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Deep sea lagiacrus

Deep sea lagiacrus

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Deep sea lagiacrus is a Leviathan that was introduced in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.


The skin of the deep-sea Lagiacrus is shrouded in a shiny black and, in contrast to the two other Lagiacrus species, is bioluminescent. The body is covered with vivid blue points of light created by the spikes that produce electricity. The eyes are shrouded in a distinctive red that seem to glow in the deep dark water, and the inside of the mouth is shrouded in a vivid electric blue. The horns and spines on the head and upper neck are longer and more prominent than those of the other species of Lagiacrus.


Deep-sea Lagiacrus is apparently always in a fully charged state, as all the spines on the body shine continuously. The deep sea lagiacrus can trigger underwater whirlpools to confuse hunters.


Deep-sea lagiacrus, as the name suggests, only lives in extremely deep and remote areas of the ocean. Unlike the other two species of Lagiacrus, this rare species has never been seen on land.

Way of life

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Surname chance
Deep sea Lagiacrus hard horn Head: 72%, shock: 12%
Deep Sea Lagiacrus Dynamo Head: 8%, body: 4%, foot: 9%, shock: 5%, tail: 3%
Deep Sea Lagiacrus Shard Head: 46%, body: 54%, tail: 13%
Deep sea lagiacrus bellows Head: 30%, body: 70%
Deep sea Lagiacrus deep sea shocker Body: 5%, shock: 58%
Lagiacrus Claw Foot: 60%
Lagiacrus flail Tail: 40%


  • The electric discharge attacks of the deep-sea Lagiacrus are much stronger than those of the Lagiacrus and the Ivory Lagiacrus, the attacks also have a greater range.
  • The best earplugs are needed to block the roar.
  • Deep-sea lagiacrus can be gutted five times. The tail can be gutted twice.
  • Since traps cannot be used underwater, the deep-sea lagiacrus cannot be caught.
  • The head is so well armored that even weapons with purple sharpness ricochet off there.
  • When deep-sea Lagiacrus has little stamina, he cannot use the electric blast attack.
  • Deep Sea Lagiacrus can only restore stamina by getting angry.
  • When deep-sea lagiacrus gets angry, the body glows brighter and bright blue bubbles emerge from its mouth.
  • Deep Sea Lagiacrus can create three underwater tornadoes that cause damage and steal oxygen from the hunter. The tornadoes disappear after a few minutes or immediately after a collision with a hunter.
  • During the fight against the deep-sea Lagiacrus, the tower battle music plays.
  • The dragon spear in the underwater ruin can be used to do a lot of damage.
  • There is a glitch that makes it very easy for hunters, especially archers or crossbowmen, to hunt down the deep-sea lagiacrus.
  • The regular deep-sea Lagiacrus quest is unlocked at hunter rank 70, but an event quest can already be downloaded from hunter rank 8.