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Homestuck: characters, names, photos,

E i t worth mentioning, as the characters are divided into different types. The first group includes children, more precisely adolescents aged 13 and over. There are also trolls, so live


It is worth noting that the characters in the game are divided into several types. The first group includes children, more precisely adolescents aged 13 and over. There are also trolls, they live in another dimension, their planet is called Altemia. The prototypes of these creatures were internet trolls. There are also sprites and others. Each of the characters has their own personality and quirks.

History at a glance

This is a story about a boy and his friends and the game they play. On his 13th birthday, John Egbert starts playing the video game Sburb, which causes an apocalypse. Fortunately, if they can win the game, he and his friends can fix anything. You need luck, teamwork and cunning to master this adventure.

In more detail

It all started on April 13th, 2009. On this day the main character John Egbert had his birthday, he was 13 years old. He should have received the game or the beta version in the mail three days ago. But for some reason it was delayed. John got it for his birthday as well as a present from his internet friend Dave Strider. He decided to play a game with his girlfriend Rose Lalonde. It turns out that Rose can use the in-game cursor to control real-world things in John's room and change the shape of the room. But John can't do the same with Rose's room: he has a copy of the client, he needs it from the server. The correct copy is hidden in his father's car, as well as a birthday present from his friend Jade Harley.


You are a ball of light. Released when a player opens the main press for the first time. When hatching, you get a ghostly shape with a tail. These are instructions for the player but they cannot follow through the 7 goals until the player gives them such an opportunity. Sprites know everything about the game and the player's quest. After entering the medium, they are divided into two parts: the core and the sprite. The core is also divided into two parts.

John and Rose

When we talk about the Homestuck characters, John is the first. His last name is Egbert, he's the leader of the group, pretty loyal. Loves bad movies and doesn't like the Betty Crocker brand. In Washington he lives in reality, in the game he lives in the land of light and shadow. Loves to scare friends, check out the Ghostbusters program.

Hates peanuts and baked goods. Loves video games but can't understand this game right away. He doesn't understand their orders and rules. He soon found out how punch cards can be encrypted. He was tricked into battle long before he was ready. As a result, an alternate timeline appeared in which he was killed. Due to the fact that he died, he was unable to send Jade to the medium and therefore no one knows what happened to her as yet.

Rose reads occult books, is interested in psychoanalysis. Everything is planned and organized. She studies magic, loves to knit and often uses her knitting needles as a weapon.

She writes perfectly competently, especially loves long words. Lives on the planet Land of Light and Rain, actually in New York. He doesn't like giving his personal belongings to someone and sharing them with someone. Believes that everyone else is insincere and treats others with cynicism. Helped John through the game. Near the mausoleum of her late cat, she discovered a secret passage that leads to the laboratory.

Dave Strider and Jade Harley

Dave is an ironic boy, very cynical, loves bad video games and junk food. He always wears flying glasses, loves katana.

He wants to get really cool and he keeps mocking everyone. His mentor Bro is also his genetic father who abused the boy both emotionally and physically.

Dave thought the game was bullshit. But then he took a copy of the game and became a time knight who can travel through time.

Jade is independent. Actually lives on an island and has a dog named Becquerel. In dreams she can see her future, which is why she started playing this video game.

He wears round glasses and a t-shirt with a changing pattern. Has the title Witch of Space. When he writes, he keeps adding emoticons. Your planet is the land of frost and frogs. Loves gardening, loves nuclear physics. She hates mummies, doesn't like her dreams, in the game she got carried away by alchemy.

She has a lot of quirks - she can fall asleep for no reason and for no reason and then wake up and remember nothing about what fell asleep. He shoots well, despite being a pacifist by nature. Has excellent knowledge of the game world.

Aradia Megido

There are psychics among the trolls in Homestuck, and Aradia is one of them. She loves archeology but keeps losing interest in what she likes. Can hear the voices of the dead too.

Obsessed with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčinevitability, Aradia does something just because she knows it will happen. I firmly believe that there is no need to be sad and I think everything will be fine.

Karkat Vantas

The actual leader of the trolls speaks loudly, is constantly rude, has an heightened sense of justice. Heroes in Homestuck have zodiac signs, Karkat has cancer. The horns are rounded rather than pointed. Vantas is constantly insulting others and seldom smiles.

May hit the keyboard with fists or be angry when talking to someone and not be particularly patient when explaining. However, he does care about the well-being of his friends.

Sollux Captor

Double personality and programmer. His sign is Gemini. Introverted, reluctant to talk to Kanaya. It is believed that he has bipolar disorder. Self-deprecating. Think he's not good enough as a hacker. Doesn't like children, but Aradia convinces him to overcome this hostility. Communicates normally with Rose and Dave and has an almost friendly relationship with them.

Eridan Ampora

All Homestuck characters are divided into types, and the trolls have sea dynasties, Eridan is among the ruling ones. An aristocrat with a great complex of superiority. All the while he tries to master the device for the end of the world.

His sign is Aquarius, horns are wavy. Loves stories of conquerors and military history. Kanaya thinks he's arrogant. Eridan also likes wizards and sorceresses, although he is convinced that there is no such thing as magic. Hate all earthly races and creatures. Has a heightened theatrical craving, cannot turn any of his actions into a performance.

