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Soul mate - what happens when we meet him?

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Kinship of the soul ... a term that only gave me thought in my more mature years. They exist, there is no question about that! Many of us are badly looking for THE soul mate. It doesn't always have to be a couple, it can be a good friend we are close to. Perhaps you can also find him within the family, but of course it is especially nice when we have this very special relationship with our own partner. However, what constitutes a kinship and why are such people more than just a "friend"?

Soul mate to complete

I read exactly two books about it because there are so many different views on what is underSoulmates is to be understood. In the end, one was too simple for me and the other too grandiose. I know that they exist and the connection to such a person is something very extraordinary! Not that I wouldn't feel whole without this person, but it's more, a new dimension of inner satisfaction ... that's what I experience.

Some are of the opinion, including the book I read at the time, that soul mates are the missing part of your own personality. It is also said that only one real soul person can be found. I don't think so because I think I have several. :-) We rarely recognize these people straight away, I know that too.

The term “soul mate” is also often used when we are supposed to meet someone who opens up to us Familiar from the start occurs ... Love at first sight, deeper feelings can also play a role in this, which favor a long-term relationship. If we have the feeling that another person has fatefully come into our own life, we like to assume a soul mate.

Two souls in absolute harmony

Two people who seem to be soul mates feel a very deep bond and limitless trust in themselves. Thinking and feeling are also the same. You understand each other without many words. Even eye contact can trigger an intense feeling of togetherness. Soul mates support each other in all situations. Age or attractiveness rarely play a role. It's more than just friendship. Soulmates go one step further. You have the same emotions and thoughts in different situations. We often hear from others "They're totally the same!"

The strong empathy for one another leads to the fact that soul partners really sometimes blindly understand each other. You ARE and DO ... automatically and as a matter of course! Soul mates are exotic for me, we are not lucky enough to stumble upon them all the time. It's something special to meet someone like that with whom we can build such a special relationship! Therefore it is important to recognize a soul mate.

How does it feel to stand in front of a soulmate?

When we are well connected with ourselves, our feeling of recognizing is a great help. One of the first feelings will also be to feel very comfortable as soon as you get to know each other. On one from the startTo be wavelength. The initial "sniffing" is no longer necessary, instead the connection is immediately positive and you love to be with this person!

Personally, I used to be a little embarrassed very quickly when I met someone. Until at some point I met a soul man. I wasn't embarrassed with him! I found the silliness in its purest form brilliant and just right. I myself could and was allowed to be ME. I didn't have to adjust to anything ... we were who we were and that felt real at.

For me it is still a phenomenon today to know how the other is doing, and it doesn't even need physical proximity! You just feel that it would be the right thing to do now to call the other person and ask how they are and whether everything is okay. It's the other way around. :-)To feel when your soul mate has something on your mind ... this is an indication of a special connection between two people!

We all don't just have good times to go through. This very often creates an uncomfortable emotional chaos that we do not want to convey to the outside world. The intimate relationship with a soul partner allows us to spread this emotional chaos quite openly, without fear and stomach ache. It won't just be joyand happiness shared, but also sadness, anger and frustration ... and in a soulful, honest way.

A soul mate enriches your life. It's such a close relationship that outsiders can hardly understand it. There is a mutual attraction that is overwhelming. You feel at home and at home. Sometimes space and time lose their meaning! :-)

Our soul knows exactly

When we meet such a person, our soul recognizes from a deep inner knowledge that a special connection can arise from it. A soul love in a couple relationship or a friendship is unconditional as a mutual connection. It is not tied to any expectations and neither does it need power games!

We change through our soul mate

Why should we keep our eyes and hearts open? ... Because a change will take place in us when we are in contact with such a person.

  • If we smile, it is an unmistakable sign of joy, a positive attitude and fun. We will always not succeed, our life is too strict for that. A soul mate may not change the world, but they will make us always Have reasons to smile He cheers us up and makes us think differently.
  • Problem solving always works better in pairs! If we have a soul person with us, we also get better at dealing with our problems. He will always have advice ready for difficulties. We can focus all our energy and concentration on the problem because we feel supported and thus act solution-oriented.
  • We experience more new things. You never get bored with a soul mate. Even if we have a lot in common, there is always something new to explore and discover. We make new experiences, get to know new things that we may not have been interested in before. You want to find out together what the other person likes to do and experience it together with them.
  • The other contacts suddenly become more personal. A soul mate makes us happy and we want to make others happy too. I have been able to determine for myself that I can attach a higher value to other contacts through my soul people. Trying to have a good relationship with others is encouraged.

Well I can only say that when we are connected to our inner strength and when past relationships are healed, we will recognize our soul mate. If YOU already have your soul man with you, be aware that you can move and achieve a lot together. The possession of spiritual and emotional powers is safe for you!

One day someone will hug you so tightly that all of the broken pieces of you will find their place again.

I wish you a nice and loving time ...

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