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It went a little stupid for us this year.

We only had 3 male lambs, and our breeding ram also died. After a month also a male lamb. Now we have 2 bucks that we keep extra in the old sheepfold or emergency box, one of which will be our `` new '' breeding (multiplication) buck (his father was a buck that was very typical of the breed and passed on to him well) the other is castrated. I sold the mutton but it bleaches in our herd (boarding sheep) because the buyer does not have or want to keep sheep. The other one is only allowed to cover some of the girls because the rest are related or I no longer want to be covered (too old or only half an udder left).

With us it will look like the buck with 2 girls and the mutton with the rest. In the spring the buck or mother and sister will be sold. All a little awkward.

Actually, you have a specific goal. Then the breeding ram dies or the bought sheep blow up the flock and do their own thing. Then you have a few sheep with you that you don't want to give up for various reasons. In a way, that's very unsatisfactory.
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