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Gel insoles test: the 10 best gel insoles in comparison 2021

What is a gel insert?

A gel insert is a removable insert for shoes that absorbs shocks when walking and running and thus protects the ankle joints, the knee joints as well as tendons and ligaments. To do this, they use the shock-absorbing properties of silicone gel. Depending on the version, the entire sole consists of silicone gel or gel pads are incorporated into the soles at critical points such as the heels.

Raised areas under the arch of the foot provide additional support for the feet. High-quality gel inserts such as our test winner reliably cushion shocks and, thanks to a simultaneous reflex zone massage, ensure painless feet, even if you are on your feet all day. Thanks to the ergonomically shaped insoles, a missing footbed in the shoes can be compensated for and replaced.

For whom are gel insoles useful?

Gel inserts are useful for everyone who hardly has an opportunity to relieve their feet and legs during the day. Insoles with gel pads cushion every step, whether at work, in leisure time while hiking or doing sports. They can help prevent sore feet and knees or back problems.

We can therefore only recommend that you always use gel inserts so that problems do not arise in the first place. At the very least, you should wear good foot orthoses when standing or walking at work and when exercising.

How did our gel insole test come about?

For our test, we took a close look at 9 different gel inserts and a pair of so-called gel cushions and compared them with one another on the basis of various criteria. The most important comparison criteria for our test were the price, the comfort of the insoles and the ratings and reviews given by the buyers.


As with practically all products, the price that manufacturers and retailers charge for the gel inserts is an important criterion for our comparison test. Our test has shown that the price, at least for most insoles, reflects the quality of the product. However, we have also found that a high price is not always a sign of a high-quality product.


We also attached great importance to the comfort of the gel inserts in our comparison test. After all, the insoles are worn all day long at work, in leisure time or during sports. At this point in particular, the wheat is separated from the chaff in our comparison test.

Customer ratings

The customer ratings provided by buyers and users are carefully analyzed by us for each individual product and play an important role in the overall rating. By analyzing the customer ratings, we obtain important information about the suitability for everyday use and the effect of the gel insoles we compared.

This information cannot be obtained in a standardized comparison test, as the insoles are never used as intensively in a verifying test as they are in everyday life.

Why many gel insoles are ineffective

As with many other tests, our insole test has once again confirmed that various manufacturers save on material in order to maximize profit. The quality of the processed materials and the processing itself, however, play an important role in function and comfort, especially with gel insoles.

Inferior gels do not offer sufficient cushioning, so that the insoles have practically no effect. On the contrary, different insoles can additionally aggravate the symptoms that they are actually supposed to alleviate.

Why shouldn't you do without gel inserts?

Unfortunately, many men and women who are on their feet all day only buy gel insoles when their feet and joints are already sore. If you stand all day at work or walk a lot, you can prevent painful feet and joints with insoles with gel pads in the heel area and support for the arch of the foot.

The padding cushions the unavoidable shocks when stepping on, so that the joints are protected. In general, it is therefore advisable to wear gel inserts in everyday life, in leisure time or even during sports in order to avoid damage, overload and thus pain in the feet, joints, ligaments and tendons.

With good gel-padded insoles such as our test winner, the Relaxed Feet gel insoles, you can also avoid back problems, which are often caused by overstressed feet.

What alternatives to gel insoles are there?

There is no real alternative to gel insoles. However, there is the possibility to relax and strengthen your feet, ligaments and joints after a long day at work with targeted foot gymnastics and by walking barefoot. However, this is not a full replacement for good insoles with gel pads.

Foot exercise

Foot exercises - done correctly - can help keep feet healthy and pain-free. With specific gymnastics for the feet, you can strengthen the muscles, tendons and ligaments so that they can better cope with the stresses of everyday life. We recommend regular foot exercises as a supplement to gel insoles that support your feet throughout the day. In the evening, foot exercises ensure relaxation and additional well-being.

To run barefoot

Orthopedic surgeons recommend walking barefoot as often as possible. Unfortunately, this is not possible everywhere. When they walk barefoot, their toes and entire foot have to work harder than when they are protected and supported in shoes. The additional work strengthens your feet and the calf muscles, which are important for walking, become more efficient.

In order not to put excessive strain on your feet when walking barefoot, you should only walk without shoes on a soft surface - for example sand, a thick carpet or on the lawn. Just give it a try.

Where should you buy gel insoles?

You can get insoles with gel pads in shoe stores, pharmacies, n drugstores such as dm or Rossmann, in numerous online shops and on Amazon. In our experience, there is only a small selection in pharmacies and shoe stores and the prices are often excessive. We recommend buying insoles with gel pads in an online shop or, even better, from Amazon.

Here you have a really large selection and the prices are usually much cheaper than at other dealers. In addition, the order is quick and secure. Last but not least, the customer service here is unsurpassed. If, for whatever reason, you do not like the gel inserts you have ordered, you can simply send them back and you will be reimbursed the purchase price immediately.

Which price is justified?

Our large comparison test has shown that it is worthwhile to dig a little deeper for your own health and buy a high-quality pair of insoles with gel cushioning. At first glance, cheap insoles often turn out to be an expensive purchase in retrospect. We consider a price of around 15 to 20 euros for a couple of good gel inserts to be justified.

Gel insoles application

The application is very simple. The insoles are simply inserted into the shoes. If the insole size does not fit perfectly, you can easily cut good gel insoles like our test winner to exactly fit your shoe size.

Once inserted, you no longer need to think about the insoles, but can enjoy the pleasant feeling of pain-free joints and feet every day. We recommend washing the gel inserts once a week and every two to three days in the warm season. This way, the insoles stay hygienically clean for a long time.

Can side effects occur?

With good gel insoles, there are no side effects to fear. However, heel pads that are too high, too much arch support or a poor fit can exacerbate foot and joint pain. If the insoles are too small for your feet, the edges in the area of ​​the heel and ball of the foot can press uncomfortably on the soles of the feet when walking and standing.

frequently asked Questions

While researching product information and evaluating customer ratings, we came across various questions that buyers and prospective buyers ask again and again. We have compiled the five most frequently asked questions for you along with the best answers in the following sections.

Gel inserts rating

With good, padded gel insoles, you can protect your feet and joints from overload. Our test has shown that almost all of the insoles tested have their advantages and disadvantages. When buying, make sure that the insoles are of high quality and offer optimal cushioning properties.

Insoles that offer an additional reflex zone massage that relaxes and ensures well-being throughout the day are perfect. You will find all the positive properties for your health combined in our test winner Relaxed Feet. Because of the very good cushioning properties and high-quality workmanship as well as the additional reflex zone massage, the Relaxed Feet insoles were clearly the winners in our gel insole test.

If you want to do something good for your feet, knees and back at work, in your free time and in sports, then we can unreservedly recommend the Relaxed Feet gel insoles.