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Thursday December 2, 2010

Now I've decided to get one Click-to move on!
From now on my readers will find old and new on this track:

Tuesday November 30, 2010

Almond butter & friends

Prunus dulcis (Mill.) D.A.Webb is the botanical name for this poetic tree from the Rosacea family, which originated in Central and Southwest Asia. Today we find almond tree plantations planted in the USA (California), Spain, Pakistan and Iran. In Europe it predominantly thrives in the Mediterranean area. If it grows wild, it prefers altitudes between 700 to 1600m on sunny, rather stony slopes. In Central Europe, it also likes to grow in mild regions where viticulture is preferred (Rheinhessen, Palatinate, Central to Northern Germany). Along with flax, millet and sesame, this rose plant is one of the very old useful plants known to mankind. The use of nutritious sweet almonds and the mild almond kernel oil pressed from them goes back over 4000 years.
In Stephanie Faber's "Secrets of Medicinal Cosmetics" she still calls almond oil "Oleum Amygdalarum".
It takes the reader into the ancient, mythical-mysterious worlds and customs of the application of oils and essences that we still use today as modern people. Far too often we forget how long time nature constantly accompanies us with all its wonderful fruits, plants, oils, flowers and resins! She tells that descriptions of the vegetable oils most commonly used then and now have already been found in Assyrian-Babylonian, Phoenician and Canaanite documents. She mentions these oils: almond, linseed, poppy seeds, sesame, castor and olive oil.
Even then, the "softness" of almond kernel oil was valued and, as it is today, it was used for baby and beauty care for women. It was considered a particularly balancing oil for well-being, it should "give the being and the skin a divinely mild shine". In Tibetan medicine it says: "....only very thoughtful people will grasp the idea of ​​creation of this oil and its message will be well protected on earth until people realize that the salvation of the world will never take place as long as one mass overcomes the other. It is the task of everyone to cast off illusion and overestimation of oneself so that the self can be found and the goal of spiritual maturity in the evolutionary process is the knowledge of the self in all things. "
In traditional Indian perspectives, too, it is valued as a balancing, chakra-balancing and "good alignment" oil. It catches loops of anger and frustration, from which we often cannot find out, and promotes a holistic view and way of thinking.
I have deliberately not put together all the information about the oil that is most common in commercial as well as natural cosmetics, aroma care, massage and baby care that is in all of our aroma books.
Rather, I would like to briefly introduce the almond butter, which is carefully made from the peeled, unroasted almond kernels. It's an incredibly nutritious, vegan, filling, healthy food (minerals, vitamins, calcium, magnesium). There is now a wide variety of "muses" made from cashews, almonds, sesame, and tahini (peanuts). They are suitable as spreads, for the production of almond milk and the very best alternative to Nutella & Co. They are free of additives, preservatives and artificial flavors. Here you can get information about the production of nut butters in general from a natural food provider from the very beginning in a great graphic. There is an informative PDF that can be downloaded free of charge. However, other common organic food providers that can be found in well-stocked organic grocery stores now also sell various nut butters.
Almond, sesame and cashew nut butter are ideal for allergy sufferers, especially if there are several allergies / cross allergies, for neurodermatitis and in cases of persistent food abstinence. Adolescents and children, adults who seem to have no time to cook and eat, benefit to a certain extent from the "fast" options.
When I was already preparing the bottles of almond milk for my now "big" daughter (now 16) over fifteen years ago, I was still considered a "nut". It was said in the community that the poor little one would starve to death, it would not get enough nutrients and well-stocked organic shops were a rarity, afflicted with "Hobbythek and Löwenzahntouch" plus "The alternative greens" ... at that time. Today it is almost "chic", consciously and unfortunately it has become too expensive for many people, even if this is justified for fair trade and bio-demeter products.
My daughter already had severe neurodermatitis back then, since she was three months old ...
She was neither hungry nor did she stand still in development ... although the "poor man" did not get a twist & drink juice in the bottle, but Greek mountain tea, rooibos or later Cystus incanus tea.
Almond milk in a bottle or mixed into the first pure foods is an excellent alternative to the world of hypoallergenic powder food. At first glance expensive, because a 500g jar can cost between 7-10 euros, but we need really small quantities.
Almond milk for the bottle á la marta:
250 ml rice or oat milk
(Goat milk is also possible, but it has to be super fresh, otherwise it will "smell"; goat milk has a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids and is very close to the composition of breast milk)
maybe a few drops of vegetable oil (flax or borage seeds, for example - really only a few drops); extra sweetness is not really necessary. The different muses can be alternated.
Stir the almond butter in the slowly warming milk in a saucepan with a whisk, it is important that it is stirred until it is completely smooth, it takes a while, otherwise the teat will clog.
Plant milk heats up much faster than cow's milk, does not need to be boiled, just warmed up; DO NOT put it in the kettle, it will boil over too quickly and get too hot. Do not prepare with water, it is not so tasty and not filling enough.
Almond butter white, unroasted
possibly some whipped cream / top
5-10 drops of cocoa extract
possibly some cinnamon powder and a little raw cane sugar (also available as powdered sugar)
or stevia (with liquid sweeteners the mass becomes too soft)
Depending on the quantity and feeling, mix all of these ingredients together until they are creamy, pour them into a clean screw-top jar, that's it!
Almond milk and the other nut butters could also be in the Nursing / clinical area be of great and meaningful help to people who no solid food be able to consume more. The Muse can also be very well stirred into curd cheese / quark dishes, yogurts, desserts, salad dressings, cooked dishes and sauces. A useful addition also for children who are struggling with anorexia, for eating disorders, for children and people with disabilities, since we need little of these muses to easily "cheat" into dishes. In this way we could make a contribution to ensuring the supply of nutrients even in difficult physical and mental states.

