Thawing, freezing noise, hissing noise when accelerating

Change KGE as a precaution?

  • Moin and a happy new year!

    On the drive to my in-laws, I only got out of the engine compartment when I gently accelerated from a town
    a "fffFFFSSST!" Noise irritated and then a massive cloud of fog in the rearview mirror startled. The village was no longer recognizable.

    "OK, no Christmas goose with mother-in-law - the KGE is over again" were my thoughts.

    But puff cake, Motörchen ran on and the next 300km were problem-free.
    Nevertheless, I peeked under the box, was not surprised by a number of medium-fresh oil mess on the engine block under the KGE and just took action.

    Next surprise: The leak comes from the line to the vanos plate, which is leaky at the press-fit.

    But because I already had the KGE hoses from a look at the KGE = lots of snot inside.
    The test in the installed state "blow in at the top, then it has to gurgle at the bottom - otherwise one of the hoses is defective!" went without a cluck. So a hose * should * be defective - but I find no damage and no mess on the KGE.

    With me the cold country version has been inside for 50tkm.

    Would you swap them now because of the snot and the lack of chuckle, simply because it's your turn anyway or you're driving on?

    Greetings, Martin the undecided

  • So I think everyone who drives short distances gets the snot.

    Last year I warmed up oil and poured it into the tube on top of my head. Snot was gone and couldn't freeze anymore

  • I was flabbergasted: the car was driven 150km overland twice and parked before it was dismantled.
    There could be no talk of crisp cold last week.
    And yet a Kaltland KGE looks like this ???

  • It can be older. So much oil doesn't flow through there either, just oil mist IMHO. The Kaltland is IMHO also overrated, of course it gets cold underneath at some point. Stop 30 minutes later

  • Jou fuck as soon as the box stands in the cold for three days, I'm already on the way between home and work.

    And now?

    Continue driving with the oil cover open?

  • I've had a new KGE inside for a few weeks.
    Now with the cold temperatures I am really jittery about the next worst-case scenario (I really don't need that a third time).
    Started early today and checked the engine compartment as a precaution. Oil cap frozen over ... was clear.
    Dipstick pulled out ... hissing like when opening a mineral water bottle. 5 seconds dipstick in ... the same again.
    Then I drove off and I thought about work well, always looking in the rear-view mirror to see if I could still see anything in the back. But it wasn't a problem.
    Are those KGE defective signs again when the dipstick hisses? But it can be pulled out easily ... obviously not sucked in.

  • You all drive too little in this weather, so it is clear that the engine oil has a higher water entry, so you usually change the oil before winter and not afterwards.

    They are currently not warm enough on short trips to get the water out of the oil.

    I do not support anyone who is too lazy to use the search function

    Carly is still no good on the E39

  • I will heed that from now on! Blow through the AB in autumn and then change the oil.
    Well, look how long I still have the car ...

  • Doesn't do any good in autumn when it's cold in January and everything slimes again.

    Unfortunately I found it today. Was on the way on Friday because of a new KGE and saw today that it siffs out of the flange. Annoying, but I can even change the hose

  • So I think everyone who drives short distances gets the snot.

    Last year I warmed up oil and poured it into the tube on top of my head. Snot was gone and couldn't freeze anymore


    in the front of the said hose (keyword "clean blow test")?
    How much oil did you pour in? And above all, how did you go about it? How warm Hose funnel?
    During the week when it is below -10 degrees I am afraid of the next disaster ...

    Thanks and regards!

  • I do not know anymore. Not much. But shortly after that I lost the KGE anyway. The hose broke at the top and there were thick clouds at the start, etc.
    I got it done at @bmwsmiley in early 2016. So far everything is chic, but the pudding is still there. Wednesday is an oil change.

  • ui, he also does KGE? Good to know, for almost a year I've been wanting to see him about the reflector holder ... but there were still a few little things like the front axle and rear axle in between ... so it hasn't happened yet.

  • Is a good one. Vanos, KGE, oil filter housing and all that stuff up there and I mean, he also offers something on the axles.
    But: At the moment I would ... so the workshop is or was at least open. It's freezing

    Well, my fat guy started twice with a fat cloud of exhaust gas and at some point the upper pipe just cracked. Then there was the KGE right away. He just mostly knows what he does and I 10x faster than me AND has everything there.

  • It's cold with me. No fun at the moment. Today the KGE froze on the 523i and the VDD burst in the train. Very nice.
    Was fun mending the crap.
    Root cause:
    Thermostat was slightly open, so it never really got up to temperature and the oil condensed too much due to the low temperature.
    Yellow slime in the pipe above and the result smelled like hell.

    Well KGE flushed new thermostat in and now let's see.

  • Hi ... KGE flushed through? How does it work?
    I don't dare to touch my car this week ... I am traumatized by KGE ...

  • With the temperatures at the moment you shouldn't even approach plastic parts. They break like nothing. If so, then in a warmer hall / garage (over 0 degrees ).

    If you don't turn around when you leave, you are driving the wrong car. Winne - has been driving BMW since 1999 .......

  • Detach the hose from the valve cover at the top - let the hot oil run in. That doesn't go far, because it doesn't bring as much energy as it takes to melt the water-oil plug, because the whole pipe is frozen.

    And while you are still brooding and looking into the elbow connector of the hose, it makes a * crack * and breaks off.

    Ask me how do I know ...

  • Or defrost with a hair dryer or position a fan heater so that it places the heat there. Difficult but doable when you have a garage.