few months later the couple married in Italy according to the Scientology rite. In June 2012, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise announced their split.