Monday November 29, 2010

Bergamotmint, Mentha nothovar.citrata (Ehrh.) Briq. - gentle balance

In the aroma literature there are only a few lines about this ester-emphasized mint type. In the world of aromas, one hears and reads little about them about practical applications either. This oil has been on my mind for a few weeks. Last year and the year before last I already had a long period of time in which I used them regularly. She is the silent mint, the calm, gentle balancer. In signature science, it is one of the Venus plants, which underlines the tendency of this oil to be a "female character" - Yin. Basically, I can only write about this gentle oil from my own application experience. It is not much more expensive than the best lavender oil, with a very similar range of ingredients, so it could also be used in aroma care and clinical areas. Perhaps it is simply too unknown, or at least too expensive, or there are still far too few serious scientific publications on its modes of action (I have not yet read through study databases for this oil ...)
During our training we heard from Eliane that as “European tea tree oil” it could be a good substitute for the widely imported Australian tea tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia). Bergamotmint is not as susceptible to oxidation as tea tree oil and is also very mild on the skin. It offers a very similar range of ingredients as the lavender fine and the bergamot with an even higher linaly acetate content of 57-63% and 22-25% linalool as well as an undetermined amount of sesquiterpene β-caryophyllene. So we could use it “instead of” for anyone who is not a lavender fanatic. The sesquiterpenes modulate a stressed immune system and promote recovery from long-lasting chronic conditions. The bergamot mint is not only strong and relaxing, but also particularly helpful after long-lasting, sorrowful, emotional and mental distress. This friendly mint is a very good addition to petit grain bigarade, which is one of the classic helpers for all conditions caused by vegetative dystonia.
For me, the bergamot mint has a feminine name, "YOU". Thyme Ct. Thymol, for example, would be THE strong, courageous one ... It balances out in an inconspicuous, calm way - without making you sleepy, without tipping in the effect, as it can easily be with mandarin red or lavender if we overdose on these oils. With the bergamot mint, its scent protects against too many drops.
As a rather untypical type of mint it gives lightness especially in the intestinal and abdominal area, but also in the whole system of the body as well as the subtle levels; whereby it conveys a kind of peaceful, easy calm. It is extremely balancing on our central nervous system and the mood, but without the heavy contents of a cistus or threshold issues of the immortelle. It has a gentle “awakening” effect, especially in the case of feelings of long-term fatigue, which has set in through persistent, depressive moods, and helps to keep the concentration balanced. This could be supported by the regular intake of linseed oil. At this point it could also be a very valuable oil with lavender sage (Salvia lavandulaefolia) in support of people with brain disorders. It does not have the clarifying-cleansing-neutral tendency of lavender. As a Venus plant, it harmonizes on all levels; “Draws” the “female contours” in a symbolic sense, similar to ylang ylang and evening primrose oil when we use this in skin care and internally. Quite unobtrusively, it balances out cycle-related, psychological and physical symptoms (PMS, painful menstruation). Here it would make a good complement with rose geranium oil and the intake of borage seed oil. In this context, it feels similarly balancing as monk's pepper oil (Vitex agnus castus), possibly also having a positive effect on the dopamine balance, but much more pleasant and peaceful in the fragrance. A drop of monk's pepper in the fragrance lamp with just one drop. But this tends somewhat with its strength in the direction of the angelica root. The dream event can be influenced intensely and alienating, headaches, dizziness and nausea can also appear quickly in more sensitive beings. Such an experience can also be daunting for people who are not familiar with a certain type of dream and spiritual path. The bergamot mint does not have this tendency. It is fragrant, spicy and herbaceous, warm. When smelling deeper, it has something of the special smell of freshly distilled hydrolates, especially that of the very fresh peppermint hydrolates.
Therefore, the bergamot mint mixtures can quickly drown out their fragrance and should be used sparingly. It goes well with lemony notes that take away the herbaceous and spicy touch. In self-made aftershave lotions, it can be helpful both to soothe problematic youthful skin (e.g. with manuka and witch hazel hydrolate together) and to soothe rebellious minds. For mornings and daytime as a spicy / refreshing aftershave with rosemary hydrolate, bergamot mint, thyme linalool, lemon. The exotic, gentle, spicy variant could be: lemon or linalool basil, vetiver hydrolate, bergamot, coriander, patchouli, black pepper. Sandalwood would also fit into this type of mixture, but for ecological reasons we should only reserve sandalwood for absolutely necessary and special indications or applications. In physical indications we can use it for flatulence, cystitis, to strengthen the liver and pancreas.
In the aroma kitchen, their dried leaves enrich as tea or as a fine additional aroma in black tea.
However, I would not recommend this oil for small children, rather for children over ten and during puberty. It cannot be called the ideal sleeping oil, but rather an oil for the day. Possibly combined with a drop of neroli oil in the evening. It struck me that especially boys accept this oil well. As I already mentioned in this post, there seems to be an affinity for particularly sensitive, bright and gifted children. In addition, the menthol-free bergamot mint scores with wound-healing and hemostatic properties: the oil can be given pure in small to medium-sized cuts or burns. The oil doesn't burn. almost immediately stops the minor bleeding, disinfects and accelerates the healing process when making cuts, similar to peppermint, fine lavender and rockrose (the French aromatherapist Dr. Daniel Pénoel says it is the "aromatic seam" in aromatherapy).
I am very sure that this oil can also be a useful alternative to the well-known, mostly used oils in clinical aromatherapy and aroma care.

