How to check the CPU-Z benchmark

sp00n / corecycler

-------------- - CORECYCLER - -------------- WHAT? ----- A stability test script for PBO & Curve Optimizer stability testing on AMD Ryzen processors. It probably also works on Intel, but I haven't tested that. HOW? ---- Double click the "Run CoreCycler.bat" file. DANGER! ------- I do not take any responsibility if you damage your computer using this script! Temperatures with Prime95 can become very high, especially if the cooling solution is suboptimal. And although Ryzen should automatically shut down if the temperature becomes too high, it's really not advisable to let it come to this and you should try to stay below 90 ° C. Also, PBO technically voids the warranty of your CPU, so use it at your own risk! INCLUDED SOFTWARE ----------------- The script itself is a PowerShell script, but it uses the included Prime95 version 30.5b2 to actually do the stress testing. You can also move your own copy of Prime95 into the / test_programs / p95 directory if you want to be on the safe side (good choice!). To download Prime95, go to the official site at (however, the 30.5 version used here is at the time of writing only available through their forum). Beginning with version 0.8 it also supports Aida64 and Y-Cruncher, however it does NOT include Aida64 by default. You need to download the >>> Portable Engineer <<< version yourself and extract into the / test_programs / aida64 folder. It has to be the Portable Engineer version, because the regular "Extreme" edition doesn't support starting the stress test from the command line. To download Aida64 Portable Engineer, go here: You can use the trial version for up to 30 days, which should give you enough time to find your stable setting for PBO. Y-Cruncher is included, and can be downloaded here: