Which word best describes Moench Laurence

I look down on you every day and you know what I ask myself every time?

Why do you mourn me so much, I'm here ... protect you!

I'm not really gone ... just to another, very beautiful place.

Don't cry so much for me anymore ... because you're breaking my little heart with it too.

I want you to be happy and laugh heartily, I want you to live and have joy in life!

I will always be in your hearts, and if you want, feel me

You are not alone!

My name was Chidera Naomi, but many people called me Chi Chi. My favorite games were memory, puzzles and the crazy labyrinth I found very funny. I was very creative, I loved tinkering and I painted very beautifully. I also loved playing Little Pet Shop, but my favorite was dancing and doing wonderful shows for mine I also had a lot of fun building huts and picnicking with my friends. My hair was always very important to me, either Mommy made me a nice hairstyle or I left my hair open with a flower in my hair. Oh yes, I always wore two different pairs of socks.

I was an absolute meat fan, I loved Däddy`s African semolina with soup. I didn't watch TV that much, but Mama Mia and Greg's diary were my favorite films. I always loved moving and everywhere I hit my bike, ride a bike, rollerblades and my hobbies were the most fun! I was also very economical, my piggy bank was always full. I was very afraid of arm iron and crawling animals. I didn't like them at all.

On April 15, 2014, a beautiful tree was planted by your classmates and teachers in the Widacher schoolhouse in memory of Chi Chi.

We did not inherit the earth from our parents

but borrowed from our children.

Tree of knowledge

In the middle of an African village stood an ancient tree, in the shade of which the villagers held their little chats, grandparents watched their grandchildren play and occasionally parties were celebrated.One day a wise old man made a pilgrimage through the village, sat down under them Tree and proclaimed that this ancient tree had magical abilities.

All you have to do to experience the magic of the tree is go home and think about the problems you are having, then package up your problems, bring them here, and hang them in this mighty tree. Then he will speak to you.

The villagers hurried to their houses, became aware of their worries and needs and then packed them carefully in small packages and larger packages. As soon as they were under the tree again, the old sage said:

The tree sets one condition: if you have given your package to the tree, you have to take another one with you. That is the price that the tree demands.

Most of the villagers hesitated for a moment and agreed to the condition, eagerly hanging their worry packages on one of the branches and taking another one with them, hurrying back to their houses and unpacking the package, but oh my dear, that what they were unpacking , was at least as uncomfortable as their own parcels and some even far worse than what they had given away. They quickly carried back the strange parcels and took back their own familiar troubles.

Most of them gave the tree a smile and thanked them!

Chi Chi`s Tree 2015, 2016, 2017,2018

A monk and a little girl were walking in the forest. They stopped in front of a tree and the girl asked: "Dear monk, tell me what color this tree is!" And the monk replied: "It has the color you see."

Mourning brings depth, joy brings height, sadness brings roots, joy brings branches, joy is like a tree that stretches towards the sky and sadness is like the roots that grow into the earth's interior.

Both are needed - the higher a tree grows, the deeper it will take root in the earth, thus maintaining balance.


December 12th, 2021 is World Remembrance Day for all deceased children

Share this Candle of Love if you miss someone in Heaven above.Gone, but never forgotten!

To have survived something is different from having forgotten something ...... Many things are survived in life, but not all of them are forgotten!

Poems by Chidera's classmates from the Widacher schoolhouse:

Chidera is smart, I know that. You see lots of candles and many hearts come to you. Roses are red, the sky is blue, whoever likes Chidera is smart!

Always a smile on your face, this is how this sad poem begins. You were so happy, I make sure of that. Always laughing, I won't forget that. But you had bad times now, I find it sad, and unfortunately you had to say goodbye. oh Chidera I miss you!

We miss you a lot more every day. The break area is so empty without you, that's why we say now, we miss you very much!

You left us, that's regrettable, that's why we are in mourning. You laughed like the sun and did a lot of things. Everyone knows something, you were also very clever. Chidera do it well and give us a lot of courage.

Why can't you be with us? You can't be dead, no! At least you died in your own home and got a tombstone for yourself.