Relaxing / relaxing room spray à la Eliane:
Bergamotmint in 50ml alcohol
harmonious, fresh, invigorating mixture in the fragrance lamp:
2 trays of petit grain citronnier
good for “working away” and learning
Face care lotion for 30ml, nourishing, caring, sensual:
3 Tr Ylang Ylang complete or extra
First the hydrosol, then the fatty vegetable oils, then the essential oils in a 30ml brown or blue glass bottle, add a spray attachment, don't forget to write on it, shake well before use (not wild, rather evenly and gently), you feel it while shaking when the emulsion will combine. When spraying, a milky lotion is created. For combination skin or slightly oily skin, the proportion of hydrolate can be increased, ½ hydrolate, ½ vegetable oils.
(photos above and last, e.zimmermann, photo in the middle: frankfurter gartencenter, bergamotmint writing: referred to Zander, 17. Aflg)

back in austria ... a few more thoughts

I would like to continue a few thoughts on my last post:
The Komani and Zogaj families are now back in Austria.
Things happened very quickly for the Komani family, within days of being deported to the greatest public pressure, massive criticism from international human rights organizations and the possible complete loss of face for the interior minister. Shortly after the deportation, the head of the Aliens Police was "kicked out". That was very fast. No one actually took responsibility for the decision in the Komani case. In those days I read an article about this in a very well-known Austrian daily newspaper ..... how casually it said: "Arigona will be back soon" ..... "and another case could end happily for those affected. It is a "happy ending" for the family with the twin girls.
This "casual" case of the Zogaj family almost led to a divided nation in which the "inner homeland" of the population was clearly evident. Arigona - then a teenager, now 18 - kept the whole of Austria in suspense for almost four years! A brave girl, very brave because she is got up! From flight to flight! For years a teenage life in hiding to protect and save her family. In its January 2010 issue, Profil named her "Person of the Year". Other teens of this age focus on shopping, cellphone, friends ... feel FOR SURE.
Last Wednesday, the Zogaj family returned to Austria with legal visas after they had "voluntarily" left in July 2010. I grant you, especially Arigona, with all my heart. A life deserves that much courage. It lets my tears run down ... some native cultures say, "Tears are the cure for country".
For all the many negative comments and "exciters" I do not wish for a second to exchange life and feelings with the millions of people from war, crisis and disaster areas. Of course there are many sides to these topics, legitimate and unjustified. But where in the world are they not ??????? !! No matter in which country.
Apart from all the political, legal backgrounds, the controlled reporting, the alien law legislation, humiliating critical and right-wing statements, Arigona has pointed out very basic things, representative of all the many Komanis and Zogajs in Europe. Apart from the strange ways religions, cultures and politics use on our earth for their respective arguments! At long last: who makes laws, rules, who makes decisions, who humiliates, who judges, who shoots, who gives orders, who has power .....? WE, the people themselves. Nobody but us determines these things. So we basically always have a choice.
It makes a big difference whether we are FREE to go where we want to go out of freedom or whether we HAVE to go because it is a possible ultimate, uncertain perspective for survival.
It is legitimate and existential for every human being to be able to retain the inner bond of their origin and culture in terms of their own identity. It is nonsensical to believe that there will ever be a European emigrant - there is only one representative example- in Africa, also in his innermost core, in his deepest soul would become a Masai through and through. Even if we adapt perfectly, there is always something inside - it could be compared to the "genetic memory" of plants. An Australian Backhousia citriodora (lemon myrtle) will not suddenly turn into a copper beech just because it is grown as a container plant on a terrace in Central Europe.
Be it the familiar tones of the mother tongue (even if we no longer speak it), be it smells, colors, the wind, the color of the earth, it cannot be erased. Certainly there are many cases that understandably, for various reasons, no longer want a gang. I personally understand that very well too. Yet it remains in you.
There are an infinite number of Komanis and Zogajs, what there is not enough is EQUAL VALUE.
With that in mind, I am now writing about aromatherapy again.
ps: the printed edition of profil January 4, 2010 presents the story in detail.

