Thoughtful status for WhatsApp quotes

Thoughtful quotes for WhatsApp status

66 Thoughtful quotes for your WhatsApp status. Sometimes we can't express ourselves the way we want, that's why we have the 66 most beautiful ones for youThoughtful sayingscollected which you can copy directly into your WhatsApp status.

Thoughtful quotes

Saying goodbye always hurts, even if you've been looking forward to it for a long time. - Arthur Schnitzler

A good finish adorns the exercise. - Friedrich Schiller

Love is the exchange of two fantasies and the touch of two layers of skin. - Nicolas Chamfort

I met a very poor young man on the street who was in love. His hat was old, his coat was worn, water was running through his shoes. But stars moved through his soul. - Thomas Niederreuther

Cheating yourself out of love is the most terrible deception; it is an eternal loss that can never be replaced, neither in time nor in eternity. - Søren Kierkegaard

Do you want to be loved, so dear! - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

We are angels with only one wing. In order to fly we have to hug. - Luciano de Creszenzo

We are mortal where we are loveless, immortal where we love. - Karl Jaspers

Age doesn't matter unless you're a bottle of wine. - Joan Collins

All the nonsense that happens is not only the fault of those who do it, but also those who do not prevent it. - Erich Kaestner

Obsession is the engine - doggedness is the brake. - Rudolf Gametowitsch Nurejew

Computers are the smartest idiots there is. - Norman Mailer

For 100 to make their body, 50 have to do sports. And for 50 to do sports, 20 have to specialize. But in order for 20 to specialize, five must be capable of outstanding peak performances. - Pierre de Coubertin

Age is like getting caught in a storm by plane. Once on board, nothing can be done about it. - Golda Meir

The age you want to be spoils the age you have. - Paul von Heyse

Life is made up of many little coins, and whoever knows how to pick them up has a fortune. - Jean Anouilh

Life is a journey home. - WERNER BETHMANN

Life is unfair, but remember: not always to your disadvantage. - John F. Kennedy (1917-1963

The universe knows no time and no concept of time.

The inventor of the white lie loved peace more than truth. - James Joyce

Man is never naturally more eloquent than when he speaks of himself. - Max Klinger

Man is born to live and not to prepare for life. - Boris Leonidowitsch Pasternak

The things that really matter in life cannot be bought. - William Faulkner

Marriage works best when both partners stay a little unmarried. - Claudia Cardinale

Birth only gives birth to being. The person is created in life. - Théodore Simon Jouffroy

Youth would be an even better time if it came a little later in life. - Charles "Charlie" Chaplin

The middle of the night is already the beginning of a new day. - John Paul II

You can only live in this world if you make it your lover. - Janosch

You cannot and you cannot extend your life. But you can deepen it! - Gorch Fock

Real idealism does not consist in the pursuit of instantaneous realization of what might be a chimera or illusion, but in the daily, tireless, constant struggle to gradually approach what we have in mind as an ideal. - Eduard Benesch

A diplomat is a man who memorizes a lady's birthday and forgets her age. - Robert Lee Frost

A life where everything is not at stake from time to time is worthless. - Luise Rinser

A mind that has its feet in a sack of prejudice cannot run towards its goal. - Bettina von Arnim

A cat in gloves does not catch mice. - Benjamin Franklin

A loving woman also hears what has not yet been said. - Adriano Celentano

There is also something clearing about defeat. You can see who is really committed to you or who is always close by just because of personal advantages
is. - Walter Momper

It often takes more courage to change your mind than to be true to it. - Christian Friedrich Hebbel

All good intentions already exist, we just need to apply them. Blaise Pascal

There is nothing more foolish in life than inventing. I'm thirty-five years old now, and I haven't had the world for thirty-five
Pennies used. - James Watt

There are neither good nor bad jobs. What someone makes of his job is good or bad. - Edward Teller

There are two ways to make a career: Either you really achieve something, or you claim to achieve something. I recommend the first method, because the competition here is nowhere near as great. - Danny Kaye

It is better to keep death for life than life for death. - Wassily Kandinsky

It's not easy to be perfect, but somebody has to be. - Niki Lauda

It is very important that we do not take half a step forward where we have to take two or three steps. - Boris Yeltsin

To be free means to be able to choose whose slave you want to be. - Jeanne Moreau

Be happy, do good - and let the sparrows whistle! - Don Bosco

The future was much better in the past. - Karl Valentin

Happiness is contentment and harmony - and when the people you love are around you. - Anni Friesinger

God never made a distinction between black, white, blue, pink, or green. People are just people. That is the message we are trying to get across. - Bob Marley

Humourous people seem older. The humor may not keep you young but alert. - Loriot

I am ready to go anywhere provided the path leads forward. - David Livingstone

At the moment I am fully up to date with the youth. I really feel sorry for all thirty-year-olds. - David Bowie

I am capricorn. It's like this with them: the older they get, the better they look. They always look younger and get better and better. Capricorns have a difficult youth, and then everything will get better. I think when I'm ninety I'm in a really good mood! - Inga Humpe

I think I care less about getting old than I care about getting old and fat. - Peter Gabriel

I think it's the lesser evil to be ripped off than to go through life growling with your teeth bared. - Thomas Wolfe

I can calculate the movement of heavenly bodies, but not human behavior. - Isaac Newton

I cannot imagine that there is a person who does not always have new needs. - Ludwig Erhard

I don't just want to be the best. I want to grow so big that no one can reach me. - James Dean

I love to play the piano so much that I would do it for free. Thank god my concert agents don't know. - Artur Rubinstein

I don't understand why so many women suffer from being a year older again. Not a year older
that would be a disaster. - Liv Ullmann

You should never stop living before you die, which happens to some and is a very annoying thing. - Jacques Offenbach

There is an insatiable longing in everyone's eyes. In everyone lives the same spark of insatiable desire, the same secret fire, the same deep abyss ... - Ernesto Cardenal

The more candles your birthday cake has, the less breath you have to blow it out. - Jean Cocteau

You are young as long as you are able to forget your birthday. - Sophia Loren

Nobody has to. - Gotthold Ephraim Lessing