Why did Chidera have to die so early, her life was so short here on earth! She is now gone, in a place unknown to me. Chidera is no longer in pain, we wish all of that very much!

I will not forget your beautiful face. Your smiling mouth made me healthy. That is why I wrote this beautiful poem for you.

When the roses cry in the night and our heart breaks with grief, we want to appear to you again and tell you: We love you !!

Children are souls who kiss the earth.

In the heart are not the people with whom we have talked or dealt with the most, but those who

who touched our souls and enchanted our hearts.

Everyone knows Valentine's Day and it is difficult to forget it, but February 15th is probably only those who are concerned have in mind ......

Children's Cancer Day

The sense of life......?? is life!!

Everyone laughs in the same language

Once upon a time there was a child

Once upon a time there was a child who was ready to be born. The child asked God: They are telling me that you will send me to earth tomorrow. But how am I supposed to live when I'm small and helpless?

God answered: From all the many angels I will choose one for you; your angel will wait for you and take care of you.

The child asked further: But say here in heaven I don't have to do anything except sing, laugh and be happy!

God said: Your angel will sing for you and laugh for you too, every day, and you will feel your angel's love and be very happy.

Again the child asked: And how will I be able to understand people when they speak to me and I don't know the language?

God said: Your angel will tell you the most beautiful and sweetest words that you will ever hear, and with a lot of calm and patience your angel will teach you to speak.

And what will I do if I want to talk to you?

God said: Your angel will put your hands together and teach you to pray.

But I will always be sad because I will never see you again.

God said: Your angel will talk to you about me and show you the way on which you can always come back to me, so that I will always be close to you.

At that moment there was a lot of peace in heaven, but voices could already be heard from the earth and the child quickly asked:

God, before I leave you now, please tell me my angel's name?

Your name doesn't matter; you will just call her MAMA.

The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out WHY.

Unique is a word that is used to describe something special:

a hug, a sunset, a person spreading love with a friendly smile or a gesture.

Unique, one describes people who are kind-hearted and never forget the feelings of others.

Unique, describes something that is admired and valuable and cannot be replaced.

Unique is the right word that best describes you.

Keep the Faith, no matter what!

In the next life

In the next life we ​​will meet again, we will swear love and understand why it doesn't work now, why it doesn't work better.

In the next life we ​​celebrate the purple rain and we force the time to stand still because it doesn't work now, because I better go now.

And in the meantime my soul will dance with you, and in the meantime I'll think of you as much as I can think.

Not a day will go by without saying your name again; not a day will go by without you.

Star child Chidera

God went about his daily work sending new children into the world; an angel helped him choose, and God carefully selected which children would go with which parents.

I send this very lively boy to the family that does not have much patience. Both will learn to find peace for each other in these lives, even if it is not always easy.

He selected a few more children for the right parents, but then it was probably our turn:

And this family has this star child.

The angel said in amazement:

But dear God, why is this family so happy and such good people!

Yes they are, but that's exactly why they get this blessed girl.

They love children more than anything and they will also love this child in their hearts. It is precisely these people who can love a child infinitely into the world beyond!

That's why I chose her.

But what if they despair, will they even be able to cope with this?

I will give you the strength and confidence you need. You will be very desperate and cry a lot at first, but you will learn that things in life cannot be influenced and that some things in their life are not yet understandable. You will accept and live with it.

On the contrary, you will feel what a gift is for your existing children or those who are to come. You will very consciously enjoy every day with your children and fill every minute of life with happiness and love.

But dear God, what if they lose their faith in you in this need?

Maybe they will be angry with me, maybe for a while they will even hate me for it, but in time they will strengthen their faith.

But what then?

You will notice that I did not take your child away from you, you will sense and feel your child. You will get a little insight into the spiritual world and will be very closely connected to it because you have someone there, because you love so much!

You will know that your child is still with you and protects you particularly well, you will receive small tokens for this and one day you will receive a special gift!

The angel asked very curiously:

Dear God, what gift?

When it is time for the parents and I to bring them to my home, their star child will be the first thing they see. They will then have all the time in the world together to make up for it and enjoy it without stress, without illness, without obligations .

Then there will only be the parents and the star child and they will be happier than ever before.