Saturday October 16, 2010

Shouting Soul, Aromatherapy, and Politics?

This post does not fit into aromatherapy, but thoughts, feelings, which somehow still remains common sense for adults, but I have to get rid of a few lines, without photos and many links,
my soul is shouting, my brain bursts, my inside is burning, .....

We aroma practitioners are / should be apolitical, neutral, except for health policy and senseless EU restrictions on the subject of essential oils, we should convey positive, good, friendly, light aromatherapy and plant knowledge, .......... which we often do succeeds quite well, especially if we understand something about the distillation of life issues. In our courses / workshops, we also convey how we as a woman can strengthen ourselves with essential oils for all our physical and emotional issues, how we support our self-esteem and awareness as a woman ...... but to THOSE who urgently need it Seriously traumatized refugee women who are alone with talking therapies, for which they have to wait half a year to a year in the therapeutic departments of the NGOs to get an appointment at all, we can almost do it with them as non-professional psychotherapists do not approach.
Although it is now known how very traumatic experiences block the language center!

Since last night my thoughts have been overwhelming when I try to bring it together with all of my knowledge.
On October 7th, two 8-year-old twin girls and their father were deported from Austria to Kosovo after a six-year stay. I can write endless lines on this. This case and the long one Arigona Zogaj-Stories that may not be as well known in other EU countries speak for themselves! Another fourteen-year-old girl is also about to be deported. She goes to school here, quite normally, as do other teenagers.
I knew Arigona and my many years of professional activity in refugee care as well as years of itensive insights into social work and subsidy policy make me more and more wordless.
The well-known Hungarian author and Nobel Prize winner for literature, Imre Kertész, once said in an interview with Standard that the Holocaust is possible again at any time these days. I don't understand why so many people are silent, although they may have different thoughts, because through our silence we often enough give silent consent and WATCH how things happen that take your breath away. It basically doesn't matter what topic we are silent on, be it in everyday life, in love, politics, professional or other ....... we agree in one way.
Asylum procedures in Austria sometimes take more than ten years, although according to legal requirements it should be cleared after six months of the residency at the latest. During this time, asylum seekers are not allowed to work, at most seasonally, if an existing procedure from years before 2006 is still in progress, but with a new work permit that is being issued less and less. If you have your own living situation, you will receive € 180 so-called basic supply from the country, possibly a little extra to the rent and little something per child. In the meantime there are more restrictive guidelines and subsidy cancellations for NGOs and their counseling institutions, so that even legal counseling centers, the only neutral information centers for asylum seekers to date, are being closed.
In a very short time, changes are made to the aliens law, which among other things give more and more personal freedom of action to officials of the aliens police. I do not read the general large newspaper papers and do not like to follow the most minimally directed media reporting any more. There are vehement equipment in local detention cells! Here, too, there have been cases in which mothers with young children were taken into detention. This is not the first time that Austria has received massive criticism from international human rights organizations. A fundamental human right according to the Geneva Convention on Human Rights is being disregarded here - namely protection of the nuclear family. It happens in the middle of Europe, like the war in Yugoslavia ... it was in the middle of Europe! Many years ago a couple of young people asked for help on MTV Europa, it was just before the war broke out. Our foreign minister is a woman.
I do not wish to feel anyone, not even our Minister of the InteriorHow it is when your children and your husband are taken away by the police, you do not know if you will ever see them again, moreover the mother of the girls is in the hospital, which will certainly speed up their recovery. What it's like to lose your family in front of your eyes, to guns or the police!
I grew up in Germany in the so-called "guest worker generation", in which there were no words like integration or migration, because every nation was completely natural, in class, on the street, in business. Today young people from the third generation are being deported!
My home region in ex-Yugoslavia had been a multiethnic and linguistic mixture for centuries, in fairly peace with one another. At home, the synagogue is next to the mosque and the Catholic Church, without any problems. That's it, very simple.
But since the end of the war we have been again with the minority restriction there, the school is no longer multilingual, but only Serbian and a little English, the street signs gradually changed to purely Cyrillic script.