Some trolls

Tavros Nitram - loves history, fantasy, can communicate with animals. Uses a wheelchair after an accident.

Nepeta Leijon - lives in a cave, she likes the furry subculture based on anthropomorphic animals.

Kanaya Maryam - loves fashion very much, she has many outfits, but mostly wears a black t-shirt over a gray turtleneck, black ballerinas and a long red skirt. Constantly takes a maternal role in relation to other people and non-people as well.

Terezi Pirope is a blind girl, she can perceive the world through taste and smell. An excellent role-player with a keen sense of justice.

Vriska Serket is able to control the minds of other trolls.

Equius Zahhak is a robotics expert.

Gamzee Makara is a deadly moody troll.

Feferi Peixes is a sea creature.


When we talk about the characters of Homestuck and their names, we cannot ignore the cherubim. They are aliens. When they hatch, they look like a green snake. Cherubim have two personalities. That is, two people can be in one body at the same time. Adults become humanoids with forked tongues. After reaching maturity, one person defeats the other.

The game has Angel Caliborn, Calliope, Lord English.

Caliborn lives in the same body as Calliope. The zodiac sign Ophiuchus is rude and quick-tempered. He is the master of time. He spent most of his life in the same room with his other half, Calliope. After killing them, he gained complete control of their common body. He started developing early, but his feelings are immature.

Cherubim have wings, mostly white. When the cherub is evil, the wings are black.

After Caliborn left the medium, he began to explore this world. He met Gamzi Makara for the first time.

Kaliope is the muse of space. Has a wand that can turn into a pistol, that's her weapon.

Lord English is Caliborn, but in the future. He has claws and a billiard cue instead of a leg.

Other creatures

The white ruler is both the king and the general who lead the troops into battle. Became the keeper of the regulations after entering the time capsule.

A merciless bureaucrat and then exiled to Alternia where he formed a gang, the Diamonds Bandit is tall and wears a hat and a suit and tie. Heated, inconsiderate, but very professional. Has a good knowledge of firearms.

You can't talk about the Homestuck characters and their names and not mention the fugitive nomad, her alternative name is the White Queen. She looks kind, considerate, and patient, and loves to focus on free will.

The Black Queen has a ring that changes her appearance, performs the duties of an administrator, and her partner is the Black Ruler, who, like the White Ruler, leads the army.

The royal idiot joined the band of Diamonds bandits and was named Crest Deuce. He's actually an agent for Derse. Usually the proud beggar follows.

Aspects of

When homestuck characters are mentioned, you need to cover all aspects. This is an element that is assigned to each player. The aspect not only determines the role of the player himself, but also his strength. Every player has a title, one aspect forms the second part of this title. The first part of the title is the class. There are 12 aspects in total. Each is some kind of generalized element.

  1. The first aspect is time. It is given to people who like different events and hobbies. Dave became the hero of the time.
  2. Space is for people who love creation, who calculate and are very meticulous, who like to make plans. The hero is Kaliopa.
  3. Emptiness is given to people who create something, want to discover something, are eccentric.
  4. When we talk about aspects of homestuck, the fourth light is related to happiness. It is picked up by happy people who attract attention. The hero of the light is Rose Lalonde.
  5. The next aspect is reason. Think about the consequences given to rational persons who reason and apply logically. Hero - Terezi Pyrope.
  6. The heart is given to those who use self-knowledge, intuition and emotion. Dirk Strider is one of the heroes.
  7. Anger - report to people who get angry at every opportunity, get their point across, dislike lies, are constantly angry, and defend their ideals. The hero is Gamzi Makara.
  8. Hope is for those who dream, build castles in the air, or pass fictional events or facts as real. Eridan is the hero of hope, the only one who has awakened such powers.
  9. When we talk about the characters of Homestuck, it's very interesting that another aspect is rock, associations with it: fatalists, death, pessimism, a difficult future, suffering. The hero is Sollux Captor.
  10. Life - for those who care for someone or use a first aid kit, becomes a healer.
  11. Blood is for those who love kind company, use words instead of guns, and show sympathy. The hero is Karkat Vantas.
  12. The last aspect is breathing, it is for animated personalities, a little scattered, loving freedom and flying, heroes who direct or lead everyone. The most famous breath hero is John Egbert.

Character creation

The main thing is the icon. When a constellation is shown, a symbol is needed to denote that constellation and not an animal or creature. For example, if a troll has the sign Aries, there should be a sign of the constellation Aries and not a symbolic lamb or a drawing of a constellation. In Homestuck, character creation is pretty straightforward, but the troll must have both a first and last name. The name should have 6 letters and not look human. Age is taken into account in revolutions of the sun, with one revolution corresponding to more than 2 years on earth. The trolls have 2 marine races and 10 terrestrial. Blood has 12 colors, there is a hematospectus - a system that determines the status of a troll. For example, if the color is yellow, then the troll is from the lower caste. Purple is the name for the royal dynasty. Gender determination only begins after 5 revolutions.

Players have skills that belong to a range of god levels. Also, the troll must have a lusus.This is such an animal creature, guardian and mentor. Every troll has a seal, has to do something, has madness, horns whose tips are different.