While other deceased parents who do not have star children have to wait a long time before they can hug their children.

And at some point the siblings will follow and then the family will be united forever!

Yes, this is a wonderful gift, the family is very suitable for Chidera.

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

Fate is the director of our life; you decide whether you play an extra or lead role.

I heard the story once

that says there are people

which were originally stars in the sky

who came down to us

to enlighten us.

And when you die you go back to heaven

and continue to shine on us from there.

I don't know if this story is true, but if

then you are Chi Chi one of those stars.

You have illuminated us all with your charisma,

shone in all of our hearts.

You were like the rising sun in the morning and like the shining star in the evening. You made us all laugh many times and only now cry once.

We are sad,

because we would have liked to spend more time with you.

But we are also happy

for the time we were allowed to spend with you.

We are glad,

To have met you,

and that for a while you were our star that shone for us.

We just want to be a little like you

and pass on a small part of it again

so that each of us can give a little something to another person,

what you gave us.

A little bit of your confidence

that it goes on.

A little piece of your happiness

so we don't feel so sad.

A little piece of your love to be there for each other.

A little piece of your courage and a little piece of your strength to face this fight.

But we don't have to be really sad because you left all of this to us.

We don't really have to say goodbye because you are always with us.

In the morning when the sun rises and in the evening when the stars shine!

Claudia Schiff

Be patient when you sit in the dark, the sunrise is coming.


The route is the goal

How many times am I born again -

did I reconnect with you?

For how many times lost you again -

has death found us again?

We walked a little bit together.

Who can say forward or back?

But maybe only the next thing is important.

The direction, on the other hand, remains eternally fleeting.

How many times did I wake up again

maybe just from a dreamed night?

And how often have I closed my eyes

just to move on - undaunted.

The little prince, who accompanied the poet Saint-Exupery many years ago, came back years later, this time landing on the edge of a park.

Directly in front of a house in which a child was sitting at the open window and looking out, he got out of his spaceship, which looked like a huge, colorfully shimmering soap bubble.

Hello little girl, he called. Do you see that I am a girl? She said, not everyone recognizes that because I have no more hair.

Oh, said the ever-little prince, I don't know my way around that much, I'm not of this world after all; I come from very far, do the girls here have to have hair?

I once had a lot of hair, long hair; said the girl, but I'm very sick, now I don't have any.

With one swing the little prince hopped through the open window and sat down next to the girl.

I like to sit here and look out, said the girl. I can't play with the children, I'm too weak.

I like to watch too, said the prince.

They watched the lively hustle and bustle of the children in the playground; they watched the mothers and fathers who watch their children play; they watched the old woman who was sitting on the bench reading a book; they watched the man who was in a hurry Park crossed.

So they sat next to each other, the prince and the girl, and looked in silence into the park.

You, said the girl; yes, said the prince.

Do you think children become angels when they die?

Angel said the prince tell me about angels ...

Angels can fly: they can be here and suddenly somewhere else; They are gentle, they comfort, they protect. Sometimes you can see them, but they can also be invisible, the girl explained.

I know these beings, said the prince.

Do children become angels when they die? Asked the girl?

The prince's gaze wandered over the people in the park. Who else? He asked, who else should become an angel, if not a child, such a delicate creature!

But look, said the girl, that little boy back there, he's always quarreling, every day; can you imagine that he could become an angel?

A little villain angel said the prince. The girl laughed loudly.

And there that could be the angel who doesn't want to hear. They both laughed.

They still recognized the stubborn angel, the screeching angel, the raging angel, the shy angel, the mischievous angel, the cuddly angel and the angel who always stood apart.

They laughed and laughed, had a lot of fun together and forgot the time.

What kind of angel will I be, what do you think? Asked the girl, amidst the laughter.

The funny angel with the very special smile, said the prince.

They looked in the park.

Now I have to go on again, said the ever-little prince, I'm a little sad, he added.

Why are you sad? asked the girl.

Because you are such a special being, he replied. With a laugh that touches my heart. If you are no longer here, there will be one less very precious, funny child in this world. You will be missing. That makes me sad.