Am I living in the wrong country ????? In a civilized, prosperous country with poverty on many street and apartment corners, with a strange humanitarian (?) Immigration law policy. In addition, my thoughts on the attitudes of from the esoteric-spiritual scene, who say, these souls have all chosen it that way and they are in the wrong place anyway, if they get away from here or there. In the past it was karma, today there are no more karmic entanglements ...... because the spiritual energies have changed.

I don't know ... what I do know is that we are HUMANS here on EARTH and are allowed to say THANK YOU for all the knowledge that this world with its nature makes available to us. We should be one with everything and everyone, even if it is sometimes very difficult.

I still have more, even if this is not aromatherapy ..... but it moves me too much !!!

Now I've written this instead of researching a good picture of the smelling process for my course materials.

Pink sends his regards: "Dear Mr. President ...." - Dear Mrs. Fekter!

Greetings to you readers, to those who find this post impossible and to those who may find it good.


Why does the water mint (Mentha aquatica) have dry roots in the earth when it stands directly on the water (almost in the water)? In the summer I took a few stalks with me from my secret place by the lake, some I dried for tea, the rest I planted in a pot on the balcony. It grows, super healthy, dark green, but curved downwards, like a hanging plant ...

Sycamore trees (Platanus x hispanica) have been my favorite trees for some reason, since childhood ..... only recently did I start to read about how strange ...... I didn't know they can live up to 1000 years and 45 m high. I especially love tall, sparse trees with a high trunk, which often has a beautiful pattern. There are quite a few of you around here. ..

Greetings to all, marta

Who knows what that is?

for conscious communication in the plant world, its genetic memory and independent protective mechanisms, which raised an infinite number of questions in me after reading Florianne Koechlin's plant palaver:

About three weeks ago I put this "innermost innards" by the kitchen window to see what happens to it ... it only occurred to me this morning to photograph it ... so the documentation is missing, like it was the week before last looked like ...
first there was a dark brown, damp peel that dried, turned lighter, was easy to peel off. Underneath was a rosé-apricot-colored, rather soft, but firm mass, reminiscent of a brain, but without twists, so to speak it was bare and unprotected ......
after some time, light dark brown tints appeared on this mass again, as if a new layer was forming, but very little,

after about two weeks I took it with me as a "mentoring task" for my "hungry" course participants. Within a day, in the room of this educational institution, this "thing" was hastily covered with a dark brown, woody layer. There was an opening at the top, it could be easily divided, shaped to the inside, similar to a heart, the light immediately became dark and the tiny little light core at the top was easy to lift out., ......

We aroma practitioners all know this something, at least the "trimmings"!

Does anyone already have an idea?

greetings to my readers

Wednesday September 15, 2010

Promoting learning with mototherapy & fragrance in the hospital, fragrance allergy?

A dear friend of mine and the mother of a school colleague of my daughter is successful part-time as a mototherapist ("Mototherapy is a psychomotor therapy to promote the development of the child"). She has not only developed her own Moto-English concept for children and adults in the foreseeable future, which will be passed on to educators as a planned patented concept at adult education centers throughout Upper Austria in the foreseeable future, but has also introduced mototherapy in the sanatorium school of the neuropsychiatric department of an Upper Austrian women's and children's hospital (and also at normal elementary schools).
In total, she worked with around 600 children. In mototherapy, various topics are tailored to the age-appropriate neurological development stages of the child. This includes "depth perception" of one's own body, the connection of sensory experience with the learning topic, part of which relates to scent.
Now, in two consecutive years, under the critical gaze of special education teachers, she has managed to lure children with very conspicuous behavior, severe learning deficits and under the influence of medication out of the reserve in class. She scented homemade hand dolls - after a crash aroma course with me - and passed soup plates filled with olive oil and vanilla extract around. The children were allowed to play with the scented dolls at school (!) To their heart's content (including their four-year-old son at home), smear the soup plates with vanilla oil as much as they wanted, taste, smell, splash! The children should verbalize or write down their "scent impressions". A majority of the children associated the color WHITE with vanilla!
She describes that the children calmed down strongly on the vanilla scent, especially when they were allowed to "pancake" themselves with it for the purpose of body awareness.
In the normal elementary schools she worked in English classes in a very similar way, with wonderful nostalgic English goblin stories and illustrations, fruits to match the oils. Successful integration for both handicapped and foreign language children, because they achieved a calm, attention and willingness to learn in the classes that did not exist before.

