How do I get grace Fallout New Vegas

  • Hi dear Follout New Vegas fans
    Today I have a tip for you that will give you a lot of bottle caps.

    The DLC Dead Money is about the Sierra Madre an "old world" casino that you are supposed to rob.
    In the last quest in which you have to go into the vault you can see the treasure of the casino on the table on the right.
    There are 36 gold bars.
    To the left of the table there is another lone one.
    Each of the gold bars is normally worth around 10,000 bottle caps, but each one also weighs 35.0.
    So it's usually impossible to take them all with you.
    However, you can do it.
    You have to take all the gold bars but as soon as you go into the vault you seal the gate.
    Now go to the terminal and read the message to Vera but only this one and not the one that comes afterwards.
    Then a dialogue with the old man is started.
    With a very high language skill you can lure him down.
    If this happens you have to get out of the vault as fast as you can, to the right and then to the rear entrance where the blue seal is.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now it is important to save !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Keep a little distance from the seal, look down and let them all fall out of your inventory.
    That could take a long time and rob you of the last nerve, but it worked for me after about 13 attempts.
    Now the gold bars are on the other side, which you have to pass later.
    It is only important that you keep your distance from the blue sealing not too little but not too much either.
    Now you have to kill the old man.
    Then your collar will activate and you have to run around the outside as quickly as possible, pick up the gold behind the seal and run in front of you as soon as you are in the elevator since you've made it and become rich.
    Hopefully this tip will help you.

    Have fun!

  • I think this "trick" is quite pointless and unnecessarily complicated. In Fallout you have more problems spending all the money that you make everywhere.

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  • I myself only noticed something funny recently to get some money.
    I found the sex bot for the Atomic Wrangler and now every time I speak to it in the Atomic Wrangler, but don't use its "services" (ie break off the dialogue!), I get 10 bottle caps every time.
    It takes a long time until you have something together, but it still works for me.
    No idea if this "exploit, bug" is known.
    I don't believe in such "tricks", but I could help one or the other ..

  • I think this "trick" is quite pointless and unnecessarily complicated. In Fallout you have more problems spending all the money that you make everywhere.

    Depends on. If you want to buy all of the guns and Gun Runner's arsenal, you can't have enough money. You can also set yourself the goal of 100% repairing all weapons and armor. With my last score, I have probably already given out almost half a million bottle caps. Fallout is simply a hunter-gatherer paradise just like me.

    I'll have to try the ranger sequoia trick if I'm back in the Sierra Madre. Not necessarily because of the money, but simply to own all the gold bars.

  • I totally agree with Deku.
    I love to collect weapons and armor in this game, but unfortunately it costs a lot of money.
    But I had to ask where do I get a lot of bottle caps from.

  • But I'd have to ask where do I get a lot of bottle caps from.

    Mainly in the addons "Old World Blues" and "Lonesome Road". You can enter it again and again and the opponents leave loads of valuable weapons lying around, which can be repped and sold at high prices. The opponents also spawn again quite quickly.

    Without the add-ons, I can recommend the "Emergency Repair" perk. So you can for example. repair a hunting rifle with a small bore rifle, which in turn can be sold at a high price.

    Another little tip: Two guards patrol the gun pusher who you can kill without any effect. They each drop a combat armor and a hunting rifle. That alone brings you around 4000 bottle caps and the guards keep spawning new ones.

  • The trick with the gold bullion is very old ... I tried it and it works.
    The best thing to do is to look at a tutorial on how it works best.
    Spending the money is not a problem either ... As Deku said, either buy all the weapons from the DLC Gun Runners arsenal, get implants from the New Vegas hospital, buy weapons / armor to repair your own armor or buy tons of ammunition .
    I had about 5 billion bottle caps on the PS3 with my character without DLC's and without a patch and had no problems giving them out.

    Finding it is not the problem, it is letting go.- Father Elijah

  • How did you do that

  • I think the bug in the pool is pretty bad ...

    I sell clothes, but I don't get the bottle caps credited for it ...

    Shoot first .... then ask!

  • So I agree with zitres.
    I now have over 90,000 corks.
    I don't even know what to do with the coal.
    I don’t spend anything except for rare ammunition.

  • How did you do that

    That was probably one of Time Bomb's exaggerations again.

  • Exaggerations?
    In the Vikki & Vance Casino in Primm, give the trick where you can get the money from the cashier infinitely ...
    And I've done that until I didn't feel like it anymore ... and in the end I just got 5 billion corks richer.
    And now some are wondering how I spent all the money.
    I've always made my "rounds" ... namely: 1. Bought the ammunition from the gun dealers and everything. 2. Buy the ammunition from the guy where you have to betray to get [lexicon] this machine [/ lexicon]. 3. Bought the ammunition / medicine from the Crimson Caravan. 4. The 2 traders at the 188 trading post bought the ammunition. 5. Upstairs at the Mojave Outpost everything bought the ammunition again, of course ... And last but not least, because I'm already at the Mojave Outpost, I had all my things repaired at the NCR.
    Unfortunately, the trick has been leased and you can no longer do it ...

    Finding it is not the problem, it is letting go.- Father Elijah