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How to brew whole grain indoors

I've been brewing whole grains indoors for a few years. It's not as pretty as brewing outside, but if it's your only option ...

At the moment I have a gas burner, but before that I was also electric. I just put the kettle over two burners. You end up getting two hot spots instead of one, and the cooking looks kind of silly at times, but it does the job.

You can also cover the kettle, but in this case you need to be very vigilant about boiling over.


+1 when setting up the kettle on two burners. As others have said, brewing can work on an electric stove, but the time to cook can be much longer than propane.


You can cover the kettle until it reaches boiling temperature, but do not keep it covered while it is boiling. You will end up with high DMS values ​​if you cook covered.



Dave Baghdanov

I've seen large soup pots that fit over two stovetop burners