There would be a lot to say about the scent work in the neuropsyachtric department.
But one thing is close to my heart: when the eight-year-old daughter of another friend of mine had a two-month stay in this department last year, I was asked to give her a little lavender, fennel and mandarin ointment for her more mentally-related stomach ache. The senior physician at the time, who is now the primary in charge, stated that because of FRAGRANCE ALLERGIES, any use of essential oils was prohibited. When I asked, it was said that it was forbidden.
De facto, however, there are bottles with lavender oil mixtures in the storage cupboards in this department, which are also used. In addition, there are the scent molecules of the detergents and cleaning agents as well as the ADI values ​​of the nutritional options of a large hospital (this should not apply across the board for all hospitals).

Of course, my aroma heart gave me no peace back then. In response to inquiries from the headquarters of the public operating company of a number of large hospitals, I was even invited to an appointment because of concerns that I was from the press.
The women in the management position could not do anything with this topic, in none of their hospitals with over 4,000 employees would aroma be used and there are no studies on this worldwide, a scientific nursing institute in Vienna informed the women of the management level. Ultimately, it turned out that the "ban was issued due to a death in one of the operating companies belonging to a hospital belonging to the operating company, which had gone back several years and was still apparently unexplained. Allegedly it was tea tree or olive oil that had been injected into a patient! If something like that happened I have to understand that, because one would have to IMMEDIATELY prohibit the use of oils and ensure the safety of over 4000 employees and patients.

What do we learn from this? An AUS for meaningful aromatherapy, "Nice school", exactly THERE, where it could be of valuable help to children who already have a personal history that is often already burdened. The fragrance in the vanilla extract remains the same, whether in the soup bowl with olive oil or on the doll, in the fragrance lamp, in the wardrobe of the ward or, best of all, as a pleasant touch in the form of a gentle massage - namely, many children who show abnormalities miss precisely those touches .

I've wanted to write this post for a long time. Even if he is "too critical", as a dear friend recently said to me: "Marta, people don't like that very much".
It's been a matter of concern to me for a long time. I do not get it.

Tuesday September 7, 2010

Fragrances for gifted and particularly sensitive children

In my previous children's fragrance workshops, gifted and particularly sensitive children have sometimes also participated. My observations were that they were very attracted to scents such as bay leaf, bergamot mint, jasmine, petit grain, rockrose and frankincense. This certainly cannot be generalized. So far, I have not had the opportunity to accompany children with special abilities with oils over a long period of time. I would like to find out why they are attracted to these fragrances and which neurobiological pathways are in motion. A thirteen-year-old boy just couldn't get enough of bergamot mint; he almost "drank" the whole bottle, so to speak.Is it the highly relaxing, calming and anxiety-relieving ingredients in these oils and the special soul levels in which they are often far ahead of their peers that attract them? Do these oils help you to come to terms with the outside better?
In some schools in our area there are teachers with an ECHA (European Council for high Ability) diploma - a special training course for educators to support gifted children in schools. There are now many projects, their own children's universities, and near Salzburg also their own school for gifted children. In addition to the positive development of their skills, it is also particularly important to look at the path of their personal maturity, formation and a "normal", safe social environment, contacts with their peers. Above-average talents are often not recognized early enough, which can lead to even greater pressure to perform or a decline in motivation at school, and ultimately to aggressive behavior due to insufficient demands and "typical" hyperactive behaviors.

Wednesday September 1, 2010

Fir branches wish spiral

This beautiful Advent ritual appealed to me so much that I modified it to include it in some of my children's fragrance workshops in hoarding. Although I couldn't lay out the large spiral the evening before so that the fine pine scent spreads through the classroom overnight, when I arrived at the after-school care center with my big sack of pine twigs, which I bought cheaply from leftovers at Advent markets, I was excited and willing to help - zeal of the children. Some children, full of open curiosity, pushed their noses into the bottles in the fragrance case. We prepare rooibos vanilla tea, and the children in the group hall skilfully lay a well-formed spiral on their own. In the middle of the spiral we place a beautiful bowl with small precious stones. Tea lights, a mix of nuts and music are prepared, and the scent of vanilla and myrtle is sprayed in the room. For the scent roller mixes at the end, we'll prepare a small mixing table. I like to start and end the workshop with a group of speeches, in which the speaker holds a self-created stick made of cinnamon sticks, dried and fresh herbs and then passes it on. We paint scents to calm music, for those who want to join in, we act out herbal tales in a spontaneous role play. The climax of relaxation or chakra music is walking on the spiral. At the beginning of the path I give each child a lit tealight in their hand. The desired light is switched off in the middle of the spiral. Each child can choose a stone and take it home with them with the scented roller that is mixed together at the end. (photo: google)

