Who is better, egali or inner house

by Leonora Christina Skov

Seven people who have never met each other are invited to work on an island for a variety of reasons. As it turns out: on a lonely island. In a house made of glass. But why do you? And who is the one who gave you the invitation anonymously? Who will have a house built especially for you? And why? Strange and inexplicable things happen on the island during their stay. After all, there are no dead. At least not yet ...

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The implementation couldn't blow me away

Robin Lee is a journalist and currently lives in Ethiopia. One day an elderly man shows up and hands her a letter reminding her of the events that took place on the island of Stormo a year ago.
What happened on the island back then?

I immediately liked the cover a lot. The title that looks like it is made of glass and breaks. Suitable and just great.
After getting to know Robin Lee in the present, you immediately set a year ...

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Crime thriller
416 pages
January 2018
Publishing company:
Nora Pröfrock
Own rating: none
Average: 2.8 (2 Ratings)

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