There will be one more angel for that, the girl whispered to the prince.

Yes, said the prince, that is a great enrichment for the world of angels!

They were looking out into the park. It was getting late. The sun was low between the treetops. The children had gone home. The park benches were deserted.

Today was a very special day, said the prince, I learned a lot about children and about angels; and a human child laughed deeply into my heart.

Don't forget me! The girl called after him.

How could I, the prince called back, and when at some point such a wonderful laugh echoes through the vast universe, then I know that you are there.

How could I forget you, angel!

Once upon a time there was a very, very old soul who had lived very, very many human lives on earth and whose existence as a soul was now almost at an end, yes, soon it would merge with eternity and become a part of it.

For the moment the soul sat in the void between its last human life and its future merger and felt a little lonely. Her best friends were up and away, the old soul could see them down on earth, how each of them filled a person with zeal, curiosity and astonishment and the most varied of emotions.

I want to go there, said the old soul. I still have a fair amount of joy left. I want to go there and give it to them.

But the time you have before the merger is so short, the Guardian warned. Of course you can give them joy, but if you stay with them for such a short time, you will also give them a great sadness when you leave them again.

I know, said the old soul. But I still want it. I want to give them so much joy that afterwards it will help them through the grief.

Then it should be what you want it to be, said the guard, and sent the very, very old soul off.

As a result, a man and a woman on earth had a child they had wanted for a very long time. It was a dearest child who gave them joy from the day it was born, that unclouded joy that people feel when their souls meet each other and recognize each other full of delight from eternity.
But don't you have very little time? The soul of the mother whispered to the old soul in the little girl.

The time is short, but the joy is great, answered the very old soul.
And although the mother did not hear this conversation, the whisper aroused a foreboding restlessness in her, a touch of the knowledge that we have nothing on earth, one neither of the other nor even of ourselves. Everything will eventually be taken from us, everything we do carry with us, all the loved ones around us, ultimately our lives and our bodies.

But the girl grew up, and the joy she gave was so great that the mother forgot these thoughts. And the father was happy too. Yes, the old soul was allowed to spend her last time exactly as she had wished.

But time was short, short even on a human scale, and the moment came when the merger would take place. The very, very old soul received a call to show up for the ceremony immediately and had to obey.

To people it looked as if a sudden death had overtaken the girl. Her grief was immense, just as the guard had predicted. But since all memories of their child were nothing but joy, they could endure their grief, just as the very old soul had predicted.

And where in the past the very, very old souls were simply allowed to sit their last bit of time in the void, from now on the custom has become established in eternity that the old souls are sent to the people who needed them in order to to give them their last great joy. Joy gives people the strength to endure the subsequent sadness, the inevitable sadness and gradually transform it into something good ...

The good advice of death

Death appeared to a young woman in her dream and said. Don't be too scared because this is only a dream, even if I will tell you the truth! After she had overcome her horror, her curiosity won out, and she asked Death: What are you doing here?

Your life, he said. Unfortunately, I have to take it from you sooner than you would like. Because I know that you like to live very much!

The woman was frightened again, this time even more deeply. But why? She asked, near tears. I'm still so young!

Age doesn't matter to me, explains Death. Yesterday I had to pick up a two year old boy. And some people live to be a hundred years old without getting to know me. That's how it is.

But why? the young woman asked desperately again. Is it my fault? Am I being punished for my mistakes, why?

Because it is so, replied Death. There is no reason. You have done nothing wrong. And why are you telling me that So that you can prepare for it. If you will remember that dream. If you want to remember. So from now on live as if every day was your last. Which, by the way, should be done anyway.

The next morning the woman woke up and remembered a dream in which death had spoken to her. But no matter how hard she tried, she could no longer remember the content of the conversation. The only thing she could remember was one piece of advice death had given her:

To live like every day is the last. The young woman found this to be very good advice and tried every day anew not to waste an hour of her valuable life with meaningless occupations, futile efforts or stupid arguments and to fill her days with what was really important to her and what loved her soul.

Her life was long and full. It was written on her tombstone that hardly anyone had loved life as much as she did - and that this was probably why she was one hundred years old!

Hans Kruppa