Vanilla myrtle spray

(Photo: google, georeisen)
Iris Jerman describes in her book "Always Follow Your Nose" a wonderful Advent spiral game from Waldorf education. Your book is still a true fragrant treasure chest for me. Summertime is not quite over yet, but the fine blend of scents came to mind tonight. The first signs of autumn appear here with falling brown leaves, cooler weather, quieter animal noises.
She recommends a special mixture for the fragrance lamp for this light ceremony around the holy night, for which she laid out a large, accessible spiral with fir branches the previous evening:
Rose hydrolate with 2 drops of rose oil or
2 drops of frankincense, 2 drops of styrax, 3 drops of honey or
4 drops of myrtle, 4 drops of vanilla.
A few years ago I modified the latter to a room spray and supplemented it with silver fir. Depending on personal fragrance preferences and feelings or the preferences of the children, we can of course change the intensity and the mixing ratio or vary with Tonka, Benzoin, Myrtle Andes.
It is a fine, warm, deep scent that, at the same time as the silver fir and myrtle, purifies the air, strengthens, stabilizes and calms the upper and lower respiratory tract. The myrtle supports openness, at the same time the vanilla also promotes letting go and peace with our inner child. The scent settles into the room almost like glittering star dust. Back then I had come up with a nice story for my girls about old wise tree creatures and health-making glitter fairies. In autumn / winter we use it on “special” occasions or on cozy “junk cuddling days”. We can still perceive vanillin in very high dilutions. Besides vanilla extract, we find it in benzoin, styrax and tolu balm.

Thursday August 26, 2010

Melon and coconut crunch

Delicious, fresh, sweet and really easy:
Remove half of a large yellow honeydew melon, stone and fibers from the center
Watermelon, desiccated coconut
solid natural yogurt
Organic omega-flax crunch
some rooibos tea
possibly some agave syrup
Melissa leaf
Neroli hydrolate
Chop the melons in a tall mixing bowl, add desiccated coconut, roughly chop blood orange oil and omega flax crunch with a hand blender, add some rooibos tea, possibly agave syrup. Spray the peel with a little neroli hydrolate, pour in some yogurt, pour the melon crunchee over it, decorate with lemon balm leaves. (photo: m.micik)
Enjoy the meal :-)
Apple syrup, nerve-nourishing and cellulose-enhancing lecithin, skimmed milk powder, linseed oil, gold linseed content of 67% from European linseed / organic and particularly gently produced. It is based on an original recipe according to Dr. Johanna Budwig, "The Oil-Protein Diet".
The Omega Lein-Crunch is available from brunozimmer.

Wednesday August 25, 2010

warm relaxation mixes

1 Tr Atlas Cedar (Cedrus atlantica)
2 drops of myrrh (Commiphora molmol)
1 drop tonka (Dipteryx odorata)
1 drop of clary sage (Salvia sclarea)
2 dr coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.)
1 drop of lavender (Lavandula officinalis)
3 Tr bergamot (Citrus bergamia)
(or extra grapefruit (Citrus paradisi) or tangerine red (Citrus reticulata), I particularly like them with bergamot)

on a tissue, inhale, place in the room or put in the fragrance lamp. As a room spray with a correspondingly increased number of drops (generally for 100ml approx. 50-75 drops, depending on which oils we use, as well as according to personal fragrance perception). For younger children, I recommend a lower dosage.
If we would like to prepare this mixture as a small massage oil and should it be perceived as too strong or get "high" very easily in children, we pour half of it into a second bottle, supplement with base oil.

This mixture soothes, brings relaxed calming. Can bring satisfied relaxation to children with a tendency to aggressive tension, slightly hysterical states, pre-pubertal states. The balsamic, enveloping, warm scents of myrrh and tonka protect, whereby the myrrh also supports hormonal balancing (for teenage girls we could also add rose geranium bourbon, with a slightly vanilla scent, the "if everything is too much out of balance" oil ). Salvia Sclarea supports the release of encephalins and endorphins in the brain, which contribute to feelings of happiness and pain.

From this mixture I would like to highlight the gentle coriander oil made from the small fruits of the coriander herb, which with 60-90% (+) - linalool as the main ingredient is particularly strong relaxing in addition to the popular lavender. In the case of ENT infections for children (and sensitive adults), it is very valuable for inhalations, expectorant and clearing of the upper respiratory tract in the case of accumulation of mucus in the sinuses and, as a preventive measure, if there is a frequent tendency to ear infections, it is a good alternative to premature and frequent administration of antibiotics, especially in younger children to prevent. For example, together with Manuka (Leptospermum Scoparium) and lemon in a nasal spray in a light rock or sea salt solution. Of course, we can also use coriander oil to produce small oil mixtures for gentle abdominal or foot massages for personal use. It also promotes calmer sleep. In addition to its antibacterial effect, it has properties that promote concentration and soothe feelings of sadness. The myrrh with sandalwood can also be a good support here.
Together with mountain moth (Mentha citrata) and red mandarin (Citrus reticulata) it can be extremely helpful, especially if you tend to have a frequently bloated / cramped stomach.

