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Which lawnmower motors are there?

These are the best lawnmower motors

mowing machine depending on the type, driven by different motors. While the Battery and electric motorparticularly low-maintenance behaves and often "Chinese uniformity " is, are Gasoline engines more demanding in construction. Basically, these are engines 4-stroke engines. Well-known manufacturers are above all Briggs & Stratton and Honda.


The engines of ride-on mowers and lawn tractors are particularly large and powerful. In the following we will introduce you to which lawnmower motors are available. You can find out which ones Benefits these have and what they are suitable for. We hope to be able to help you with your decision to buy the right lawn mower.

Briggs & Stratton engines

Hand lawn mower motors

Use according to your own statement 8 out of 10 lawnmower brands one Briggs & Stratton engine. You stand out robustness, innovation, one easy handling & maintenance out. They are also used upright, which is why the motors take up 70% less space.

The type is so-called OHV engines ("Over Head Valve"). Here are the hanging valves above the combustion chamber, in the roof of the cylinder head. This arrangement provides a even suction performance and a faster, as more complete combustion. Because of this improved Combustion efficiency there is a higher compression and thus a higher performance. In addition, carbon deposits are avoided. Furthermore, the Oil consumptionwith OHV engines especially lowbecause the cylinder deformation is reduced by a good thermal balance.

Briggs & Stratton's OHV engines have one Displacement between 125 ("450 Series") and 223 ccm ("950 Series"). The Filling volume for the Fuel tank lies between 0.8 and 1.1 liters. Furthermore, that lies Gross torque, depending on the model, between 6.10 and 13.56 Newton meters.

Motors for ride-on mowers and lawn tractors

While Motors forHand lawn mower mostly with one 4-stroke engine be equipped Ride-on mower with a 1- or 2-stroke engine delivered. Briggs & Stratton currently offers in this category 11 models to select. All of them are of a proven quality. Anyone who has worked with a ride-on mower or lawn tractor for a long time knows that they can be very maintenance-sensitive. That can be quite expensive, which is why one high quality very important is.

Briggs & Stratton also relies on the one already mentioned for its large engines OHV technology. The smallest motor in this context is the "Intek 3"Which one Displacement of 344 cc and a Gross torque of 22.75 Newton meters having. The engine has one cylinder. The top model, "Series 8 professional", has a Displacement of 724 cc and a Gross torque of up to 47.48 Newton meters. This engine is absolutely top technology. He will be with one V-twin cylinder equipped (2 cylinders).

If you are looking for reliable motors for extreme loads in business, you should stop by Vanguard. Briggs & Stratton sells its best engines through this company.

Honda engines

Hand lawn mower motors

Also Honda represents very high quality engines here. In the field of hand lawn mowers, the OHV technology for use. The series GCV / GSV is used in lawnmowers for private purposes. There are 6 power levels with a performance between 4.2 and 5.7 hp. The Displacement depends on the model between 145 cc and 201 cc. Honda engines are characterized above all by one absolute smoothness, one low fuel consumption, one long life span and one low maintenance out. In addition, the models have a good ratio between power and displacement.

In addition to the well-known GCV / GSV engines, Honda also offers the so-called "Mini 4“Series on. The OHV concept is also used here. The series is particularly notable for her lightweight from why they are for hand-held devices of all kinds suitable. In the field of lawn care, it is primarily Hover mowermade by these engines benefit. They have to be light to maintain the levitation state. For air cushion mowers is the GXV57, which at a Weight of only 5 kg proud 2 hp, very suitable. The other motors in the Mini-4 series are compatible with the OHC technology equipped, which is more likely for brush cutters, Tillers and pump suitable.

The GXV engines put the Top models for lawn mowers represent. The GXV-160 is a whole special enginewhich in Professional hand lawn mowers is used. Be Displacement lies by 163 cc. The power amounts to 4.3 hp. The own weight amounts to 15.5 kg. In addition, despite its performance and durability, this engine complies with the world's strictest emissions regulations.

Motors for ride-on mowers and lawn tractors

For ride-on mowers and lawn tractors Honda also offers the professional GXV models at. Your performance is sufficient with that Top model GXV690 up to 22.4 hp. This is also about 4-stroke OHV engines. They are sent by E-start put into operation. The quality of these engines is characterized, among other things, by their Combustion efficiency, the high performance, one efficient cooling filter (less noises), one low fuel and oil consumption, as low emissions out.

In addition to these engines, Honda also offers the GC and GP series at. These guys are special suitable for scarifiers. More about Honda engines.

A good lawnmower engine has to be able to do that

  • The engine must start & crank easily. The second move at the latest is considered a quality feature.
  • He must have a high level of performance, which also fits the task. A powerful motor is required especially for wet and tall grass.
  • It should be as light as possible, as heavy as necessary. Especially with hand lawn mowers, a light weight has a positive effect on comfort.
  • It has to be durable and long-lasting. In the best case, it is very low-maintenance.
  • It must have a good filter to prevent airborne particles from entering the engine.
  • It should be as environmentally friendly as possible and equipped with a silencer.

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