Where to get a happy ending Shanghai

Had an experience of the 3rd kind here in PVG today.

I am traveling with my senior boss and his wife (71 + 73 years old), he is to be understood as a supervisory board in our company and wanted to see what we have been doing in China for the last 2.5 years (according to the motto "Where do all the orders come from?").

So it's more of a positive event, albeit annoying, as the two are completely inexperienced in Asia and neither speak a word of English. So I'm allowed to play babysitting 25 hours a day because they can't even order a coffee for breakfast ...

Today after a strenuous day (for the two of them) on various construction sites, he craved a massage. Good, so 2 doors down to a massage studio, which looks absolutely serious and is also recommended by the hotel. The thing is in the building of the hotel (5 *), but the entrance is from the back and not directly from the hotel.

SHE thought the idea was good and came along because our "man on site" recommended a Chinese foot massage to her.

So we at the reception counter, I interpreted everything. Everything so far clear, but then the receptionist asks again whether HE doesn't want a "Happy Ending Massage" after all, one could also offer him that.

And at that very moment, SHE got 2 words in English and asked me: "Is a happy ending massage good for my husband? Then you should definitely arrange it ..."

Me: "..............."