The coriander herb belongs to the Apiaceae / umbelliferae family, whose clear common ground is their positive and relaxing effects on the digestive tract. My colleague Sabine Dürstein describes a great aromatic kitchen recipe for the Vietnamese breakfast PHON. From the kitchen we know the wounds of parsley-like leaves as a decoration, spice and its substitute, the fruit as a spice from Indian and Vedic (e.g. cook in oriental dishes / stews, in which dry pans roast like yellow mustard seeds until bursting), traditional recipes and as Incense.

With Minoan incense (today's Crete) it was burned almost daily in beautiful bowls for living space aromatization, a lot of arguments in the house, their harmonization, people gathering to promote a peaceful coexistence and all out of balance conditions. It helps with states of excitement, depression, chronic headaches and regaining inner balance.
In our modern times we could combine this fine-slightly sweet, warm-spicy incense in troubled children's rooms with, for example, mastic, benzoin or kyphi as an evening ritual. In any case, in our modern way of life rituals are almost forgotten when entering different phases of life or newcomers to the earth, but they have TOUCH as an important element, which nowadays often appears later as "NOT FEELING yourself" or too little, possibly in behavior hungry for aggression, alongside can express the many other influences of modern life.

Moroccan nomads smoked coriander fruits every day in the afternoons and evenings for two weeks in the rooms of newborn babies. From the Nepalese tradition there are wonderful, traditional baby massage techniques with pure coconut oil for newborns in daily use, with which the mothers were allowed to spend the first three months alone in a tent with only their baby. The village and the family provided them with food, clothing and everything they needed. What a luxury to have time without obligations, just for your baby and yourself!
The coriander herb is said to originally come from Egypt, but later came to Europe, where it spread wildly and was later cultivated here. In Arabic usage it is called "kusbarah". In the ancient Hindi language "dhaniya". Susanne Fischer-Rizzi describes these incense rituals in her wonderful book "Message to Heaven".

Wednesday 4th August 2010

natural tranquilizers

A whole selection of herbs, natural remedies, spagyric prepared drops can, in addition to superfoods such as AFA algae, goji berries, body work and an already conscious diet, also contribute to calming behavior with regular use:

The German company PEKANA Naturheilmittel GmbH (http://www.pekana.de/) offers the JUVE-CAL drops as organic juice for ingestion for children and adults. According to the package insert, it is strengthening after long, exhausting illnesses, if you are tired from school, regulates growth disorders and poor callus formation after fractures.
It is pointed out that feelings of being overwhelmed and stunted growth can arise, among other things, from a lack of basic substances for metabolic processes. The juice is recommended for pubertal nervousness and behavioral problems as well as severe restlessness. He includes:
Acidum phosphoricum in D4 5.5g
Argentum nitricum in D4 3.0g
Barium carbonicum in D8 3.0g
Calcium hypophosphoricum in D1 6.5g
Lycopodium in D4 2.0g
Staphisagria in D4 2.0g
China (average) 3.5g (spagyric pecana parts)
Apple whey 34.0g
it is dissolved in 12% alcohol by volume
We have had the best experiences with this juice and have used it over and over again over the years, so to speak in a cure-wise. It tastes a bit sweet.

In Austria, the Pekana products are available from G&M Pharma in GMBH (http://www.gm-pharma.at/) Braunau. In addition, the Pekana range also includes drops that support allergic conditions, neurodermatitis and menopausal symptoms.
(ps: somehow neither the trademarks behind the product names nor the links with OK work on this strange PC that I can use at the moment, so please sorry because of the inexact labeling).

gentle reassurance

In an alternative, gentle "all-round package" for restless children (and adults), we can offer hydrolates and herbal teas as well as spagyric tinctures (pekana), which, in contrast to the cost-intensive drugs that disrupt body and brain functions, as well as the additional doctor visit, Performance and school stress, support much more gently:

Szuanne Catty recommends
Drink 30 ml of lemon balm hydrolate in one liter of water throughout the day or sweetened with a little agave syrup as a school drink.
For younger children you put in a little less.
Or mix with a little lavender and vetiver hydrolate (a mildly fragrant and tasty one is available from Maienfelser Naturkosmetik - http://www.maienfelser-naturkosmetik.de/):
1 teaspoon lemon balm
1 teaspoon lavender hydrolate
1 teaspoon vetiver hydrolate in about 1 1/2 liters of water

for the bath in the evening:
2 tbsp lemon balm hydrolate
1 tbsp lavender hydrolate
for "princesses", dried lavender and rose blossoms sprinkled in the water are good.

As herbal teas for the day are particularly recommended:
Greek mountain tea (Sideritis scardica, Sideritis argyrea)
Red bush

for evening:
a mix of