What skin tone is ivory for men?

So that you can choose a hair color that suits you as well as possible, it is first important to understand exactly what skin tone you have and which undertones play a role in you. Are you more of the warm "summer type" or the cool "winter type"?

Question after question, but here's a quick and easy way to find out:

Determine the skin tone step by step

Those who know their own undertones in their skin also find it easier to find the perfect hair color for themselves, Credit: Beauty Report

  1. Look for different tones of your skin: The cooler winter type has pink and olive undertones, while the warmer summer type has yellow and gold (slightly orange) undertones. If you can discover a combination of both variants in yourself, you probably have a neutral overall tint.
  2. Check your wrist and your eyes: On the inside of your wrist you will see the colors pink, red, blue, green, yellow and other mixed forms. If the veins in particular are more bluish or purple in color, you are probably more of the cool type. On the other hand, if they're more greenish, you're probably the warm type.
    Your eyes also provide information about your type. If you have a lot of golden speckles in your eyes, you are probably the warm type. If, on the other hand, blue and green tones mix here, this can indicate a cool type.
  3. Find your beauty twin: For example, if you fancy a particular hair color, check it out on a celebrity who has hair and eyes similar to yours. This will give you a good idea of ​​what the clay will look like on you in the end.
  4. Choose a hair color that is the opposite of your undertone: Our type often comes off best when we choose a hair color that is the opposite of our skin tone. So if you are the warm type, cool hair colors will probably look good on you, and the other way around if you have a cool skin tone.
Neutral skin tone? You happy! All hair colors suit you!

Hair colors in the type check

Cool blonde

Variants: Platinum, Ice, Silver, Ash, Sand, Beige, Champagne

Who it suits: A cool blonde mostly suits women with a light, almost porcelain-like complexion. It also works well if you have a red undertone, as the cool hair color neutralizes red dyes. Even if you have blue or gray-blue eyes, the chances are good that a cool blonde will suit you.

Anyone who bleaches their hair so heavily has to take care of it at home afterwards. Read the articles by my colleague Kyra about silver shampoo and hair conditioner.

Warm blonde

Variants: Gold, caramel, amber, honey, copper

Who it suits: If you have fair skin and cool undertones, such as olive, warm blonde tones look particularly good on you. Cool blondes, on the other hand, would wash out your type. Also, if you have darker skin and are looking for a suitable shade of blonde, warm blonde shades, such as a caramel shade, are probably best for you.

Cool red

Variants: Deep red, maroon, burgundy

Who it suits: Anyone who is pale and has a red undertone should actually think about red hair - no joke. A cool red can give you a healthy glow. A strong but cool shade of red also works well with warm peach tones in the skin. If you have an olive undertone, on the other hand, you should refrain from red tones, as these can make your skin look almost green.

Warm red

Variants: Strawberry blond, copper, amber, rust red

Who it suits: Strawberry Blond, i.e. a reddish blonde or a lighter, warm red, looks particularly good with pale skin and cool undertones and forms the perfect, warm contrast.

Cool brown

Variants: Dark chocolate brown, chestnut, dark maroon, mocha

Who it suits: Brown tones suit almost everyone, so it is more difficult to be completely wrong here. Nevertheless, a cooler brown comes into its own, especially with warm skin tones. It helps to make a yellow undertone appear softer and a cool brown has a great, soft effect even on deep brown skin.

Warm brown

Variants: Caramel, honey, golden brown, amber, mahogany, cinnamon

Who it suits: For medium-dark skin with an olive undertone, a warm brown shade is just what you need. You can also have your hair colored in different, warm brown tones and thus create an even greater play of colors.

Cool dark brown

Variants: Black-brown, espresso, blue-black, liquorice

Who it suits: While a cool dark brown (almost black) can look very extreme on a cool skin tone, those with warm undertones are much better off. This creates a dramatic porcelain effect even on warm skin tones.

Warm dark brown

variants: Dark mocha, brown-black

Who it suits: A warm dark brown brings a cool skin to shine. So if you are a pale winter type and want really dark hair, you should go for a warm variant.

Pastel colors

Variants: Pink, turquoise, blue, lilac, mint and everything else you can imagine

Who it suits: Are you bored of blonde, red and brown? Then you can easily rely on any pastel color of your choice. In principle, there is only one thing to consider here: If you have dark skin, your hair color should not be too light, otherwise the look can appear washed out. Put here (despite pastel) on slightly more intense variants. A turquoise will probably look better on you than a candy floss pink. As a pale type, on the other hand, light pinks are exactly what probably looks best on you.


With the short checklist it is easy to determine your own skin tone and thus the right hair color. But as with our article on which hairstyle fits which face shape, we find a similar conclusion on the topic: Do you!

Because in the end it just depends on YOU feeling good. So if that means that you have your hair dyed a warm brown even though you have a warm undertone in your skin because you feel like doing it, then just do it!

These rules can help, but they can also be broken. Life is too short not to wear the hair color you want to wear!