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15th WoW Birthday - Timewarped Armor available!

A small addendum to the event around the 15th birthday of World of Warcraft. Since this holiday could not be tested on the test servers, it was not possible to see in advance what the developers would surprise us with. After the festival has been running for a few days, the community discovered two special sellers in the foothills of the hill country: Time-shifted Jorek Eisenflanke and Time-shifted Thanthaldis Schneeglanz! They stand at the respective classic entrances to the Alterac Valley battlefield and sell equipment from the past.

But these items are time-warped, have item level 380 and should be very useful for fresh heroes at level 120. Quite apart from that, some pieces of equipment and weapons have exclusive designs from the past that you may not have in your closet yet. The goods are paid for with time-warped badges and badges of honor. Note that some of the items will not be sold until you have completed the event quest in the Alte-ractal.

Price list for the items