How to conjure up a nine-eleven fox maple story

Is Kurama (nine-tailed fox) Madar's familiar spirit?

I'm a little confused who had whose eyes. Madara first had the Sharingan, then he woke the Rinnegan and then he gave it to Nagato. How did he get that one eye on the Sharingan when he met Obito?

Then Obito took Nagato's eyes. He took one for himself, the other for Madara.

After the Edo Tensei, Madara has the Sharingan in both eyes. I thought he should get the Rinnegan from Nagato? And whose is the second eye?

Then Madara woke the Rinnegan in both eyes.

After getting his real body back, Madara loses both eyes. Does that mean he didn't have any when he died. Didn't he have the one eye that was shown when he first met Obito? Does the Rinne Tensei work like the Edo Tensei, meaning that one is resuscitated as one died?

Another question about sucking out chakra. Does the power in Madara come through Hashirama's cells, since he had taken Hashirama's Zen Jutsu when he no longer had eyes?

I'm at this point right now, so please don't spoil the rest of the story.